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The Jungle Grows Back

America and Our Imperiled World

Author: Robert Kagan

Publisher: Knopf


Category: History

Page: 192

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"An incisive, elegantly written, new book about America’s unique role in the world." --Tom Friedman, The New York Times A brilliant and visionary argument for America's role as an enforcer of peace and order throughout the world--and what is likely to happen if we withdraw and focus our attention inward. Recent years have brought deeply disturbing developments around the globe. American sentiment seems to be leaning increasingly toward withdrawal in the face of such disarray. In this powerful, urgent essay, Robert Kagan elucidates the reasons why American withdrawal would be the worst possible response, based as it is on a fundamental and dangerous misreading of the world. Like a jungle that keeps growing back after being cut down, the world has always been full of dangerous actors who, left unchecked, possess the desire and ability to make things worse. Kagan makes clear how the "realist" impulse to recognize our limitations and focus on our failures misunderstands the essential role America has played for decades in keeping the world's worst instability in check. A true realism, he argues, is based on the understanding that the historical norm has always been toward chaos--that the jungle will grow back, if we let it.

Convergence of Power

Author: Ron Saybel

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Fiction

Page: 260

View: 840

While researching material for his new novel, Daniel Porter is pulled into a mystery that could change the world. Coming face to face with pure evil, Daniel must deal with a killer who's as sinister as she is stunning, an opionated reporter with an agenda of her own and an elderly Professor who has knowledge of an ancient society brought back from the dead. In the end, the earth's own power may be it's own undoing.

Tales of the Hidden World


Author: Simon R. Green

Publisher: Open Road Media


Category: Fiction

Page: 240

View: 933

Visit the shadowy places where monsters and demons roam in this collection by the New York Times–bestselling author of the Nightside and Secret Histories series. Welcome to the worlds of Simon R. Green. In this wide-ranging collection, the bestselling urban fantasist opens doors into hidden places: strange realms bordering our own mundane existence and prowled by creatures of fancy and nightmare. Here are the strange, frequently deadly—and sometimes even dead—things that lurk in garbage-strewn city alleyways and grimy subway stations after midnight, visible only to the most perceptive human or inhuman eye. In these tales, Green revisits the ingenious worlds within worlds that he created for his wildly popular novels. Take a stroll on the Nightside with a jaded street wizard, an underpaid government functionary responsible for keeping demons, vamps, and aliens in line. Enter the hidden recesses of Drood Hall, where the aging family member who creates powerful weapons that protect humankind recalls his long and bloody career. Join a squad of no-longer-human soldiers dispatched to combat the all-consuming jungle on a distant planet. Visit a house at the intersection of two realities that serves as a sanctuary from the evil of all worlds. Confront the unstoppable zombie army of General Kurtz in a brilliant homage to Apocalypse Now. And whatever you do, never forget that there are monsters out there. Really. Here are seventeen tales—each accompanied by an afterword by the author—of magic, sorcery, and the supernatural by a master of all that is dark.

Crossroads Of Globalization, The: A Latin American View

Author: Hardy Alfredo Toro

Publisher: World Scientific


Category: Political Science

Page: 232

View: 574

Two powerful forces measure their strength by acting upon globalization. One of them pushes globalization forward, while the other hinders its advance and promotes its decline.In which of those directions should Latin America move? Uncertainty hinders the region's strategic vision. If the future entails re-launching of globalization, it seems obvious that Latin America should follow along its lines. However, if globalization were to embark on a declining phase and an endangered future, the region would need to look at other options. Latin America, therefore, faces not only a dramatic uncertainty as a result of forces beyond its control, but also needs to anticipate unforeseen events to the best of its abilities, and react to or act upon them. Strategic reflection becomes imperative to manage both uncertainty and the possibility of rapid change.This exercise in strategic reflection implies an immersion in fraught international surroundings, analyzing the forces that push for and against globalization, trying to measure their respective strength, convergence capacity, and potential impact. At the same time, it requires looking into the flaws, weaknesses and contradictions of such forces. With these elements in hand, it will be easier to envisage where the trends are leading to, and by extension, where Latin America may end up standing and which goals it should follow. content

The Exact Science of Economics

Author: Robert S. Vierra




Page: 158

View: 818

The Mask of Oy

Author: Flor Fernandez Barrios

Publisher: Creative Guy Publishing


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 245

View: 857

Recounting her education and experiences as a psychotherapist and spiritual healer, the author blends traditional methods (taught to her by her grandmother and by a wise Yucatan curandero) with modern psychology practices to bring balanced, hopeful methods of treatment for those in her care.

The Jungle Book

Easy to Read Classics

Author: Rudyard Kipling

Publisher: EDCON Publishing Group


Category: Fiction

Page: 56

View: 290

Bring The Classics To Life Series. These novels have been adapted into 10 short chapters that will excite the reluctant reader as well as the enthusiastic one. Let the Classics introduce Kipling, Stevenson, and H.G. Wells. Readers will embrace the notion of Crusoe's lonely reflections, the psychological reactions of a Civil War soldier at Chancellorsville, and the tragedy of the Jacobite Cause in 18th Century Scotland. Knowledge of Classics is a cultural necessity and these will improve fluency, vocabulary and comprehension through a high Interest / low readability format. Each eBookis divided into 10 short high quality illustrated chapters - Was written using McGraw-Hill's Core Vocabulary - Has been measured by the Fry Readability Formula - Defines and uses in context new vocabulary, prior to each chapter.

The Jungle Books

Author: Rudyard Kipling

Publisher: OUP Oxford


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 432

View: 667

The Jungle Books can be regarded as classic stories told by an adult to children. But they also constitute a complex literary work of art in which the whole of Kipling's philosophy of life is expressed in miniature. They are best known for the `Mowgli' stories; the tale of a baby abandoned and brought up by wolves, educated in the ways and secrets of the jungle by Kaa the python, Baloo the bear, and Bagheera the black panther. The stories, a mixture of fantasy, myth, and magic, are underpinned by Kipling's abiding preoccupation with the theme of self-discovery, and the nature of the `Law'. ABOUT THE SERIES: For over 100 years Oxford World's Classics has made available the widest range of literature from around the globe. Each affordable volume reflects Oxford's commitment to scholarship, providing the most accurate text plus a wealth of other valuable features, including expert introductions by leading authorities, helpful notes to clarify the text, up-to-date bibliographies for further study, and much more.

Crab Apple Pie

Author: Della May Olson

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Fiction

Page: 404

View: 420

Klutzy Ramona McAllister faces the tragic death of her parents in Central Montana in the 1960's and the subsequent care of her younger sister. But worse than the death of her parents is the consuming jealousy she feels for classmate Margot.When Martin Haney chooses Margot over Ramona, Ramona turns to Darren Ravend, son of Easterners intent on reviving the old West on their newly acquired ranch. But when Darren chooses Viet Nam over his parents and Ramona, Ramon's life goes into a tailspin. Supposedly rescued by handsome Paul Handlestead her life continues its downward plunge. Full of humor with exciting twists and turns, learn how a crab apple pie leads to enduring love, forgiveness, and redemption as you cry and rejoice with Ramona.

Event Marketing

A Management Guide


Publisher: Turner Publishing Company


Category: Advertising

Page: 66

View: 107