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The Scottish Legal System

Author: Robin M. White,Ian Douglas Willock

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional

ISBN: 9780406959621

Category: Law

Page: 435

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'The Scottish Legal System' is an introductory text aimed at the Scottish law undergraduate. It places the Scottish legal system in its broader political and social context.

The Scottish Legal System

Author: Robin M. White,Ian Douglas Willock

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780406981387

Category: Droit

Page: 347

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This work sets out to present the alegal system and law of Scotland as a unique and constantly changing human enterprise and places the Scottish Legal System in its broader political and social context. The second edition embraces both the Human Rights Act and the Scotland Act as well as providing a general update on significant developments affecting the Scottish Legal System.

Scottish Legal System

Author: Clark Bryan Keegan Gerard

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 0748698485

Category: Law

Page: 145

View: 3822

Whether youOCOre studying Law in Scotland or looking to convert to Scots law, this invaluable guide will quickly equip you with all the basics of the Scottish legal system. Fully updated for the third edition, it is the ideal textbook for busy law students and revising for those all-important exams. Summary sections of Essentials Facts and Essential Cases will help you to identify, understand and remember the key elements of the subject."e;

The Scottish Legal System

An Introduction to the Study of Scots Law

Author: David M. Walker

Publisher: W. Green & Son

ISBN: 9780414013537

Category: Courts

Page: 637

View: 8198

This detailed introduction to the study of Scots law sets out the background to Scots law, the materials of legal study and the methods of working, providing students with the knowledge they need in order to study the specialist branches of the law effectively. It also acts as a useful reference tool for non-lawyers seeking information on the Scottish legal system. Comprehensively updated and revised throughout, the 8th edition takes full account of major legislative changes and developments, with an extensive examination of the Scottish Parliament, and its executive departments and agencies, including those of the Scottish Executive. The Human Rights Act 1998 is discussed and developments in EU law are taken into account.

The Scottish Legal System

Author: Ian Douglas Willock,Robin M. White,Hector L. MacQueen

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional

ISBN: 9781847667045

Category: Law

Page: 462

View: 7323

A course on the Scottish legal system is a compulsory part of undergraduate degrees in Scots Law. The Scottish Legal System sets out to present the legal system and law of Scotland as a unique and constantly changing human enterprise and places the Scottish legal system in its broader political and social contexts. As well as case law on devolution and human rights issues in Scotland, this new fifth edition also covers: The Treaty of Lisbon 2007 as it came into force in 2009; The Scotland Act 2012; The Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007; The Arbitration (Scotland) Act 2010; The Legal Services (Scotland) Act 2010; Reference is also made to further possible reforms to the system in the future resulting from the Gill Review of Civil Justice. This text is an invaluable introduction for students and anyone with an interest in the Scottish legal system.

Scottish Legal System

Author: Robert S. Shiels

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780414032552

Category: Law

Page: 138

View: 1889

The authoritative text on banking litigation containing an essential collection of materials by leading practitioners. An insightful and analytical approach to key topics including lending and security, payment, conflicts of law, and regulatory and procedural issues.

Studying Scots Law

Author: Megan Dewart,Hector MacQueen

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional

ISBN: 9781784513399


Page: 256

View: 6268

Studying Scots Law provides a highly readable account of the educational and training requirements for entry into the Scottish legal profession and provides essential information on law courses throughout Scotland as well as giving useful advice on study skills. Studying Scots Law provides law students with an invaluable source of reference throughout their studies. Contents includes: The Scottish Legal System - the law in Scotland; The Scottish Legal Profession; Entering the Profession - Courses; The university stage; Alternatives to the law degree; The Diploma in Legal Practice; Professional Training; Continuing legal education; Studying; Lectures, tutorials and seminars; Private study; Researching the law; Essays and examinations; Homily and epilogue; Appendices.

Understanding Scots Law

An Introduction to Scots Law, Procedure and Legal Skills

Author: Christina Ashton

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780414018457

Category: Law

Page: 796

View: 3346

An accessible, comprehensive and concise introductory legal text for students studying Scots law or law as part of another course. It covers a range of topics taught on BA Law and Higher National Certificate/Diploma in Legal Services qualifications.

The Scottish legal system

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A



Page: N.A

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The Legal System of Scotland

Author: Derek Manson-Smith

Publisher: Stationery Office/Tso

ISBN: 9780114973476

Category: Law

Page: 102

View: 1539

Scots law and the legal institutions of Scotland are markedly different to that in the rest of the UK, determined by its own distinctive history and its relationship with other legal systems. Written in plain English for non-lawyers, this publication examines the Scottish legal system post-devolution, covering a range of topics including: the origins and sources of Scots law; the judicial system; civil courts and civil judicial procedure; alternative dispute resolution; tribunals; criminal courts and the criminal justice system; legal personnel including judges and sheriffs, public prosecutors and the legal profession; the administration of the Scottish legal system; judicial review; legal aid and other sources of assistance; protection of the public.

Scots Criminal Law

Author: Pamela R Ferguson

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 0748695834

Category: Law

Page: 700

View: 3006

Scots Criminal Law "e; A Critical Analysis provides a clear statement of the current law for students and practitioners, with a theoretical and critical focus. This new edition has been updated to reflect changes in the law since the first edition publishe

Legal History of Scotland

Author: David M. Walker,Bloomsbury Professional Bloomsbury Professional

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional

ISBN: 9781845927257

Category: Law

Page: 794

View: 8705

"Professor Walker's Legal History of Scotland will be published in seven volumes. It is the only attempt yet made to write a chronological narrative account of the development of the Scottish legal system from early times on a substantial scale, with extensive reference to original sources. That development is wholly different from that of the English legal system. Attention is given at all stages to sources and legal literature, the influences of other legal systems, the courts and procedure, the lawyers, the roles of Parliament and the Privy Council, and to public, criminal and private law, both substantive and procedural.The second volume is a narrative account examining and describing the law of Scotland as it evolved in the late Medieval period from 1286 to 1488. The events covered include attempts to develop a central superior court, the development of Sheriff, Baron and Regality Courts and the law of the Church and the burghs."

The Legal System of Scotland

Cases and Materials

Author: Alan Paterson,T. St. J. N. Bates,Mark Poustie

Publisher: W. Green & Son

ISBN: 9780414012738

Category: Courts

Page: 483

View: 1210

This is an introduction to the legal system of Scotland, providing a comprehensive and readable arrangement of cases, statutes and excerpts from books and articles. It includes: the legal profession; the judiciary; courts and tribunals; jurisdiction; legal aid; and the European dimension.

Scottish Legal History, 1000-1707

Author: Andrew R. C. Simpson,Adelyn L. M. Wilson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780748697403


Page: 448

View: 5305

The first textbook on Scottish legal history from the genesis of Scots law to the Union, written from a legal perspective From the roots of a law that applied to all subjects of the Scottish King to the Union with England, this new legal history textbook explores the genesis, evolution and enduring influence of early Scots law. Discover how and why Scots law come into being, how was it used in dispute resolution during the medieval and early modern periods and how its authority developed over the centuries.

Legal Research Skills for Scots Lawyers

Author: Karen Fullerton,Fiona Grant

Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell

ISBN: 9780414018259

Category: Legal research

Page: 384

View: 4504

"The third edition of Legal Research Skills for Scots Lawyers is a fully revised guide to legal research skills and sources of information specifically designed for solicitors and students studying Scots law. It provides advice on effective and efficient research techniques for both paper and electronic information sources. The book is in three parts: Part I deals with the different types of legal information and retrieval strategies; Part II concentrates on electronic sources; Part III covers research skills."--Publisher

Mixed Jurisdictions Compared: Private Law in Louisiana and Scotland

Private Law in Louisiana and Scotland

Author: Vernon Palmer

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 0748642129

Category: Law

Page: 456

View: 4906

Returning to a theme featured in some of the earlier volumes in the Edinburgh Studies in Law series, this volume offers an in-depth study of 'mixed jurisdictions' - legal systems which combine elements of the Anglo-American Common Law and the European Civil Law traditions. This new collection of essays compares key areas of private law in Scotland and Louisiana. In thirteen chapters, written by distinguished scholars on both sides of the Atlantic, it explores not only legal rules but also the reasons for the rules, discussing legal history, social and cultural factors, and the law in practice, in order to account for patterns of similarity and difference. Contributions are drawn from the Law Schools of Tulane University, Louisiana State University, Loyola University New Orleans, the American University Washington DC, and the Universities of Aberdeen, Strathclyde and Edinburgh.

Scots Criminal Law

Author: Shreiff Andrew Cubie

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1780438672

Category: Criminal law

Page: 368

View: 467

This fourth edition of Scots Criminal Law takes account of case law developments, changes arising from the Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2009, and coverage of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010, including Breach of Peace. The book provides an essential introduction to criminal law for students and those with a general interest in this subject. It provides a firm grounding, both assisting and encouraging more detailed study.

The Scottish Political System

Author: James G. Kellas

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521368643

Category: Political Science

Page: 296

View: 7430

First published in 1973, Professor Kellas's account of Scottish government and politics has long been recognised as the standard textbook in the field. Its scope includes a definition of the Scottish political system, and critical descriptions of Scottish administration (central and local), parliamentary activity, parties, electoral behaviour, and pressure groups. Scottish nationalism is given a wider interpretation than usual, covering not only the support for the Scottish National Party, but the manifestations of national feeling in Scottish life generally. The General Election of 1987 provided further evidence of the distinctive character of politics in Scotland, with the Conservative Party reduced to ten MPs, barely sufficient to fill the existing Scottish ministerial posts. In a new postscript Professor Kellas looks at the principal political developments of the period since 1983, and examines the political and constitutional implications of the current imbalance of forces as between Westminster and Scotland.

Criminal Law

Author: Claire McDiarmid

Publisher: Scots Law Essentials

ISBN: 9781845860929

Category: Criminal law

Page: 182

View: 9965

Criminal Law Essentials is an invaluable study guide for students.Now in its second edition, it is an invaluable study guide for students. It provides up'to'date, comprehensive and concise coverage of the criminal law in Scotland and is the ideal text for students who come new to the subject and for those preparing for exams. The book takes account of the Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2009 and is an excellent resource for those who need to refresh or update their knowledge. Summary sections of Essential Facts and Essential Cases will help students to identify, understand and remember the key elements of the subject.

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