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The Road to McCarthy

Around the World in Search of Ireland

Author: Pete McCarthy

Publisher: Zondervan


Category: Travel

Page: 384

View: 861

Pete McCarthy established one cardinal rule of travel in hisbestselling debut, McCarthy's Bar: "Never pass a bar withyour name on it." In this equally wry and insightful follow-up,his characteristic good humor, curiosity, and thirst for adventuretake him on a fantastic jaunt around the world in search of hisIrish roots -- from Morocco, where he tracks down the unlikelychief of the McCarthy clan, to New York, and finally to remote Mc-Carthy, Alaska. The Road to McCarthy is a quixotic and anything-but-typical Irish odyssey that confirms Pete McCarthy's status asone of our funniest and most incisive writers.

Adventure Guide Alaska Highway

Author: Ed Readicker-Henderson

Publisher: Hunter Publishing, Inc


Category: Travel

Page: 496

View: 535

This new edition provides the most up-to-date guide to travelling the Highway from British Columbia through the Yukon and Alaska to Prudhoe Bay. Information covered includes places to eat and stay, useful websites and regional and town maps.

The Cambridge Companion to Cormac McCarthy

Author: Steven Frye

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 201

View: 827

This book provides a sophisticated introduction to the life and work of Cormac McCarthy appropriate for scholars, teachers and general readers.

Styles of Extinction: Cormac McCarthy's The Road

Author: Julian Murphet

Publisher: A&C Black


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 160

View: 285

This collection shows how Cormac McCarthy's The Road reacts aesthetically to many of the ethical, ontological, and political concerns that define our times.

Four Quarters Of Light

Author: Brian Keenan

Publisher: Random House


Category: Travel

Page: 448

View: 785

Brian Keenan's fascination with Alaska began as a small boy while reading Jack London's wondrous Call of the Wild. With a head full of questions about its inspiring landscape and a heart informed by his love of desolate and barren places, Brian Keenan sets out for Alaska to discover its four geographical quarters from snowmelt in May to snowfall in September, and en route, finds a land as fantastical as a fairytale but whose vastness has a very peculiar type of allure... From dog-mushing on a frozen lake beneath the whirling colours of the aurora borealis to camping in a two dollar tent in the tundra of the arctic circle, Brian Keenan seeks out the ultimate wilderness experience and along the way, encounters hard-core survivalists who know what struggle and endurance mean from their daily battle with nature to exist.He discovers that true wilderness is as much a state of mind as it is a place.And ultimately to make Alaska home, one must surrender to the land.

A Companion to American Gothic

Author: Charles L. Crow

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 616

View: 800

A Companion to American Gothic features a collection oforiginal essays that explore America’s gothic literarytradition. The largest collection of essays in the field of AmericanGothic Contributions from a wide variety of scholars from around theworld The most complete coverage of theory, major authors,popular culture and non-print media available

Intertextual and Interdisciplinary Approaches to Cormac McCarthy

Borders and Crossings

Author: Nicholas Monk

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 208

View: 566

This collection offers a fresh approach to the work of Cormac McCarthy, one of the most important contemporary American authors. Essays focus on his work across the genres and/or in constellation with other writers and artists, presenting not only a different "angle" on the work, but setting him within a broader literary and artistic context. Such an approach offers a view of McCarthy that is strikingly different to previous collections that have dealt with the work in an almost exclusively "single author" and/or "single genre" mode. McCarthy’s novels are increasingly regarded as amongst the most rich, the most complex, and the most insightful of all recent literary responses to prevailing conditions in both the USA and beyond, and this collection recognizes the intertextual and interdisciplinary nature of his work. Contributors draw back the curtain on some of McCarthy’s literary ancestors, revealing and analyzing some of the fiction’s key contemporary intertexts, and showing a complex and previously underestimated hinterland of influence. In addition, they look beyond the novel both to other genres in McCarthy’s oeuvre, and to the way these genres have influenced McCarthy’s writing.

Cormac McCarthy

All the Pretty Horses, No Country for Old Men, The Road

Author: Sara Spurgeon

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 226

View: 972

A collection of original, stimulating interpretations of key texts by Cormac McCarthy, designed for students and edited and written by leading scholars in the field.

The Rocky Road to Liberty

A Documented History of Chinese Immigration and Exclusion

Author: Chinese American Society

Publisher: Javvin Technologies Inc.


Category: History

Page: 252

View: 456

This book is a collection of historical documents related to immigration of the Chinese to the United States. Special efforts were made to collect documents related to the Chinese Exclusion Act and its impact on the Chinese American society in the United Sates. This book details the Chinese American political struggles and social conditions in California and America. The painful history of misoneism, racism, and inequality are well documented. It all began during California's infancy, the 1850s Gold Rush, which Chinese natives referred to as Gam Saan (Cantonese, for Gold Mountain). These prevailing attitudes expressed misunderstanding and fear towards the Chinese community. And though these prejudices were acknowledged through the rescission of racist laws, an apology was never issued until 2009.

Piano for Kids

The Road to Stardom Starts Here

Author: John McCarthy

Publisher: Rock House Method


Category: Piano

Page: 72

View: 610

(Rock House). This award-winning method starts children on their musical journey by teaching the basic principles of playing piano. It begins with proper posture and hand positioning for effective learning. Next follow a gradual and progressive learning path to read music notation while learning rhythm, timing and how they are used to play songs. Learn chords demonstrated with audio play along tracks. Everything your child needs to start playing piano or keyboard is here! Includes downloadable video lesson examples and audio backing tracks and demonstrations.

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