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The Reach and Grasp of Policy Analysis

Comparative Views of the Craft

Author: Richard I. Hofferbert

Publisher: University of Alabama Press

ISBN: 9780817304645

Category: Political Science

Page: 176

View: 723

Hofferbert identifies the seeds of apparent decline of the “policy analysis industry” in its own institutional features, and he proposes specific alternatives for the policy-analyst/policy-maker relationships that offer the most promise of mutual benefit.

Getting by in Europe's Urban Labour Markets

Senegambian Migrants' Strategies for Survival, Documentation and Mobility

Author: Inge van Nieuwenhuyze

Publisher: Amsterdam University Press

ISBN: 9089640509

Category: Political Science

Page: 235

View: 2790

A thesis that examines two major social changes experienced by European cities: post-industrial economic restructuring and new immigration flows. It also discusses the link between both these social changes with a variety of theoretical approaches and in many descriptive contributions.

The Gloves-off Economy

Workplace Standards at the Bottom of America's Labor Market

Author: Annette D. Bernhardt

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9780913447970

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 319

View: 1706

Across the United States, increasing numbers of employers are breaking, bending, or evading long-established laws and standards designed to protect workers, from the minimum wage to job safety standards to the right to organize. This "gloves-off economy," no longer confined to a marginal set of sweatshops and fly-by-night small businesses, is sending shock waves into every corner of the low-wage labor market. In the process, employers who play by the rules are under growing pressure to follow suit, intensifying the search for low-cost business strategies across a wide range of industries and ratcheting up into ever higher reaches of the labor market. Although other books have touched on pieces of this problem, The Gloves-off Economy is the first to provide a comprehensive, integrated analysis—and quite a disturbing one.This book examines a range of gloves-off practices, the workers who are affected by them, and strategies for enforcing workplace standards. The editors, four respected labor scholars, have brought together economists, sociologists, labor attorneys, union strategists, and other experts to offer varying perspectives on both the problem and the creative solutions currently being explored in a wide range of communities and industries. Annette Bernhardt, Heather Boushey, Laura Dresser, and Chris Tilly and the volume's other authors combine rigorous analysis with a stirring call to renew worker protections in the twenty-first century.

Advances in Intelligent Robotics and Collaborative Automation

Author: Yuriy P. Kondratenko,Richard J. Duro

Publisher: River Publishers

ISBN: 8793237030

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 362

View: 4388

This book provides an overview of a series of advanced research lines in robotics as well as of design and development methodologies for intelligent robots and their intelligent components. It represents a selection of extended versions of the best papers presented at the Seventh IEEE International Workshop on Intelligent Data Acquisition and Advanced Computing Systems: Technology and Applications IDAACS 2013 that were related to these topics. Its contents integrate state of the art computational intelligence based techniques for automatic robot control to novel distributed sensing and data integration methodologies that can be applied to intelligent robotics and automation systems. The objective of the text was to provide an overview of some of the problems in the field of robotic systems and intelligent automation and the approaches and techniques that relevant research groups within this area are employing to try to solve them. The contributions of the different authors have been grouped into four main sections: RobotsControl and IntelligenceSensingCollaborative automation The chapters have been structured to provide an easy to follow introduction to the topics that are addressed, including the most relevant references, so that anyone interested in this field can get started in the area.

Politics of Culture in Iran

Author: Nematollah Fazeli

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134200374

Category: Political Science

Page: 272

View: 397

This first full-length study of the history of Iranian anthropology charts the formation and development of anthropology in Iran in the twentieth century. The text examines how and why anthropology and culture became part of wider socio-political discourses in Iran, and how they were appropriated, and rejected, by the pre- and post-revolutionary regimes. The author highlights the three main phases of Iranian anthropology, corresponding broadly to three periods in the social and political development of Iran: *the period of nationalism: lasting approximately from the constitutional revolution (1906-11) and the end of the Qajar dynasty until the end of Reza Shah’s reign (1941) *the period of Nativism: from the 1950s until the Islamic revolution (1979) *the post-revolutionary period. In addition, the book places Iranian anthropology in an international context by demonstrating how Western anthropological concepts, theories and methodologies affected epistemological and political discourses on Iranian anthropology.

Farmers' Crop Varieties and Farmers' Rights

Challenges in Taxonomy and Law

Author: Michael Halewood

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136537538

Category: Science

Page: 420

View: 308

Crop plant varieties developed by local farmers, commonly referred to as ‘farmers' varieties’, are problematic because there are no fixed taxonomic or legal definitions of them. As a result, policies to increase the share of benefits farmers receive from the use of such varieties struggle to have an effect. Aiming to clarifying these issues, this volume explores the nature of farmers’ varieties in the context of their biological, social and legal significance. The book addresses the complexities of defining what farmers’ varieties are and how they differ from one another and from generic varieties. It then charts the evolution of the concept of ‘farmers’ rights’, from the dawn of ‘genetic resources’ as a subject worthy of international attention, to the first legal recognition of the concept, through to current efforts to develop national level policies and laws. Further, the book examines outstanding policy-making challenges linked to the absence of fixed taxonomic or legal definitions of farmers’ varieties. Case studies are included from Africa, Asia, Europe and South America in which farmers, researchers and policy advocates have been confronted with the issues raised in this book. Various solutions are considered based on revised or new definitions of farmers’ varieties that reflect the biological and cultural realities in which they are produced, and the relative costs and benefits of attempting to implement each of the policies discussed.

A People's Tragedy

The Russian Revolution 1891-1924

Author: Orlando Figes

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1847924514

Category: Russia

Page: 976

View: 9313

Unrivalled in scope and brimming with human drama, A People's Tragedy is the most vivid, moving and comprehensive history of the Russian Revolution available today. 'A modern masterpiece' Andrew Marr 'The most moving account of the Russian Revolution since Doctor Zhivago' Independent Opening with a panorama of Russian society, from the cloistered world of the Tsar to the brutal life of the peasants, A People's Tragedy follows workers, soldiers, intellectuals and villagers as their world is consumed by revolution and then degenerates into violence and dictatorship. Drawing on vast original research, Figes conveys above all the shocking experience of the revolution for those who lived it, while providing the clearest and most cogent account of how and why it unfolded. Illustrated with over 100 photographs and now including a new introduction that reflects on the revolution's centennial legacy, A People's Tragedy is a masterful and definitive record of one of the most important events in modern history.

Intelligence Essentials for Everyone

Author: Lisa Krizan,Joint Military Intelligence College (U.S.)

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780894992131

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 108

View: 9799

The "importance of understanding" has become almost an obsession with significant portions of American business. There remain, however, many companies that attempt to operate as they traditionally have in the past - placing great faith in the owner's or manager's judgment as to what is required to remain competitive. In this paper, the author has articulated clearly the fundamentals of sound intelligence practice and has identified some guidelines that can lead toward creation of a solid intelligence infrastructure. These signposts apply both to government intelligence and to business. Good intelligence should always be based on validated requirements, but it may be derived from a wide variety of sources, not all of which are reliable. Understanding the needs of the consumer and the sources available enable an analyst to choose the correct methodology to arrive at useful answers. The author has laid out in clear, concise language a logical approach to creating an infrastructure for government and business. Every system will have flaws but this discussion should help the reader minimize those weaknesses. It is an important contribution to the education of government and business intelligence professionals. James A. Williams, LTG, U.S. Army (Ret.) Former Director, Defense Intelligence Agency

Trust in Cyberspace

Author: Commission on Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Applications,Committee on Information Systems Trustworthiness,National Research Council,Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences,Computer Science and Telecommunications Board

Publisher: National Academies Press

ISBN: 0309065585

Category: Computers

Page: 352

View: 2149

Whether or not you use a computer, you probably use a telephone, electric power, and a bank. Although you may not be aware of their presence, networked computer systems are increasingly becoming an integral part of your daily life. Yet, if such systems perform poorly or don't work at all, then they can put life, liberty, and property at tremendous risk. Is the trust that we--as individuals and as a society--are placing in networked computer systems justified? And if it isn't, what can we do to make such systems more trustworthy? This book provides an assessment of the current state of the art procedures for building trustworthy networked information systems. It proposes directions for research in computer and network security, software technology, and system architecture. In addition, the book assesses current technical and market trends in order to better inform public policy as to where progress is likely and where incentives could help. Trust in Cyberspace offers insights into: --The strengths and vulnerabilities of the telephone network and Internet, the two likely building blocks of any networked information system. --The interplay between various dimensions of trustworthiness: environmental disruption, operator error, "buggy" software, and hostile attack. --The implications for trustworthiness of anticipated developments in hardware and software technology, including the consequences of mobile code. --The shifts in security technology and research resulting from replacing centralized mainframes with networks of computers. --The heightened concern for integrity and availability where once only secrecy mattered. --The way in which federal research funding levels and practices have affected the evolution and current state of the science and technology base in this area. You will want to read this book if your life is touched in any way by computers or telecommunications. But then, whose life isn't?

Handbook of Forensic Drug Analysis

Author: Fred Smith

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780080472898

Category: Law

Page: 584

View: 1427

The Handbook of Forensic Drug Analysis is a comprehensive chemical and analytic reference for the forensic analysis of illicit drugs. With chapters written by leading researchers in the field, the book provides in-depth, up-to-date methods and results of forensic drug analyses. This Handbook discusses various forms of the drug as well as the origin and nature of samples. It explains how to perform various tests, the use of best practices, and the analysis of results. Numerous forensic and chemical analytic techniques are covered including immunoassay, gas chromatography, and mass spectrometry. Topics range from the use of immunoassay technologies for drugs-of-abuse testing, to methods of forensic analysis for cannabis, hallucinogens, cocaine, opioids, and amphetamine. The book also looks at synthetic methods and law enforcement concerns regarding the manufacture of illicit drugs, with an emphasis on clandestine methamphetamine production. This Handbook should serve as a widely used reference for forensic scientists, toxicologists, pharmacologists, drug companies, and professionals working in toxicology testing labs, libraries, and poison control centers. It may also be used by chemists, physicians and those in legal and regulatory professions, and students of graduate courses in forensic science. Contributed to by leading scientists from around the world The only analysis book dedicated to illicit drugs of abuse Comprehensive coverage of sampling methods and various forms of analysis

Biodiversity of Lianas

Author: N. Parthasarathy

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319145924

Category: Science

Page: 278

View: 2722

This book “Biodiversity of lianas” under the series “Sustainable development and Biodiversity” is unique as it covers a wide array of topics in this subject covering all continents and will constitute a valuable reference material for students, researchers and forest managers who are concerned with biodiversity, forest ecology and sustainable development of forest resources. It contains peer-reviewed chapters from leading academicians and researchers around the world in the field of Plant Ecology, Taxonomy and related areas of Biodiversity Science but, centered on Lianology and includes original research articles, case studies and reviews (regional and global) in biodiversity, ecology and phytogeography and conservation of lianas from temperate, sub-tropical and tropical forests. The interest in lianas has increased over the last two decades. The ultimate goal of this book is to provide an insight into the patterns of liana diversity, distribution, the role of lianas in structuring forest community, and functional ecology (carbon uptake, ecosystem services, dynamics and invasion), biotechnological tool for conservation of lianas and finally summarizes the significance and the need for conservation of lianas in the changing global environmental scenario.

A Cyclopedia of Education

Author: Paul Monroe

Publisher: N.A


Category: Education

Page: 3694

View: 9496

Women in Mathematics

Celebrating the Centennial of the Mathematical Association of America

Author: Janet L. Beery,Sarah J. Greenwald,Jacqueline A. Jensen-Vallin,Maura B. Mast

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319666940

Category: Mathematics

Page: 405

View: 9135

This collection of refereed papers celebrates the contributions, achievements, and progress of female mathematicians, mostly in the 20th and 21st centuries. Emerging from the themed paper session “The Contributions of Women to Mathematics: 100 Years and Counting” at MAA's 2015 MathFest, this volume contains a diverse mix of current scholarship and exposition on women and mathematics, including biographies, histories, and cultural discussions. The multiplicity of authors also ensures a wide variety of perspectives. In inspiring and informative chapters, the authors featured in this volume reflect on the accomplishments of women in mathematics, showcasing the changes in mathematical culture that resulted as more women obtained tenure-track and tenured academic positions, received prestigious awards and honors, served in leadership roles in professional societies, and became more visibly active in the mathematical community. Readers will find discussions of mathematical excellence at Girton College, Cambridge, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries; of perseverance by Polish women in mathematics during and after World War II and by Black women in mathematics in the United States from the 1880s onward; and of the impact of outreach programs ranging from EDGE's promotion of graduate education to the Daughters of Hypatia dance performances. The volume also provides informative biographies of a variety of women from mathematics and statistics, many of them well-known and others less well-known, including Charlotte Angas Scott, Emmy Noether, Mina Rees, Gertrude Cox, Euphemia Lofton Haynes, Norma Hernandez, Deborah Tepper Haimo, and Teri Perl. These essays provide compelling reading for a wide audience, including mathematicians, historians of science, teachers of mathematics, and students at the high school, college, and graduate levels. Anyone interested in attracting more girls and women as students, faculty, and/or employees will also find this volume engaging and enlightening.

Ecstatic Religion

A Study of Shamanism and Spirit Possession

Author: I. M. Lewis

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415305082

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 186

View: 6663

First Published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Religious Studies

A Global View

Author: Gregory D. Alles

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134152701

Category: Religion

Page: 368

View: 3627

Drawing on recent developments in the comparative study of religion, this book explores the trends of the past sixty years from a global perspective. Each of the ten chapters covers the study of religion in a different region of the world, from Europe and the Americas to Asia and the Far East. Topics covered include: local background to the study of religions formation of religious studies in the region important thinkers and writings institutions interregional diversity and interregional connections emerging issues. This book is a major contribution to the field of religious studies and a valuable reference for scholars, researchers and graduate students.

The twentieth century biographical dictionary of notable Americans ...

Author: Rossiter Johnson,John Howard Brown

Publisher: N.A


Category: United States

Page: N.A

View: 4113

Buddhism and Human Rights

Author: Wayne R. Husted,Damien Keown,Charles S. Prebish

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136603107

Category: Social Science

Page: 239

View: 4931

It is difficult to think of a more urgent question for Buddhism in the late twentieth century than human rights. The political, ethical and philosophical questions surrounding human rights are debated vigorously in political and intellectual circles throughout the world and now in this volume.

Intergenerational Learning and Transformative Leadership for Sustainable Futures

Author: Peter Blaze Corcoran,Brandon P. Hollingshead

Publisher: Wageningen Academic Pub

ISBN: 9789086862528

Category: Education

Page: 431

View: 9678

The work of creating the future is being done now - and much of it is unsustainable in terms of natural and cultural resources. How will the next generation of leadership for environmental sustainability be raised up? Can we imagine sustainable futures, and can we enable transformative leadership to help us realize them? How can we best ensure that the several generations share their particular knowledge? What are the ethical frameworks, methodologies, curricula, and tools necessary for advancing and strengthening education for intergenerational sustainability learning and leadership? In this book, 82 authors from 26 countries across 6 continents seek answers in 32 essays to the many questions related to the intergenerational collaboration that holds promise for creating sustainable futures. The authors themselves represent a diversity of geography, gender, and generation - and include the institutions comprising the emerging International Intergenerational Net-work of Centers. They speak to key principles, perspectives, and praxes at the intersection of intergenerational learning and transformative leadership in the context of education for sustainability.

Revolution and Counterrevolution

Class Struggle in a Moscow Metal Factory

Author: Kevin Joseph Murphy (Ph.D.)

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 9781571814296

Category: History

Page: 234

View: 8337

Why did the most unruly proletariat of the Twentieth Century come to tolerate the ascendancy of a political and economic system that, by every conceivable measure, proved antagonistic to working-class interests? Revolution and Counterrevolution is at the center of the ongoing discussion about class identities, the Russian Revolution, and early Soviet industrial relations. Based on exhaustive research in four factory-specific archives, it is unquestionably the most thorough investigation to date on working-class life during the revolutionary era. Focusing on class conflict and workers' frequently changing response to management and state labor policies, the study also meticulously reconstructs everyday life: from leisure activities to domestic issues, the changing role of women, and popular religious belief. Its unparalleled immersion in an exceptional variety of sources at the factory level and its direct engagement with the major interpretive questions about the formation of the Stalinist system will force scholars to re-evaluate long-held assumptions about early Soviet society.

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