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The Journey of Life

Author: Catherine Sinclair



Category: Life

Page: 339

View: 502

The Journey of Life

Collection of Poems

Author: Aditya Mehta

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Literary Collections

Page: 62

View: 184

The purpose of this book is to share my experiences and what I have seen around me in the last 20 years through the expression of poems. While some might be able to relate to it, for some it might be a new perspective to life. “Journey of Life” is a book about all the different experiences that you would have as an individual from being a young kid in school to a matured person in college and then moving on in life and working and how life is portrayed from the time you are born till death through poems. Even though it is very personal, it can still be related to any individual of any age around the world, no matter who you are or where you are from. Every person should read this book as it’s something we all go through it’s the “Journey of Life” from beginning to end and thereafter.

The Journey of Life

A Cultural History of Aging in America

Author: Thomas R. Cole

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: History

Page: 260

View: 114

The Journey of Life envisions growing up and growing old as a voyage down a river flowing inexorably to the sea. With this image of the human life cycle, the author explores the historical shoreline of later life, charting its cultural forms and sounding their depths. The result is both a cultural history of aging and a contribution to public dialogue about the meaning and significance of later life. The core of the book shows how central texts and images of Northern.

Latter Struggles in the Journey of Life; Or, The Afternoon of My Days ...

The Real Life of a Country Bookseller ...

Author: George Miller



Category: Booksellers and bookselling

Page: 406

View: 998

The Journey of Life

I Live and I Learn...

Author: Kele Senkhane

Publisher: Trafford Publishing


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 78

View: 547

I am an ambitious, energetic, determined young woman with dreams to be a success in life. As life proceeds, I grow to understand and see that success is a broad term and has a varied definition from one person to the other. The book's primary focus is on how life events transpire regardless of my plans, the significant philosophies and influences I have accumulated and learned in my journey as young woman. In the period of my pursuits to achieve, I get to realise life's astonishing outcome. That life does not always go according to plan and the significance of remaining optimistic and not forfeiting in challenging times. It also touches on moral values and principles I have been taught growing up. I scale personal beliefs with society's beliefs and expectations on the meaning and measures of success to an average eye of the youth. In addition to the concept, I want to contribute to the youth society and older society an optional way of perception and thinking. I want to inspire and encourage people to believe in their dreams and be objective oriented, regardless of the obstacles encountered. Be able to give people awareness to appreciate simple things in life, although you and we are pursuing our dreams and objectives. Understand the true meaning of success, though definition of success varies from each person. It may be spiritual, financial, material, or psychological success). Introduce a new way of thinking and see the best in every situation encountered . . .

The Journey of Life

Confronting, Celebrating, and Coping with Its Experiences

Author: Henderson Brome

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Self-Help

Page: 176

View: 413

The journey of life from birth to death is a phenomenon that is common to all human beings. It's an experience that transcends all the variables of our existence such as race, religion and nationality. How we reach our destination, accomplish our goals and realize our God-given destiny is contingent upon our ability to navigate the contours of that journey. We can indeed celebrate the blessings and successes, confront the obstacles and cope with the myriad experiences of life's journey. This book is addressed to all who struggle to meet the challenges of life's journey. Some chapters provide us with powerful and compelling stories of those who in the face of adversity and disappointment did not retreat nor surrender but who through faith, determination, patience and indefatigable will were able to triumph over the troubles, trials, temptation and tribulation of their experience. Other chapters provide the reader with stories that serve as sign posts that allow one to make the appropriate detours and diversions in order to avoid the pitfalls and potholes of life's journey. The content of this book provides us not only with a road map, but also with some valuable tools for our survival kit as we traverse the diverse landscape of that journey.

Poetical Amusement on the Journey of Life

Consisting of Various Pieces in Verse: Serious, Theatric, Epigrammatic and Miscellaneous

Author: William Meyler




Page: 211

View: 671

The Journey of Life

Author: Jack Henderson

Publisher: LifeRich Publishing


Category: Religion


View: 458

The Journey of Life is a unique and refreshing account of the most pivotal and miraculous time in Hebrew history. Written from the perspective of a self-told story of a fictional character as he lives as a child through the deliverance of the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt to the Conquest and possession of the land promised by God to the Hebrews, you will think you are walking through these times yourself. As you read his story you will be inspired and challenged to know and trust God on the Journey of your Life, no matter your stage of life. Whether you are 10 or 100 years old, I heartily recommend reading and sharing this book with fellow pilgrims on this exciting journey.Dr. James Plymale, Director of MissionsFranklin Baptist Association A telling story of the Exodus and the sacrifice of the blood of the lamb provides application to our daily lives as God’s plan unfolds through the trial and tribulations of life. This book is grounded in the truth of the word of God observed from a twelve year old boy’s point of view.Michael D. Murphy Ed. D I would Recommend this book to all who are interested in Gods’ plan for their life. All ages would benefit from the message it tells. Because it is written from a twelve year boys’ point of view, it is very easy to follow, and to understand.Darla Dunn, Elementary Counslor, Public Schools; Missouri

The Journey Of Life

Author: Emerald K Lewis

Publisher: Balboa Press


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 110

View: 181

The Journey of Life came about by the grace of God. Through his strength and my undying faith in him, he has given me the wisdom to share my experience and to enlighten people in a positive way. Having gone through many life-altering changes myself, by faith I have overcome all obstacles that stood in my way. My hope is to touch as many hearts and guide as many with the wisdom the Lord has blessed me with. With faith and love, nothing is impossible.

Reflections from the Journey of Life

Collected Sayings of the Dalai Lama

Author: Dalai Lama XIV Bstan-ʼdzin-rgya-mtsho

Publisher: North Atlantic Books


Category: Philosophy

Page: 195

View: 532

A collection of interviews with the Dalai Lama conducted by a French journalist draws on the fundamental tenets of Buddhism as it covers such issues as the environment, ethics, violence, death, desire, happiness, religion, and humility. Original.

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