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The Anatomy of Being

Author: Shinji Moon



Category: Photography

Page: 104

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This is the anatomy of our being. This is our flesh, our muscles, our sinews and our limbs all tangled up beside each other. And this, is what they found when we left it all behind.

Fish, or Fishes, Anatomy of [being the article on the Anatomy of Fishes in Rees'Cyclopædia, by J. Macartney?].






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The Anatomy of Melancholy ... Being an Abridgment of Burton's Celebrated Work

Author: Robert BURTON (Author of “The Anatomy of Melancholy.”.)




Page: 339

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Images of Public Wealth Or the Anatomy of Well-Being in Indigenous Amazonia

Author: Fernando Santos-Granero

Publisher: University of Arizona Press


Category: History

Page: 226

View: 175

Reflecting a global interest in the topics of well-being, happiness, and the good life, this book explores local notions of public wealth in indigenous Amazonia. The contributors place particular importance in how indigenous views of wealth are linked to the creation of strong, productive, and moral individuals and collectivities, providing thought-provoking new approaches to understanding wealth in non-capitalist, kin-based societies.

The Anatomy of Knowledge

Papers Presented to the Study Group on Foundations of Cultural Unity, Bowdoin College, 1965 and 1966

Author: Marjorie Grene

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Philosophy

Page: 368

View: 905

Originally published in 1969. Since the seventeenth century the kind of knowledge afforded by mathematical physics has come more and more to furnish mankind with an ideal for all knowledge. The ideal also carries with it a new conception of the nature of things: all things whatsoever are held to be intelligible ultimately in terms of the laws of inanimate nature. This reductionist formula can be overcome only by the fundamental rethinking of our philosophical premises. To contribute towards thsi rethinking was the aim of the Study Group at whose meetings this collection originated. The essayists come from a wide range of disciplines but all want to address the conflict in our culture. The first part consists of discussions of various fundamental problems in the sciences. There are essays on the inter-relation of physics and psychology, on the possible reduction of biology to physics and chemistry, on new approaches to experimental psychology, against the possibility of giving a purely ‘factual’ account of social and political life, and for a fundamental reform of our concept of responsibility. The second section of the book suggests lines of philosophical inquiry which might help to resolve the epistemological and ethical problems arising at the foundations of physics, biology, psychology and the social sciences.

Thomas Reid: Ethics, Aesthetics and the Anatomy of the Self

Author: R.D. Gallie

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Philosophy

Page: 198

View: 662

This book is a critical exposition of Reid's philosophical anatomy of the self, his moral philosophy and his aesthetics, and is aimed at an advanced undergraduate and graduate readership. Those familiar with Reid scholarship will be only too aware of how little attention has been paid of late to Reid's accounts of beauty, of sublimity and aesthetic assessment, compared with his moral philosophy and philosophy of action. One main purpose of this book is to help remedy this imbalance, if only because of the very considerable impact of Reid's aesthetic thought in nineteenth century France. Notoriously Reid presents his accounts of moral and aesthetic judgment as the fruits of a sense of morals and of taste. Accordingly his position on the nature of a sense needs to be carefully considered, as well as his position on the origin of conceptions needed for the deployment of a sense. The Lehrer-Smith III computational computer model of Reidian faculties is assessed at some length as a serious contribution to this task, especially since its employment would seem to presuppose positions at odds with crucial components in Reid's account, which is also presented in the book, of the self as thinker, decision-maker and moral agent exercising both active and speculative power.

The Anatomy of Change

A Menninger Foundation Report on Testing the Effects of Psychotherapy

Author: Stephen Appelbaum

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Psychology

Page: 308

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The standard test battery developed by Rapaport, Gill, and Schafer at the Menninger Foundation constituted the most important research instrument (apart from clinical interviews) of the Foundation's psychotherapy research project. The battery's influence on clinical diagnosis and on research in personality assessment and change has been tremendous. In the hands of highly trained and skilled psychologists, the battery, constructed chiefly around projective tests, has been invaluable for diagnosing difficult cases. The complexity of interpreting it, however, and the many dimensions along which its findings can be organized, have made it frustratingly difficult to use in formal research. And its cost, because of the great time investment it requires, has made clinicians reticent about using it on a large scale. Dr. Appelbaum, an experienced psychotherapist and psycho analyst, was a distinguished member of the group of highly skilled psychologists who applied this test battery in the psychotherapy research reported here, although his role in this instance was re stricted to analyzing the findings of others who administered and interpreted the tests. In recent years, Dr. Appelbaum has been eval uating the mechanisms and effects of various psychotherapeutic approaches.

The Anatomy of True Christianity

What Saith the Scripture?

Author: N. Jerome McClain Sr.

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Religion

Page: 139

View: 530

What is the purpose of the Church? Does it have a mission? If it does, how many honest, insightful Christians would agree that as a rule, that mission is being carried out? Without a doubt, the Church is the living body of our Lord and Saviour; however churchanity is a powerful satanic tool used to confuse Christians and inhibit the full use of God's gifts. This book will help you to distinguish between the two. It will direct you through the fundamentals of being in the true Church of God. The bible admonishes us to be diligent observers of the truth. How can we, who admittedly do not know as much as our teacher, gauge those whom we have assumed to be anointed? The answer is in the word, "agreement". "Can two walk together, except they be agreed? (Amos 3:3) For example, you know beyond a shadow of a doubt who Jesus is, but your teacher represents Him as someone else. Should you continue to sit under this teacher? When it is a foregone conclusion that essential bible doctrines are not embraced by your teacher, it's time to find another church.

The Anatomy of Drunkenness

Author: Robert Macnish



Category: Alcohol

Page: 227

View: 573

The Anatomy of Neoplatonism

Author: A. C. Lloyd

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Philosophy

Page: 198

View: 610

The Anatomy of Neoplatonism was the crowning achievement of A. C. Lloyd, the distinguished scholar of late ancient philosophy. He offers a rich and authoritative study of this school of thought, which was highly influential not only on subsequent philosophy but also on Christian theology. His discussion ranges over metaphysics, epistemology, logic, and language, and reveals the fundamental structure of Neoplatonist thought; the book is essential reading for all who work in this area. Lloyd shows that while Neoplatonism is not a modern philosophy, it is indeed philosophy in the modern sense. 'A comprehensive study of Neoplatonism . . . from the pen of A. C. Lloyd is greatly to be welcomed . . . a worthy and valuable culmination of many years of thought' International Studies in Philosophy 'interesting and important . . . very rewarding' Times Literary Supplement 'the new view of Neoplatonism that the book offers is one that is worth having' Bryn Mawr Classical Review 'this book can be expected to become a fruitful basis of discussion as the philosophical exploration of Neoplatonic metaphysics develops' Review of Metaphysics 'learned and fascinating . . . I doubt whether any other living scholar could have written so effectively on Neoplatonism in this way' Contemporary Philosophical Reviews

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