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The Oxbridge conspiracy

how the ancient universities have kept their stranglehold on the establishment

Author: Walter Ellis



Category: Education

Page: 340

View: 109

A Compendium of Italian Economists at Oxbridge

Contributions to the Evolution of Economic Thinking

Author: Mauro Baranzini

Publisher: Springer


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

View: 631

This study examines five decades of Italian economists who studied or researched at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge between the years 1950 and 2000. Providing a detailed list of Italian economists associated with Hicks, Harrod, Bacharach, Flemming, Mirrlees, Sen and other distinguished dons, the authors examine eleven research lines, including the Sraffa and the neo-Ricardian school, the post-Keynesian school and the Stone’s and Goodwin’s schools. Baranzini and Mirante trace the influence of the schools in terms of 1) their fundamental role in the evolution of economic thought; 2) their promotion of four key controversies (on the measurement of technical progress, on capital theory, on income distribution and on the inter-generational transmission of wealth); 3) the counter-flow of Oxbridge scholars to academia in Italy, and 4) the invigoration of a third generation of Italian economists researching or teaching at Oxbridge today. A must-read for all those interested in the way Italian and British research has shaped the study and teaching of economics.

Oxford in English Literature

The Making, and Undoing, of 'the English Athens'

Author: John Dougill

Publisher: University of Michigan Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 363

View: 399

Surveying the views of Oxford University and its denizens expressed by English writers throughout the ages, the author focuses on the university's history as an idealized ivory tower and the resentment such elitism has provoked in the twentieth century. UP.

Home Thoughts

Author: Tim Parks

Publisher: Random House


Category: Fiction

Page: 208

View: 834

Julia has left home. She has gone to Italy. She has left her lover, her job, her flat, the closely-knit group of friends who meant so much to her. Why? And the motley group of ex-pats she finds in Verona, the Oxbridge brigade, the revolutionary Scot, the cool Canadian, the feminist Flossy - why do they find it so impossible to return home, as if their very identities depend somehow on this thousand-mile displacement? Centred around a love story full of twists, turns and revelations, Home Thoughts explores a world of lost directions, wavering commitments and misplaced ambitions as Julia's adventurous departure confronts her more mercilessly than ever with the problem of what on earth she is to do with her life.

Rhodes Scholars, Oxford, and the Creation of an American Elite

Author: Thomas J. Schaeper

Publisher: Berghahn Books


Category: History

Page: 438

View: 424

Each year thirty-two seniors at American universities are awarded Rhodes Scholarships, which entitle them to spend two or three years studying at the University of Oxford. The program, founded by the British colonialist and entrepreneur Cecil Rhodes and established in 1903, has become the world's most famous academic scholarship and has brought thousands of young Americans to study in England. Many of these later became national leaders in government, law, education, literature, and other fields. Among them were the politicians J. William Fulbright, Bill Bradley, and Bill Clinton; the public policy analysts Robert Reich and George Stephanopoulos; the writer Robert Penn Warren; the entertainer Kris Kristofferson; and the Supreme Court Justices Byron White and David Souter. Based on extensive research in published and unpublished documents and on hundreds of interviews, this book traces the history of the program and the stories of many individuals. In addition it addresses a host of questions such as: how important was the Oxford experience for the individual scholars? To what extent has the program created an old-boy (-girl since 1976) network that propels its members to success? How many Rhodes Scholars have cracked under the strain and failed to live up to expectations? How have the Americans coped with life in Oxford and what have they thought of Britain in general? Beyond the history of the program and the individuals involved, this book also offers a valuable examination of the American-British cultural encounter.

Ethnicity and Social Divisions

Contemporary Research in Sociology

Author: Karin Halldén

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing


Category: Social Science

Page: 270

View: 642

The anthology “Ethnicity and Social Divisions: Contemporary Research in Sociology” is a collection of studies presented at the annual Aage Sørensen Memorial Conferences in 2006 and 2007. The volume reflects a number of important tendencies in contemporary social research: the increasing interest in questions that concern ethnicity and immigration on the one hand, the remaining centrality of social stratification and class analysis on the other hand, and the intersection between these fields. Eight young sociologists, all PhD Candidates at the universities of Harvard, Oxford or Stockholm at the time they wrote their contributions, participate in this volume. Representing a new generation of social scientists, they have conducted empirical research on social inequality related to class and ethnicity from different perspectives.

Understanding Higher Education

An Introduction for Parents, Staff, Employers and Students

Author: Donald A. Bligh

Publisher: Intellect Books


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 150

View: 254

The development of Higher Education is taking place at a phenomenal pace, and this book is set to be a guide for ALL the different groups of people who need to understand the consequences of the changes in the years to come. Chapters consider both the historical development of the system of Higher Education as well as the scope and nature of its institutional manifestation as we recognise it today. Far from being another Which-style guide for intending applicants, it is written in a straightforward style by the three authors, each known internationally as Higher Education specialists.

Citizenship In Modern Britain

Author: Trevor Desmoyers-Davis

Publisher: Cavendish Publishing


Category: Law

Page: 416

View: 328

This text examines citizenship from a social science perspective. The subject matter has been divided into three sections, corresponding to each of the AQA AS Level modules. The text also provides all the necessary academic material required for examinable citizenship courses.

The Cambridge Conspiracy 2003

Author: Richard Joy




Page: 324

View: 945

David Prince is a politics lecturer at Cambridge University. While the British government prepares for an impending war with Iraq, David observes events with academic remoteness but his peaceful world is disrupted when he has a visit from an old school friend, Sydney Laurence. Within days of their meeting David's successful career is destroyed. His reputation is ruined, he is suspended from his job and his wife leaves him. Although Sydney denies any involvement, David discovers that Sydney has connections to MI6 and he is dragged into a dangerous world of power and political intrigue.

The Oxford Anthology of Roman Literature

Author: Peter E. Knox

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: History

Page: 656

View: 815

Though the wonders of ancient Roman culture continue to attract interest across the disciplines, it is difficult to find a lively, accessible collection of the full range of the era's literature in English. The Oxford Anthology of Roman Literature provides a general introduction to the literature of the Roman empire at its zenith, between the second century BC and the second century AD. Two features of this extraordinarily fertile period in literary achievement as evidenced by this anthology are immediately and repeatedly clear: how similar the Romans' view of the world was to our own and, perhaps even more obviously, how different it was. Most of the authors included in the anthology wrote in Latin, but as the anthology moves forward in time, relevant Greek texts that reflect the cultural diversity of Roman literary life are also included, something no other such anthology has done in the past. Roman literature was wonderfully creative and diverse, and the texts in this volume were chosen from a broad range of genres: drama, epic, philosophy, satire, lyric poetry, love poetry. By its very nature an anthology can abbreviate and thus obscure the most attractive features of even a masterpiece, so the two editors have not only selected texts that capture the essence of the respective authors, but also have included accompanying introductions and afterwords that will guide the reader in pursuing further reading. The presentations of the selections are enlivened with illustrations that locate the works within the contexts of the world in which they were written and enjoyed. The student and general reader will come away from this learned yet entertaining anthology with a fuller appreciation of the place occupied by literature in the Roman world.

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