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The Horse Encyclopedia

Author: Elwyn Hartley Edwards

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Nature

Page: 360

View: 523

The Horse Encyclopedia is a comprehensive, lavishly illustrated guide to more than 150 horse and pony breeds and types from around the world. Browse through the catalog of gorgeous photographs and learn about the characteristics and origins of each breed, from Friesians to Thoroughbreds, and some of the most famous horses that left a mark on equine history. A fascinating introduction takes you through the evolution of the horse, horse disciplines like polo and show jumping, the animal's place in history, art, culture, and much more. With expert advice on horse health and care, including feeding, grooming, and conditioning, The Horse Encyclopedia can even guide you through the experience of becoming a first-time owner. The Horse Encyclopedia is a visually stunning celebration of all things equine and a must-have for every horse lover.

The Horse Encyclopedia

Author: Josée Hermsen

Publisher: Firefly Books Limited


Category: Pets

Page: 312

View: 568

Covers grooming, riding, dressage, showjumping, driving, Western riding, equestrian sports, and illnesses

The New Rider's Horse Encyclopedia

Author: Elwyn Hartley Edwards

Publisher: Hylas Pub


Category: Nature

Page: 256

View: 101

Includes information pertaining to horses and horsemanship, such as breeds of horses, learning to ride and compete, and caregiving techniques.

The Girls from the Horse Farm 4 - Stall Watch for Lilian

Author: Karla Schniering

Publisher: Lindhardt og Ringhof


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 8

View: 792

It’s an exciting week at the horse farm! Alex’s mare Lilian is going to be a mother, and everyone is ecstatic about the new arrival. Though the news is happy, Alex, Tine, and Ina are worried about the first-time mom. They want to make sure everything is just perfect for the birth of the little foal, so they decide to keep watch over Lilian as she goes into labor. But when complications arise during the delivery, will the girls be able to get help to the mare before it’s too late?

The Horse in the Ancient World

From Bucephalus to the Hippodrome

Author: Carolyn Willekes

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing


Category: History

Page: 288

View: 484

The domestication of the horse in the fourth millennium BC altered the course of mankind's future. Formerly a source only of meat, horses now became the prime mode of fast transport as well as a versatile weapon of war. Carolyn Willekes traces the early history of the horse through a combination of equine iconography, literary representations, fieldwork and archaeological theory. She explores the ways in which horses were used in the ancient world, whether in regular cavalry formations, harnessed to chariots, as a means of reconnaissance, in swift and deadly skirmishing (such as by Scythian archers) or as the key mode of mobility. Establishing a regional typology of ancient horses - Mediterranean, Central Asian and Near Eastern - the author discerns within these categories several distinct sub-types. Explaining how the physical characteristics of each type influenced its use on the battlefield - through grand strategy, singular tactics and general deployment - she focuses on Egypt, Persia and the Hittites, as well as Greece and Rome. This is the most comprehensive treatment yet written of the horse in antiquity.

The Genetics of the Horse

Author: Ann T. Bowling

Publisher: CABI


Category: Nature

Page: 512

View: 574

The theory and application of mammalian genetics have been evolving rapidly over the past two decades. This has given scientists fresh insight into the biological processes which affect the functions of the animal in question. This is the latest title in our successful series of genetics books. Reference book providing a comprehensive review of the current research in horse geneticsChapters written by international experts in the field Of worldwide relevance

The New Encyclopedia of the Horse

Author: Elwyn Hartley Edwards

Publisher: DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley)


Category: Nature

Page: 464

View: 826

Examines the history of the horse from prehistoric times to early domestication, discusses the development of breeds in various regions of the world, and describes modern breeds and their uses.

Encyclopedia of the Horse

Author: Linda Springate

Publisher: Crescent


Category: Nature

Page: 224

View: 561

A fresh look at a favorite subject encompasses more than four hundred newly commissioned color photographs, a glossary of equestrian terms, an index, up-to-date text, and a fresh design.

The Horse-Lover's Encyclopedia, 2nd Edition

A–Z Guide to All Things Equine: Barrel Racing, Breeds, Cinch, Cowboy Curtain, Dressage, Driving, Foaling, Gaits, Legging Up, Mustang, Piebald, Reining, Snaffle Bits, Steeple-Chasing, Tail Braiding, Trail Riding, English & Western, and So Much More

Author: Jessie Haas

Publisher: Storey Publishing


Category: Nature

Page: 432

View: 308

Here is a completely revised, full-color second edition of the established go-to source for equestrian information. This comprehensive A-to-Z guide covers “everything horse” and bridges gaps in the equestrian universe between English and Western styles. More than 1,700 entries explain wide-ranging topics such as breeds, tack, facilities, equine care and management, health and safety issues, riding styles and disciplines, shows, and much more. Whether you’re a rodeo hand, thoroughbred racer, seasoned professional, or armchair admirer, you’ll get everything you need from noted equestrian author Jessie Haas’ clear and thorough descriptions. American Horse Publications Association's Equine Media Awards Winner

Complete Horse Encyclopedia

Author: Jane Kidd



Category: Pets

Page: 256

View: 170

A comprehensive reference book covering breeds, care, competitions, and history of the development of the horse.

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