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To the River

A Journey Beneath the Surface

Author: Olivia Laing



Category: Ouse, River (East Sussex, England)

Page: 304

View: 998

To the River is the story of the Ouse, the Sussex river in which Virginia Woolf drowned in 1941. One idyllic, midsummer week over sixty years later, Olivia Laing walked. Woolf's river from source to sea. The result is a passionate investigation into how history resides in a landscape and how ghosts never quite leave the place they love.

Do We Need Architects?

A Journey Beneath the Surface of Architecture

Author: Alun Dolton

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Travel

Page: 342

View: 567

Do We Need Architects? Journey Beneath the Surface of Architecture is a journey of discovery that takes place over twenty-five years of my life, from exploring my own motivations to become an architect, learning about architecture, and the changing environment of practicing architecture to experiencing the impact of architecture on the built environment. The story investigates the meaning, perception, and relevance of architecture in today’s world. Have you ever had a favorite building, park, or square? A place that affects your mood? All of us at some stage have experienced the impact of architecture and landscape on the way we perceive reality. Let me invite you on a journey that examines what architects do, as well as the legacy of the architectural process that influences the environment, visiting places and exploring architectural interventions by taking them out of the glossy images shown in the architecture books and industry journals and placing them in the context of their urban or natural setting. It is always as a found object, always in the present, examining the impact of humanity on the environment and the contribution architecture has made and is continuing to make to the everyday environment where we all live, work, and play.

Grand Cañon of the Colorado River, Arizona

Author: Charles A. Higgins



Category: Colorado River (Colo.-Mexico)

Page: 31

View: 569

The Amulet of Atlantis

Author: Mike Olafson

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Fiction

Page: 268

View: 365

Africa, 1938: A plane transporting top-secret weapons technology is lost over the jungles of the Belgian Congo. More importantly, it is also secretly transporting a mysterious amulet that holds the key to finding the fabled city of Atlantis. If it can be uncovered, Atlantis holds a mysterious secret which can help destroy an ancient, evil and mystical sect-the Black Light Order-an organization so powerful that the Nazi party itself is merely a pawn in its grand scheme of world domination. Maverick airfreight pilot Colt Hawthorne and his team of adventurers embark upon a quest to find the downed plane and soon face the Black Light Order and its mystic band of assassins. During his quest, Colt also encounters deadly spies, underworld agents of the black market, sexy femme fatales, savage jungle cults, a secret archaeological organization, and an old nemesis from Colt's fighter pilot days in World War I. Espionage, intrigue, and adventure overflow in this first installment of The Atlantis Legacy-an exciting new trilogy in the tradition of vintage adventure from a bygone era.

Grand Cañon of the Colorado River

Author: Charles A. Higgins



Category: Grand Canyon (Ariz.)

Page: 32

View: 853

Pastoral Days, or Memories of a New England Year

Author: William Hamilton Gibson

Publisher: Library of Alexandria


Category: Natural history

Page: 153

View: 637

James Still

Critical Essays on the Dean of Appalachian Literature

Author: Ted Olson

Publisher: McFarland


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 260

View: 704

Best known as the author of the acclaimed novel River of Earth (1940), Alabama native James Still is one of the most critically acclaimed writers of Appalachian literature. This compilation of scholarly essays exploring Stills literary work is the first book-length collection of its kind and features contributions from leading scholars and writers, including Wendell Berry, Fred Chappell, Jim Wayne Miller, Jeff Daniel Marion, Diane Fisher, Dean Cadle, and Hal Crowther.

New York Municipal Gazette

Author: Ebenezer Meriam



Category: Finance


View: 697

Hell or high water

James White's disputed passage through Grand Canyon, 1867

Author: Eilean Adams

Publisher: Utah State Univ Pr


Category: History

Page: 220

View: 407

Although John Wesley Powell and party are usually given credit for the first river descent through the Grand Canyon, the ghost of James White has haunted those claims. White was a Colorado prospector, who, almost two years before Powell's journey, washed up on a makeshift raft at Callville, Nevada. Hell or High Water is the first full account of White's story and how it became distorted and he disparaged over time. Eilean Adams, White's granddaughter, over decades and with the assistance of notable Colorado River historians, gradually uncovered the record of James White's adventure.

A Dictionary of Science, Literature, & Art

Comprising the History, Description, and Scientific Principles of Every Branch of Human Knowledge; with the Derivation and Definition of All the Terms in General Use

Author: William Thomas Brande



Category: Art

Page: 1423

View: 749

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