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The Mother and The Father

Author: Florian Zeller

Publisher: Faber & Faber


Category: Drama

Page: 96

View: 589

The Mother Anne loved the time in her life when she prepared breakfast each morning for her two young children. Years later, spending hours alone, Anne convinces herself that her husband is having an affair. If only her son were to break-up with his girlfriend. He would return home and come down for breakfast. She would put on her new red dress and they would go out. The Mother, in this English translation by Christopher Hampton, was commissioned by the Ustinov Studio, Theatre Royal, Bath, and premiered in May 2015. Florian Zeller's The Mother was awarded the Moliere Award for Best Play 2011. The Father 'A wonderfully peculiar, quietly stunning depiction of dementia... A controlled, unforgettable portrait of losing your memory.' Times 'A vivid, lucent translation by Christopher Hampton.' Observer 'One of the most acute, absorbing and distressing portraits of dementia I've ever seen.' Daily Telegraph 'A play that constantly confounds expectations and works almost like a thriller, with a sinister Pinteresque edge.' Guardian The Father, in this English translation by Christopher Hampton, was commissioned by the Ustinov Studio, Theatre Royal, Bath and premiered in October 2014. The production transferred to the Tricycle Theatre, London, in May 2015. Florian Zeller's The Father was awarded the Moliere Award for Best Play 2014.

Earth Is My Mother, Sky Is My Father

Space, Time, and Astronomy in Navajo Sandpainting

Author: Trudy Griffin-Pierce

Publisher: UNM Press


Category: History

Page: 240

View: 959

To the Navajo, sandpaintings are sacred, living entities that reflect the interconnectedness of all living beings--humans, plants, stars, animals, and mountains. This book, now available in paperback, explores the circularity of Navajo thought in sandpaintings, Navajo chantway myths, and stories reflected in the celestial constellations. Beautifully illustrated by the author, this well-documented book explores the spiritual world of the Navajo, their ceremonial practices, and their conceptions of time and stellar motion. Griffin-Pierce shows how the images of sacred sandpaintings not only communicate the temporal and spatial dimensions of the Navajo universe but also present, in visual form, Navajo ideas about relationships among nature, self, and society. "Griffin-Pierce's approach is highly original, bringing this material together in an innovative and creative manner while grounding it holistically within the context of Navajo world view."--M. Jane Young, author ofSigns from the Ancestors: Zuni Cultural Symbolism and Perceptions of Rock Art

Doubling for the Mother of God

Author: Father M. Raymond (O.C.S.O.)




Page: 63

View: 308

Catholic pamphlet.

Whats a Mother Father to Do

Author: Maurice A. Fetty

Publisher: CSS Publishing


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 250

View: 611

Raising a family today is like negotiating a minefield -- parents often face seemingly insurmountable odds in counteracting the insidious influences of peer pressure and the popular culture. Fetty examines how to cope with the stress of modern life by drawing on the inspirational wisdom of the scriptures.

Mother, father

Author: Elizabeth Silverthorne

Publisher: Chiron Pubns


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 182

View: 697

An examination of the many roles of the mother and father, both personal and cultural, from leading contemporary analysts, including writers like Robert Bly, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Mary Catherine Bateson, and others.

Mother Is Gold, Father Is Glass

Gender and Colonialism in a Yoruba Town

Author: Lorelle D. Semley

Publisher: Indiana University Press


Category: History

Page: 256

View: 161

Lorelle D. Semley explores the historical and political meanings of motherhood in West Africa and beyond, showing that the roles of women were far more complicated than previously thought. While in Kétu, Bénin, Semley discovered that women were treasurers, advisors, ritual specialists, and colonial agents in addition to their more familiar roles as queens, wives, and sisters. These women with special influence made it difficult for the French and others to enforce an ideal of subordinate women. As she traces how women gained prominence, Semley makes clear why powerful mother figures still exist in the symbols and rituals of everyday practices.

"Honor Your Father and Your Mother"

A Compilation of Stories, Ancedotes [sic] and Halachos on Kibud Horim


Publisher: Feldheim Publishers


Category: Jewish ethics

Page: 120

View: 104

The Connected Father

Understanding Your Unique Role and Responsibilities during Your Child's Adolescence

Author: Carl E. Pickhardt, Ph.D.

Publisher: St. Martin's Press


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 240

View: 661

Parenting Expert Carl Pickhardt Shows How the Bonds Between Fathers and Teens Can Be Strengthened Many fathers feel unprepared for their child's adolescence, in their denial, often times preferring to believe that it will only happen to other people's children. In this sensitive and forthright book, Carl Pickhardt stresses that fathers need to become informed about changes and challenges that normally unfold. Helping caring fathers navigate the four crucial and often perplexing stages of adolescence, The Connected Father describes: * how fathers can learn to be better listeners * why they have trouble communicating and what to do about it * different emotional changes between mid- and late-adolescence * how to encourage independence while setting limits * how fathers can talk to teens about drugs, sex, the internet, relationships, and more

Is There a Father in the House?

A Handbook for Health and Social Care Professionals

Author: James Torr

Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing


Category: Medical

Page: 112

View: 671

This book is designed to enable and encourage health professionals and family support workers to include fathers in the process of their work. It focuses on the enormous potential value of accessing men at a time they are known to be particularly receptive - before and after the birth - within the context of providing solutions in the debate about problematic aspects of masculinity and fatherhood. It looks at how important the father's role is within the family environment, and how fathers should be encouraged to take part in the upbringing of their children.

The Love that Endures - Remembering my Mother and my Father, U.S.S. Arizona's Chaplain at Pearl Harbor

Author: Thomas I. Kirkpatrick



Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 192

View: 256

The time was December 7, 1941. The wife and young son of the U.S.S. Arizona's chaplain, Captain Thomas L. Kirkpatrick, were listening to the radio that Sunday afternoon, when suddenly they heard: We interrupt this program to bring you a special news bulletin. The Japanese have attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii by air, President Roosevelt has just announced. The attack also was made on all Naval and Military activities on the principal island, Oahu. The following day, the President made his historic speech to Congress, using language that would galvanize a shocked nation and propel America into war. The same day, the telegram arrived that ended a two-decade-long story about a love that endured numerous lengthy separations while the chaplain was deployed either at sea or at a remote duty station. How this military couple endured these stresses yet kept their marriage alive and vibrant, forms the core of this heartwarming and inspiring story, embedded in the sweep of world-changing historical events.

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