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The Lie of the Land

Author: Amanda Craig

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1408709317

Category: Fiction

Page: 432

View: 3217

CHOSEN AS BOOK OF THE YEAR BY THE GUARDIAN, OBSERVER, TELEGRAPH, NEW STATESMAN, EVENING STANDARD, SUNDAY TIMES AND IRISHTIMES 'Terrific, page-turning, slyly funny' India Knight 'As satisfying a novel as I have read in years' Sarah Perry 'Amanda Craig is one of the most brilliant and entertaining novelists now working in Britain' Alison Lurie Quentin and Lottie Bredin, like many modern couples, can't afford to divorce. Having lost their jobs in the recession, they can't afford to go on living in London; instead, they must downsize and move their three children to a house in a remote part of Devon. Arrogant and adulterous, Quentin can't understand why Lottie is so angry; devastated and humiliated, Lottie feels herself to have been intolerably wounded. Mud, mice and quarrels are one thing - but why is their rent so low? What is the mystery surrounding their unappealing new home? The beauty of the landscape is ravishing, yet it conceals a dark side involving poverty, revenge, abuse and violence which will rise up to threaten them. Sally Verity, happily married but unhappily childless knows a different side to country life, as both a Health Visitor and a sheep farmer's wife; and when Lottie's innocent teenage son Xan gets a zero-hours contract at a local pie factory, he sees yet another. At the end of their year, the lives of all will be changed for ever. A suspenseful black comedy, this is a rich, compassionate and enthralling novel in its depiction of the English countryside, and the potentially lethal interplay between money and marriage.

The Lie of the Land

An under-the-field guide to the British Isles

Author: Ian Vince

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 0330535889

Category: History

Page: 304

View: 1370

Like most of us, Ian Vince used to think of the British countryside as average, unexciting - as dramatic as a nice cup of tea. Then, over the course of a single car journey, the features of our green and pleasant land reawakened a fascination with geology that he had long forgotten, and he began to delve beneath the surface (metaphorically, that is). From the rocks of north-west Scotland which are amongst the oldest on the planet to St Michael's Mount off the coast of Cornwall, which was still being shaped in human memory, The Lie of the Land takes us on a journey through a fantastically exotic Britain of red desert sands, shattering continental collisions and tides of volcanic lava. Ian Vince shows us how Britain came to look the way it does; and with warmth and wit transports us back through billions of years to a land that time forgot.

The Lie of the Land

Author: Utley, Jaspar David

Publisher: University of Namibia Press

ISBN: 9991642358

Category: Fiction

Page: 202

View: 8542

The Lie of the Land is a novel set against the background of the German colonial wars in Namibia in the early 1900s. The central character is an academic in linguistics who occasionally acts as a British agent. He is a cynical, private individual who sees himself as a neutral observer but is eventually forced to take sides when he witnesses the atrocities of the Herero and Nama genocide and, above all, meets a young Nama woman who enchants him. The novel explores the shifting nature of the oppressor and the oppressed. Despite the unfolding tragic events, the story is lightened by surprising bursts of humour, and is ultimately a love story.

The lie of the land

Author: Patricia Beer

Publisher: Century


Category: Poetry

Page: 47

View: 5770

Michael Henderson's fiction is alive with poignant and comic moments, and remarkable for its impressive use of colloquial dialogue. The Lie of the Land is a lacerating commentary on some of the more brutal and farcical aspects of New Zealand life. The late Michael Henderson's fiction has been published widely, both in New Zealand and overseas.

Spitze Federn


Author: Amanda Craig

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783612650276


Page: 443

View: 3331

The Lie of the Land

Irish Identities

Author: Fintan O'Toole

Publisher: Verso

ISBN: 9781859841327

Category: History

Page: 172

View: 6177

A collection of essays focusing on contemporary Irish culture, discussing nationalism, sexual politics, the Church, and Ireland's place in a global economy

Doctor Who: SHADA

Author: Douglas Adams,Gareth Roberts

Publisher: Cross Cult

ISBN: 3864254566

Category: Fiction

Page: 420

View: 4959

SHADA basiert auf den Originaldrehbüchern, die der legendäre Douglas Adams für ein Doctor-Who-Abenteuer verfasste, das nie ausgestrahlt wurde. Ein Time Lord und alter Freund des Doktors namens Professor Chronotis hat sich an die Universität von Cambridge zurückgezogen, weil dort niemandem auffallen wird, dass er die Jahrhunderte überdauert. Als er Gallifrey verließ, nahm er das Verehrungswürdige und Uralte Gesetz von Gallifrey mit, eines der Artefakte, die aus Rassilons dunklem Zeitalter stammen. Es darf nicht in die falschen Hände fallen. Und der unheimliche Skagra hat definitiv die falschen Hände. Er will das Buch. Er will das Geheimnis von Shada lüften. Und er will den Verstand des Doktors ... Douglas Adams starb im Mai 2001. Er ist der Autor von Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis. Gareth Roberts hat neun Doctor-Who-Romane geschrieben.

The lie of the land

Author: Sam North

Publisher: Harvill Secker


Category: Fiction

Page: 281

View: 7277

The Lie of the Land

Journeys Through Literary Cork

Author: Mary Leland

Publisher: Stylus Publishing, LLC.

ISBN: 9781859182314

Category: History

Page: 264

View: 4801

A stylish companion to the rich literary landscape of Cork city and county, which is sure to sit comfortably in the back pocket of the curious traveller and Corkconian alike. The spectacular scenic delights of Cork county and city are now complemented by a guide to the rich literary heritage of the area. Divided in an easy to follow manner by natural geographic regions, points of interest are introduced, and through careful selection by Mary Leland, illustrates how setting affect the writers and how the written word reverberates in the landscape. From city lanes to the broad expanse of the Atlantic shore, the writers who once walked these same routes are brought alive in this comprehensive and stylish volume. Illustrations entice the reader into the book and useful maps are included, so that the book becomes a natural companion on a literary journey. Writer's included Daniel Corkery, Frank O'Connor, Sean O Faolain, Somerville and Ross, Elizabeth Bowen, Edmund Spenser, Sean O Riordain, Alice Taylor, Paul Durcan, Lennox Robinson, Victoria Glendinning . . . even Charles Dickens makes an appearance!

Because of you


Author: Sarah Dessen

Publisher: Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag

ISBN: 3423411260

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 480

View: 6761

Ziellos läuft Auden jede Nacht durch Colby, eine Kleinstadt am Meer, wo sie ihren Vater und seine neue Frau besucht. Sie schläft nicht mehr, seit sie als Kind wach blieb, um die Streitereien ihrer Eltern zu verhindern. Bei ihren Streifzügen trifft sie auf Eli, Einzelgänger und Nachtwanderer wie sie. Mit ihm holt sie ihre verpasste Kindheit nach, aber auch Elis Seele ist verwundet ...

Prohibition, the lie of the land

Author: Sean Dennis Cashman

Publisher: Macmillan Pub Co


Category: History

Page: 290

View: 7667

From the perspectives of politicians, the temperance movement, law enforcers, gangsters, and the ordinary American citizen, the origin, history, and repeal of Prohibition as well as the country's disregard of the liquor laws are examined

The Lie of the land

English literary studies in India

Author: Rajeswari Sunder Rajan

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


Category: Education

Page: 308

View: 1605

English literature is studied, at some stage or the other, by almost every middle- and upper-class person in India. Its importance as a discipline, or as a body of texts, that shapes the minds, attitudes, behaviour and social aspirations of India's educated urban elites - who occupy powerful positions in government, business and industry - is often fundamental and certainly undoubted. Yet some of the most basic questions about English literary studies in India - such as their relevance and validity, their social functions, their institutional contexts, their pedagogic and publishing practices - are never posed. This volume, taken as a whole, breaks the long silence and asks why. It comprises seventeen essays, fourteen of which are by women academics. Collectively, they seek to show up the sorts of conservative orthodoxies, bureaucratic power structures, fossilized thought processes, unacademic institutions, colonial worldviews, outdated theoretical frameworks, gross cultural premises and crassly commercialized situations which frequently define what it means to study and teach English literature in India. The essays appear in eight sections; the first has two pieces which situate English within British and post-Independence India; the second has an essay on teaching English in the colonial context; the third has one on teaching it today. The fourth section focuses on three widely-prescribed English literary texts and analyses Indian classroom responses to these. The fifth section examines ideological and business contexts: an essay on publishing outlines the markets for anthologies, textbooks and monographs; another essay provides a critique of England's mediations in India via theBritish Council. The sixth section looks at the broad types of students and teachers that exist in university departments of English, as well as at the attitudes, aspirations and academic situations that commonly prevail. The seventh section has a piece on the sorts of intellectual resistance that dominate Indian academia, specifically the resistance to those new and changing parameters of thinking about English literature which question both the sacred canon of Eng. Lit. and the professorial guardians of that canon. The final section has essays on the position of English in a post-colonial society, and on the desirability of using linguistic tools to penetrate the paradigms of literary criticism. An annexure on landmarks in Indian education policy serves as conclusion. The contributors to this volume are all Indian academics who have taught English in the country's major universities, and some of whom are now highly - reputed expatriate professors of English in the West. Their book is a pioneering attempt to situate, define, analyse, historicize, destabilize and problematize the study of English in India. This volume will seem invaluable to teachers and students of sociology, history, colonialism and culture, and to all who teach or study English literature anywhere in the world.

The Lie of the Land

Success and Failure in India's Green Revolution

Author: George Thomas Ericksen

Publisher: N.A



Page: 210

View: 3727

The Lie of the Land

Migrant Workers and the California Landscape

Author: Don Mitchell

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press

ISBN: 9780816626939

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 245

View: 8871

At last, a book that magnificently draws together a sophisticated reading of landscape with a committed understanding of the labor process involved in its construction. Mitchell's analysis appropriates the best of studies of representation while critiquing their abstraction from material production. All this while capturing the role of migrant workers in the making of the California landscape.

Der Lügenbaum

Author: Frances Hardinge

Publisher: Verlag Freies Geistesleben

ISBN: 3772542980

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 440

View: 7232

Ihr Vater, der Reverend Sunderly soll ein Betrüger und Schwindler sein? Das kann Faith nicht glauben, die ihn verehrt und die gleiche naturwissenschaftliche Neugier hat wie er. Doch seitdem die Familie fluchtartig Kent verlassen hat und auf diese Insel gekommen ist, wo ihr Vater an einer Grabung teilnehmen will, ereignet sich ein dubioser Unfall nach dem anderen bis – ihr Vater tot aufgefunden wird. Mord! Faith wird es beweisen und gräbt sich in die Unterlagen ihres Vaters, um eine unheimliche Entdeckung zu machen ... Es geht um Fossilien und Fälschung, Glauben und Wissenschaft und – Mord. Mittendrin steht die 14-jährige Faith, die das Unheimliche auf klären und als Mädchen forschen will.

Mein Leben als Schäfer

Author: James Rebanks

Publisher: C. Bertelsmann Verlag

ISBN: 3641183235

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

View: 4981

Das Leben auf dem Land – packend und authentisch erzählt James Rebanks’ Familie lebt seit Generationen im englischen Hochland, dem Lake District. Die Lebensweise ist seit Jahrhunderten von den Jahreszeiten und Arbeitsabläufen bestimmt. Im Sommer werden die Schafe auf die kahlen Berge getrieben und das Heu geerntet; im Herbst folgen die Handelsmessen, wo die Herden aufgestockt werden, im Winter der Kampf, dass die Schafe am Leben bleiben, und im Frühjahr schließlich die Erleichterung, wenn die Lämmer geboren und die Tiere wieder in die Berge getrieben werden können. James Rebanks erzählt von einer archaischen Landschaft, von der tiefen Verwurzelung an einen Ort. In eindrucksvoll klarer Prosa schildert er den Jahresablauf in der Arbeit eines Hirten, bietet uns einen einzigartigen Einblick in das ländliche Leben. Er schreibt auch von den Menschen, die ihm nahe stehen, Menschen mit großer Beharrlichkeit, obwohl sich die Welt um sie herum vollständig verändert hat.

Schnee in Amsterdam


Author: Bernard MacLaverty

Publisher: C.H.Beck

ISBN: 3406727018

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 9358

Ein älteres Ehepaar aus Glasgow, Gerry und Stella Gilmore, fliegt für ein verlängertes Wochenende nach Amsterdam. Die kleine Reise soll die beiden aufmuntern, sie wollen die Stadt erkunden und etwas für ihre Ehe tun. Sie lieben sich noch, man kennt einander samt allen kleinen Fehlern – aber in den vier Tagen treten tiefe Risse in ihrer Beziehung zutage. Und es wird klar, dass Stella einen ganz eigenen Plan verfolgt. Dieser Plan hängt mit einem der bezauberndsten Orte in Amsterdam zusammen, dem Beginenhof, und mit einem Gelübde, das Stella einst getan hat. Gerry dagegen, ehemaliger Architekt, hat weitgehend abgeschlossen mit seinem Leben, in dem der Alkohol eine zu große Rolle spielt. Während ihrer Reise drängt allmählich ein Ereignis aus ihrer gemeinsamen Vergangenheit in Belfast, Nordirland, immer stärker an die Oberfläche, etwas, das ihr ganzes Leben geprägt hat. Am Ende der Reise zeigt sich, wie tief der Graben zwischen ihnen wirklich ist. Ein dichter, bewegender und aufwühlender Roman voller Lebensklugheit, Komik und Tragik.

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