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The Treatment Of Cattle By Homoeopathy

Author: George Macleod

Publisher: Random House


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 160

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Many farmers today are concerned, not only with the increasing cost of conventional drugs, but also with their side-effects and the build-up of resistant strains of bacteria due to the continued and often indiscriminate use of antibiotics. While this book will appeal to the already converted it is hoped that the unprejudiced newcomer will be sufficiently encouraged to investigate this system of medicine and enjoy its undoubted benefits. The aim of the homeopathic approach is to build up the health of the herd and increase the resistance of its individual members to disease, and, in consequence to increase the milk output and quality. Homeopathic remedies are all derived from natural sources and George Macleod outlines the homeopathic approach to the commoner diseases of cattle, omitting only serious injuries and others which are not economic to treat.

The Homoeopathic Treatment of Beef and Dairy Cattle

Author: Christopher Day



Category: Cattle

Page: 141

View: 502

One hundred & forty-one homoeopathic remedies of value in cattle are then briefly described, with reference to the particular symptoms & signs for which their use may be indicated.

The Pocket Manual of Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine...with the General Management of Animals in Health & Disease





Page: 134

View: 382

New Manual of Homoeopathic Veterinary Medicine : Or the Homeopathic Treatment of the Horse, the Ox, the Sheep, the Dog, and Other Domestic Animals

Author: Friedrich August Günther



Category: Homeopathic veterinary medicine

Page: 408

View: 215

Veterinary Homoeopathy

Author: John Rush

Publisher: B. Jain Publishers


Category: Dogs

Page: 174

View: 398

This Books Is About The Homoeopathic Treatment Of The Horse, The Ox, The Sheep, The Dog And The Swine.

The Pocket Manual of Homoeopathic Veterinary Medicine

Containing the Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment of the Diseases of Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Swine, and Dogs, with the General Management of Animals in Health and Disease

Author: Edward Harris Ruddock



Category: Homeopathic veterinary medicine

Page: 134

View: 209

The British Journal of Homoeopathy

Author: John James Drysdale



Category: Homeopathy


View: 547

Evidence Check 2

Homeopathy; Fourth Report of Session 2009-10; Report, Together with Formal Minutes, Oral and Written Evidence

Author: Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Science and Technology Committee

Publisher: The Stationery Office


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 271

View: 749

This is the second Evidence check report. It examines the Government's policies on the provision of homeopathy through the National Health Service (NHS) and the licensing of homeopathic products by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). This was prompted after a Government response in September 2009 indicated that scientific evidence was not used to formulate the licensing regime operated by the MHRA. This inquiry is an examination of the evidence behind government policies on homeopathy, not an inquiry into homeopathy. The task was to determine whether scientific evidence supports government policies. The Government acknowledges that there is no credible evidence of efficacy for homeopathy however this view has not translated into evidence-based policies. The Committee states that by providing homeopathy on the NHS and allowing MHRA licensing of products which subsequently appear on pharmacy shelves the Government runs the risk of endorsing homeopathy as efficacious. The Committee concludes that homeopathy should not be funded on the NHS and the MHRA should stop licensing homeopathic products

The Bahnm Dictionary of Holistic Horse Medicine and Management

Author: Keith Allison

Publisher: Interpet


Category: Pets

Page: 216

View: 385

Homoeopathy in Veterinary Practice

Author: Harndall

Publisher: B. Jain Publishers


Category: Medical

Page: 32

View: 943

This article is by Dr. J.Sutcliffe Harndall, M.R.C.V.S., of the Veterinary Infirmary, Sussex, Villas, Kensington, who has had an experience of more than ten years of homoeopathic practice amongst all kinds of domestic animals.

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