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The Puzzle of Non-Western Democracy

Author: Richard Youngs

Publisher: Brookings Institution Press

ISBN: 0870034308

Category: Political Science

Page: 240

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Western democracy is being questioned around the world. At the same time, Western aid groups are quick to say that they are not trying to impose a particular style of democracy on others and that they are open to supporting local, alternative forms of democracy. This book examines what it is about Western democracy that non-Westerners are reacting negatively to and whether the critics often are equating a dislike for certain Western social or economic features with an aversion to of Western political systems. It also explores the current state of debate about alternative forms of democratic practice in different regions—Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America—and then puts forward ideas about how Western actors engaged in democracy support can do a better job of incorporating new thinking about alternative democratic forms into their efforts.

Was tun gegen Dschihadisten?

Wie wir den Terror besiegen können

Author: Omid Nouripour

Publisher: Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag

ISBN: 3423431598

Category: Political Science

Page: 260

View: 1281

Frustriert vom jahrelangen politischen Stückwerk, legt Omid Nouripour hier ein Konzept für den Umgang mit dem islamistischen Terror vor, für die Innen- wie auch für die Außenpolitik. Seine Thesen: Der Irak ist der Schlüssel zum Erfolg, nicht Syrien. - Ein radikales Umdenken im Umgang mit den Golfstaaten ist vonnöten. - Failing States in Afrika sind von größter Bedeutung. - Die Sicherheitsarchitektur muss grundlegend geändert werden. - Der Dschihadismus wird (auch) in Deutschland besiegt. Und als wichtigster Punkt: Wir Demokraten entscheiden, ob wir den Kampf gegen den globalen Dschihadismus gewinnen.

Ethnic Minorities in Democratizing Muslim Countries

Turkey and Indonesia

Author: Maurizio Geri

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319755749

Category: Political Science

Page: 251

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This book explores the ways in which democratizing Muslim countries treat their ethnic minorities’ requests of inclusiveness and autonomy. The author examines the results of two important cases—the securitization of Kurds in Turkey and the “autonomization” (a new concept coined by the study) of Acehnese in Indonesia—through multiple hypotheses: the elites’ power interest, the international factors, the institutions and history of the state, and the ontological security of the country. By examining states with ethnic diversity and very little religious diversity, the research controls for the effect of religious conflict on minority inclusion, and so allows expanded generalizations and comparisons. In non-Muslim majority countries, and in so called “mature democracies,” the problem of the inclusion of old or new ethnic minorities is also crucial for the sustainability of the “never-ending” democratization processes.

Democracy Assistance Bypassing Governments in Recipient Countries

Supporting the “Next Generation”

Author: Paulina Pospieszna

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351717081

Category: Political Science

Page: 328

View: 2898

This book addresses important and under-researched issues such as, the role of young people in democratization processes, the role of new democracies in sharing their transition experience, and the effectiveness of aid. A major theme of the book is democracy assistance efforts by the NGOs from Central and Eastern Europe to support young people in Eastern Europe, the Western Balkans, and Central Asia. It examines this theme in a comparative perspective and with a deeper analysis of reasons and ways to support young people, the need to support them and the effectiveness of these efforts. Bringing together a wide range of material on democracy assistance of Central and Eastern European countries that includes surveying the providers and beneficiaries of aid and looking for better methods of impact evaluation, the book advances a framework for assessing democracy assistance efforts. It concludes with implications of the impact of democracy assistance on young people and democracy diffusion from Central and Eastern European democracies to other countries. This text will be of key interest to scholars and students of democracy, democratization, Central and Eastern Europe, Post-Soviet studies, and European and Comparative Politics, as well as for practitioners (donors, NGOs) who want to know what works best, and why and when in aid provision.

Civic Activism Unleashed

New Hope or False Dawn for Democracy?

Author: Richard Youngs

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 019093171X

Category: Political Science

Page: 256

View: 2758

One of the signal events in global politics in the last decade has been the transformation of political and civic activism. Not only is the new activism qualitatively different in character from what it was in 2000; its intensity and frequency have dramatically increased. Activists are developing a new type of civic movement, applying innovative forms of direct action against governments and often operating without leaders or even any well-defined set of aims. In Civic Activism Unleashed, Carnegie scholar Richard Youngs examines the changing shape of contemporary civic activism. He shows how the emerging civic activism has important implications for the whole concept of civil society-and for the relationship between citizens, political institutions, and states. Youngs contends that the rise and spread of these new forms of direct-action civic activism, and the way the trend has driven the dramatic events in global politics in recent years, requires us to update our understanding of what civil society actually is and which types of organizations are in its vanguard. He further looks at the global impact of recent civic activism and offers a set of variables to help explain cases of success and failure. Youngs' larger aim is to explore in depth the new forms of civic activism that are emerging around the world and assess how they differ from more established practices of civil society activity. Theoretically ambitious and global in scope, Civic Activism Unleashed forces us to reconsider the nature of contemporary social and civic activism and how it is reshaping contentious politics in countries across the world.

Democracy and Discontent

India's Growing Crisis of Governability

Author: Atul Kohli

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521396929

Category: History

Page: 420

View: 2913

Long considered one of the great successes of the developing world, India has more recently experienced growing challenges to political order and stability. Institutional mechanisms for the resolution of conflict have broken down, the civil and police services have become highly politicized, and the state bureaucracy appears incapable of implementing an effective plan for economic development. In this book, Atul Kohli analyzes political change in India from the late 1960s to the late 1980s. Based on research conducted at the local, state and national level, the author analyzes the changing patterns of authority in and between the centre and periphery. He combines rich empirical investigation, extensive interviews and theoretical perspectives in developing a detailed explanation of the growing crisis of governance his research reveals. The book will be of interest to both specialists in Indian politics and to students of comparative politics more generally.

Das Globalisierungs-Paradox

die Demokratie und die Zukunft der Weltwirtschaft

Author: Dani Rodrik

Publisher: C.H.Beck

ISBN: 9783406613517


Page: 415

View: 4340

Ein Plädoyer gegen Hyperglobalisierung und für eine gewisse demokratische Renationalisierung der Wirtschaftspolitik.

The Puzzle of India's Governance

Culture, Context and Comparative Theory

Author: Subrata K. Mitra

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134274939

Category: History

Page: 304

View: 2655

India no longer gets an easy ride as the world's largest democracy. Spectacular terrorist attacks on its Parliament and places of worship, communal riots of unprecedented ferocity, lingering separatist insurgency and violent caste conflict in impoverished regions have combined to cause a closer appraisal of India's capacity to sustain the rule of law. This book shows how governance is high when people follow the rules of transaction, derived from binding custom, legislation, administrative practices and the constitution. The key question that underpins this analysis is why do some people, sometimes, follow rules and not others? This study responds to this central question by looking at analytical narratives of political order in six Indian regional States, surveys of social and political attitudes and extended interviews with political leaders, administrators and police officers. It shows how, by drawing on the logic of human ingenuity, driven by self interest rather than mechanical adherence to tradition and ideology, these regional elites can design institutions and promote security, welfare and identity which enhance governance.

Liberal Humanism and the Non-western Other

The Right and the Good in World Affairs

Author: Sushil Kumar

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9789382396055

Category: Equality before the law

Page: 340

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Prekäre Legitimitäten

Rechtfertigung von Herrschaft in der postnationalen Konstellation

Author: Frank Nullmeier,Dominika Biegon,Jennifer Gronau,Martin Nonhoff,Henning Schmidtke,Steffen Schneider

Publisher: Campus Verlag

ISBN: 3593392119

Category: Political Science

Page: 269

View: 6513

Politische Herrschaft konzentriert sich nicht mehr allein auf die Ebene des Nationalstaats. Supra- und internationale Regimes wie EU, UNO und G8 haben im Zeitalter der Globalisierung an Bedeutung gewonnen. Wie aber steht es um die demokratische Legitimität der entstehenden postnationalen Herrschaftsformen? Die Autoren beleuchten, welche Rechtfertigungsmuster die öffentliche Debatten dominieren und welche Prinzipien dabei im Mittelpunkt positiver bzw. kritischer Bewertungen stehen. Deutlich wird: Bisher ist die demokratische Legitimität der neuen Herrschaftsformen vielfach noch prekär geblieben.


Ein Essay

Author: Ivan Krastev

Publisher: Suhrkamp Verlag

ISBN: 3518752189

Category: Political Science

Page: 143

View: 910

Nach 1989 waren Landkarten plötzlich nicht länger in Mode. Die Grenzen sollten geöffnet werden für Menschen, Güter, Kapital und Ideen. An die Stelle der alten Karten traten Graphiken, welche die ökonomische Verflechtung innerhalb der EU illustrierten. Heute erleben wir einen ideologischen Gezeitenwechsel: Wo die Mehrheit der Europäer noch vor einigen Jahren optimistisch auf die Globalisierung blickte, empfinden sie Migration und die Rückkehr der Geopolitik als Quelle der Unsicherheit. Ivan Krastev untersucht die Ursachen für diesen Wandel und erörtert, welche Formen die europäische Desintegration annehmen könnte. Ein Zerfall der EU, so Krastev, wäre eine Tragödie, die den Kontinent zu internationaler Bedeutungslosigkeit verurteilen würde.

South Asian Studies

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9788173043772

Category: South Asia

Page: 420

View: 7435

Explorations In The History Of South Asia Assembles A Wide-Ranging Collection Of Articles Written In Honour Of One Of The Outstanding Historians Of India, Dietmar Rothermund. The Essays Reflect The Span Of Rothermund'S Academic Productivity. The First Part Which Is Dedicated To India'S Foreign Relations, Not Only With Germany, But Also With Her Neighbours In The Indian Ocean, Is Followed By Aclose Look At The Relationship Between States, Courts And Religion In Premodern Contexts.

Mortal Jigsaw Puzzle

Author: Grieving Patriot

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1465395814

Category: Fiction

Page: 723

View: 7058

The Mortal Jigsaw puzzle follows the struggles of a heroic urban vice principal, as he attempts to control a large high school teetering on the verge of chaos. During the course of an infamous day known as Fat Lip Friday, the ghetto principal tries valiantly to keep control of his school in the midst of a full blown gang war. Immersed in an environment replete with urban music, violence, verbiage, and dress, the reader is bombarded with shocking images of life in the modern hood. As the visceral educational conflagration unfolds, the protagonist, Jose Perez, unexpectedly catches glimpses of a diabolical conspiracy of which street gangs are just a small part. Thanks to his keen senses, Mr. Perez slowly collects the pieces to a profoundly disturbing global puzzle comprised of codes, lyrics, art, and symbols of Egyptian, Masonic, and satanic origin. While attempting to place the gratuitous carnage and depravity of the inner city into perspective, Mr. Perez accidentally stumbles upon an interdisciplinary mind control plan which draws upon religion, politics, economics, psychology, marketing, history, and the occult. Alarmed by his findings, Mr. Perez warns his community of their pending doom, only to be hunted down by the very debt cattle whom he tries to save from oblivion. In the end, both his community and his nation are condemned to fall under this nefarious plot, as this educators quixotic mission abruptly ends with an ominous knock on his front door.

Global Political Marketing

Author: Jennifer Lees-Marshment,Chris Rudd,Lecturer in Political Science Chris Rudd,Jesper Stromback

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135261407

Category: Political Science

Page: 320

View: 4785

There is increasing awareness of growing similarities in political marketing practices around the world. Global political marketing is a comprehensive analysis of why, how and with what affect parties use political marketing in a range of political systems - presidential, parliamentary, two and multi-party, and established and emerging democracies. Written by a team of 25 international expert authors, the volume explores the impact of systemic features such as the party and electoral system, analysing how parties use marketing through 14 detailed country studies. The book explores the notion that political marketing is used by parties to both sell and design political products, is by no means confined to the opposition, and that many opinions besides those of the voters are considered in product design, including ideological anchors, expert opinion and party members’ input. The authors also explore how other factors impact on political marketing effectiveness, such as the ability of governments to communicate delivery, stay in touch, the role of the media and party unity and culture. Finally the work discusses the democratic implications of market-oriented parties, highlighting the need for debate about the relationship between citizens and governments and the prospects for democracy in the 21st century. Including a practitioner perspective as well as rigorous academic analysis, this collection provides the first global comprehensive overview of how political parties market themselves, it will be of great interest to all scholars of political marketing, parties and elections and comparative politics.

Ein säkulares Zeitalter

Author: Charles Taylor

Publisher: Suhrkamp Verlag

ISBN: 3518740407

Category: Philosophy

Page: 1297

View: 4660

Was heißt es, daß wir heute in einem säkularen Zeitalter leben? Was ist geschehen zwischen 1500 – als Gott noch seinen festen Platz im naturwissenschaftlichen Kosmos, im gesellschaftlichen Gefüge und im Alltag der Menschen hatte – und heute, da der Glaube an Gott, jedenfalls in der westlichen Welt, nur noch eine Option unter vielen ist? Um diesen Wandel zu bestimmen und in seinen Folgen für die gegenwärtige Gesellschaft auszuloten, muß die große Geschichte der Säkularisierung in der nordatlantischen Welt von der frühen Neuzeit bis in die Gegenwart erzählt werden – ein herkulisches Unterfangen, dem sich der kanadische Philosoph Charles Taylor in seinem mit Spannung erwarteten neuen Buch stellt. Mit einem Fokus auf dem »lateinischen Christentum«, dem vorherrschenden Glauben in Europa, rekonstruiert er in geradezu verschwenderischem Detail die entscheidenden Entwicklungslinien in den Naturwissenschaften, der Philosophie, der Staats- und Rechtstheorie und in den Künsten. Dem berühmten Diktum von der wissenschaftlich-technischen »Entzauberung der Welt« und anderen eingeschliffenen Säkularisierungstheorien setzt er die These entgegen, daß es die Religion selbst war, die das Säkulare hervorgebracht hat, und entfaltet eine komplexe Mentalitätsgeschichte des modernen Subjekts, das heute im Niemandsland zwischen Glauben und Atheismus gefangen ist.

Internationales Wirtschafts- und Finanzrecht in der Krise

Author: Thomas Giegerich

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783428136797

Category: Financial crises

Page: 239

View: 3072

Internationales Asien Forum

International quarterly for Asian studies

Author: Arnold-Bergstraesser-Institut (Fribourg-en-Brisgau, Allemagne),ABI

Publisher: N.A


Category: Asia

Page: N.A

View: 639

Vorstufen zur Demokratie-Theorie

Author: Robert Alan Dahl

Publisher: Mohr Siebeck

ISBN: 9783165367911

Category: Law

Page: 149

View: 7259

Translation of A preface to democratic theory.

Europe Reset

New Directions for the EU

Author: Richard Youngs

Publisher: I. B. Tauris

ISBN: 9781788310574

Category: Advice and Rights

Page: 242

View: 6514

Since the economic recession of 2008, the EU has been hit by a series of crises, most recently the UK's decision to leave the union following the Brexit referendum. In this book, Richard Youngs proposes an alternate vision of European cooperation and shows how the EU must reinvent itself if it is to survive. - Back cover

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