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The Fight for Beauty

Our Path to a Better Future

Author: Fiona Reynolds

Publisher: Oneworld Publications


Category: Nature

Page: 320

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We are using the resources of this planet as if we had three to depend on, not one. The threat of climate change looms large, yet our vision for the future remains based on materialism rather than values. While our politicians compete for economic credibility, there is no one with any power or influence who is showing us a different path. Conservationist and campaigner Dame Fiona Reynolds makes the case for the power of beauty and how it can lead us towards solutions to present crises. She demonstrates the irresistible way in which it forces its way into our decisions and debates. A stirring polemic, The Fight for Beauty warns of the dark future ahead but also demonstrates that this isn’t inevitable – an alternative future is within our reach, if there is a will and a want to work hard enough to achieve it.

The Struggle for Equal Adulthood

Gender, Race, Age, and the Fight for Citizenship in Antebellum America

Author: Corinne T. Field

Publisher: UNC Press Books


Category: Social Science

Page: 260

View: 901

In the fight for equality, early feminists often cited the infantilization of women and men of color as a method used to keep them out of power. Corinne T. Field argues that attaining adulthood--and the associated political rights, economic opportunities, and sexual power that come with it--became a common goal for both white and African American feminists between the American Revolution and the Civil War. The idea that black men and all women were more like children than adult white men proved difficult to overcome, however, and continued to serve as a foundation for racial and sexual inequality for generations. In detailing the connections between the struggle for equality and concepts of adulthood, Field provides an essential historical context for understanding the dilemmas black and white women still face in America today, from "glass ceilings" and debates over welfare dependency to a culture obsessed with youth and beauty. Drawn from a fascinating past, this book tells the history of how maturity, gender, and race collided, and how those affected came together to fight against injustice.

A fight for life

Author: William Moy Thomas





View: 560


Film and the Decorative Image

Author: Rosalind Galt

Publisher: Columbia University Press


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 390

View: 306

Film culture often rejects visually rich images, treating simplicity, austerity, or even ugliness as the more provocative, political, and truly cinematic choice. Cinema may challenge traditional ideas of art, but its opposition to the decorative represents a long-standing Western aesthetic bias against feminine cosmetics, Oriental effeminacy, and primitive ornament. Inheriting this patriarchal, colonial perspective--which treats decorative style as foreign or sexually perverse--filmmakers, critics, and theorists have often denigrated colorful, picturesque, and richly patterned visions in cinema. Condemning the exclusion of the "pretty" from masculine film culture, Rosalind Galt reevaluates received ideas about the decorative impulse from early film criticism to classical and postclassical film theory. The pretty embodies lush visuality, dense mise-en-scène, painterly framing, and arabesque camera movements-styles increasingly central to world cinema. From European art cinema to the films of Wong Kar-wai and Santosh Sivan, from the experimental films of Derek Jarman to the popular pleasures of Moulin Rouge!, the pretty is a vital element of contemporary cinema, communicating distinct sexual and political identities. Inverting the logic of anti-pretty thought, Galt firmly establishes the decorative image as a queer aesthetic, uniquely able to figure cinema's perverse pleasures and cross-cultural encounters. Creating her own critical tapestry from perspectives in art theory, film theory, and philosophy, Galt reclaims prettiness as a radically transgressive style, shimmering with threads of political agency.

The Fight for English

How language pundits ate, shot, and left

Author: David Crystal

Publisher: OUP Oxford


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 256

View: 502

Lynne Truss's 'Eats, Shoots and Leaves' injected new life into the long-standing arguments over rights and wrongs in English usage. Now David Crystal brings together his own distinctive style and unique expertise to provide the first thorough-going assessment of the ongoing debate. With a lively, humorous, and accessible approach, Crystal charts the battles past and present, illustrating the characters and attitudes involved from a wide range of written sources. He combines a chronological survey of key influences in the area of usage with discussion of particular themes such as punctuation, spelling, and pronunciation. And he looks ahead to the future in the context of recent education policy shifts. A positive and compelling case is made for variation in usage of English based on appropriateness of situation, arguing that 'zero tolerance' in relation to language is a profoundly flawed approach. Crystal offers an original and authoritative counter-argument to the prescriptivist agenda that has been expounded in many accounts of English usage over the years. The Fight for English is the book that everyone concerned with English usage has been eagerly awaiting.

Until the End: A Fight for Survival

Author: Jesús L. Gutiérrez, PhD

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 126

View: 614

In 1985, when a small freckle on Fanny Gutiérrez’s cheek grew to the size of a quarter and turned dark brown, the young mother sought medical advice. She soon learned she had malignant melanoma, an aggressive form of skin cancer. In Until the End, her husband, author Jesús L. Gutiérrez, shares her battle with cancer and how the diagnosis and treatment affected Fanny, Jesús, and their two young sons. It narrates the family’s very real and vivid personal experiences to show how the psychological dynamics influenced them during the nine long and uncertain years of their cancer battle. This memoir provides insight into this particular form of cancer and shows how patients can serve the scientific community by being pioneers in the search for a cure. Until the End pays tribute to Fanny and demonstrates the deep love she held for her husband and her children. It communicates the life-and-death decisions she made in regard to her health in order to extend her longevity. Most of all, it describes how she never lost her willingness to fight against the disease until the end. “By writing about this distressing experience, Jesús has remarkably transformed the death of his wife Fanny from a private, tragic event to an instrument to end his suffering and sorrow. At the same time, he has used it as a testimony to help others to fight this terrible disease called cancer.” —Foreword from Dr. Enrique Zuniga del Campo, Psychoanalyst

Dying to be Beautiful

The Fight for Safe Cosmetics

Author: Gwen Kay

Publisher: Ohio State University Press


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 190

View: 659

Tells the story of how cosmetics came to be regulated in early 20th century America. Examines the cosmetics industry in light of the 1938 Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act.

The Ransomed Heart

A Collection of Devotional Readings

Author: John Eldredge

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Inc


Category: Religion


View: 734

American Garden Clubs and the Fight for Nature Preservation, 1890-1980

Author: Shana Miriam Cohen



Category: Conservation of natural resources

Page: 674

View: 171

Digging for Beauty

A Mac and Maggie Mason Mystery -

Author: Charles P. Frank

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Fiction

Page: 214

View: 184

Digging for Beauty continues the journey of private investigators Mac and Maggie Mason. Mystery meets romance meets distress meets death. No day is “business as usual” for this stalwart couple! Come along as Mac and Maggie face new threats in their battle with her cancer. Come along as Mac and Maggie try out their unpracticed skills as grandparents. Come along as Mac and Maggie get swept up in drama of missing persons. Come along as Mac and Maggie find their friendships tested. Come along as Mac and Maggie struggle with evil that looks good and good that looks evil. Come along as Mac and Maggie face danger, disappointment, and death. It’s not too late to meet Mac and Maggie Mason. Who knows---you might even meet yourself in the perplexing happenings in Digging for Beauty!

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