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Teardrops and Tiny Trailers

Author: Douglas Keister

Publisher: Gibbs Smith


Category: Transportation

Page: 160

View: 617

Buckle up as Douglas Keister takes you for a decidedly retro ride in the world of diminutive travel trailers in Teardrops and Tiny Trailers. The demand for vintage trailers-the smaller the better-has risen dramatically in recent years, with the most in-demand trailers being "teardrops," first manufactured in the 1930s and containing just indoor sleeping space and an outdoor exterior kitchen. Also profiled in the book are "canned ham" trailers, whose shape resembles the profile of a can of ham; small-size examples of America's most beloved vintage trailer, the Airstream; miniscule gypsy caravans in Europe; and fiberglass trailers made in Canada. Two hundred color photographs showcase these trailers' sleek exteriors, retro-styled interiors, and, in many cases, the restored classic cars that tow them. Teardrops and Tiny Trailers includes a resource section chock-full of places to locate vintage trailers, clubs to join, and rallies to attend. Photographer/writer Douglas Keister has authored thirty-six critically acclaimed books. His books on classic recreational vehicles include Ready to Roll, Silver Palaces, and Mobile Mansions. In addition, he has authored twenty-five books on architecture, including Inside the Bungalow, Storybook Style, Red Tile Style, Classic Cottages, and Cottages. Keister also writes and illustrates magazine articles and contributes photographs and essays to dozens of magazines, newspapers, books, calendars, posters, and greeting cards worldwide. He lives in Chico, California.

Sisters Get Their Kicks on Route 66

Author: Karen West

Publisher: RJW Publishing, distributed by Farcountry Press


Category: Travel

Page: 144

View: 420

In 2014, a group of bold women decided to make history and embark on an unforgettable adventure down America's most famous road—a journey of exploration and sisterhood where they could fulfill every woman's fantasy of leaving-it-all-behind. Their rules were simple: no men, no pets, no kids, and… be nice. Their motto: "We have more fun than anyone!"

Sisters Get Their Kicks on Route 66, by Karen West and Susan Ford-West, chronicles the epic 2,448 mile adventure that may have set a world record. Share the wild ride of over 300 adventurous "Sisters" from the national outdoor women's group, Sisters on the Fly, as they tow their vintage trailers and tell their stories while crossing America's Mother Road from Chicago to Santa Monica. Along the way, experience Route 66's iconic tourist sites, rodeos, dances, karaoke, shopping, museums, flea markets, catered dinners, national parks, parades, dirt roads, and wrong turns.

Through over 500 color photographs and the Sisters' stories of courage and empowerment, grief and moving on, sisterhood and camaraderie, this photo journal of their spirited journey across America's legendary Route 66 will hearten readers young and old to embark upon their own bucket-list adventures.

Mobile Mansions

Taking "home Sweet Home" on the Road

Author: Douglas Keister

Publisher: Gibbs Smith


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 160

View: 370

What do Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Mae West, Howard Hughes, John Madden, the Partridge Family, Ken Kesey, The Who, and Barbie have in common? Each had a home on wheels-be it an old converted school bus, a massive RV cruiser, or elegant house car. These celebrity motorhomes are only the frosting on the cake in Douglas Keister's entertaining and informative new book Mobile Mansions.

The British National Bibliography

Author: Arthur James Wells



Category: English literature


View: 161

Teardrops and Rest Stops

A Warm Your Heart Romantic Comedy about Two Travelers and the Dog Who Judges Them

Author: Lark Griffing

Publisher: Wind Lark Publishing



Page: 256

View: 778

There's hope on the horizon... if the dog doesn't blow it. Joe left Assateague Island with his tiny trailer and an invitation for Ruby to follow. She longs for adventure and companionship, but is she ready? George, her dog, who just might be her dead husband reincarnated, is making decisions difficult. One minute he seems to like Joe. The next minute, the dog is baring his teeth at the man. Ruby decides to follow Joe at her own pace, pulling her little teardrop trailer behind with George in the front seat riding shotgun. She wants to catch up with the man, but on her terms, in her own time. Things don't always work out as planned. Bad burritos, unexpected babies, too much moonshine, what next? Will Ruby find love on the road? Will Joe be able to wait for Ruby to come to terms with being a widow and finally moving on? Will the damn dog decide that Joe is a suitable suitor? Or is this a freeway accident waiting to happen?

Build a Teardrop Trailer Chassis

The Tiny Tears No-Weld Wood Teardrop Trailer Chassis

Author: John C. Blewett



Category: Trailers

Page: 22

View: 991

This book is a building manual for a no-weld wood chassis for a teardrop trailer.

Living Off the Grid

A Simple Guide to Creating and Maintaining a Self-Reliant Supply of Energy, Water, Shelter, and More

Author: David Black

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.


Category: House & Home

Page: 288

View: 204

This clever how-to handbook is the first step to living off the grid.

Autumn in Summer

Author: Douglas Keister

Publisher: CreateSpace


Category: Fiction

Page: 256

View: 366

Percy Peabody has it all, a spectacularly beautiful wife, a well-paying job, two picture-perfect children, a designer house in the suburbs, a ready smile and a firm handshake. He has everything but his heart. A mysterious symbol tattooed on the leg of a young woman named Autumn take him on a journey to a place where most journeys end. A place where he has a chance to find his heart. Autumn in Summer's theme of love, loss and redemption will appeal to anyone who has ever wanted a second chance. Douglas Keister has authored and co-authored thirty-nine critically acclaimed books. Autumn in Summer is his second novel. He lives in Chico, California. Visit him at www.douglaskeister.com.

Automobile and Trailer Travel Magazine




Category: Sports & Recreation


View: 194

Going Out in Style

The Architecture of Eternity from the Author of Stories in Stone

Author: Douglas Keister

Publisher: Echo Point Books & Media


Category: Architecture

Page: 162

View: 286

What would you want chiseled into a stone that would represent you and your life for all eternity? Douglas Keister, considered by many to be America's foremost authority on cemeteries, takes you on a tour of some of the country's most extraordinary memorials in Going Out in Style: The Architecture of Eternity. Keister's evocative photographs capture some of the most beautiful architecture in America in the places that one is least likely to look for it. Mausoleums, statues, and memorials are a connections between the modern world and the generations that went before us. Keister's lens bridges the distance between these two worlds. Featuring an introduction by American Cemetery Magazine associate editor Xavier Cronin, Going Out in Style is a comforting reminder that we can still make our mark in this world long after we've left it.

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