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The 12th Planet

Author: Zecharia Sitchin

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 384

View: 533

Over the years, startling evidence has been unearthed, challenging established notions of the origins of Earth and life on it, and suggesting the existence of a superior race of beings who once inhabited our world. The product of thirty years of intensive research, The 12th Planet is the first book in Zecharia Sitchin's prophetic Earth Chronicles series--a revolutionary body of work that offers indisputable documentary proof of humanity's extraterrestrial forefathers. Travelers from the stars, they arrived eons ago, and planted the genetic seed that would ultimately blossom into a remarkable species...called Man. The 12th Planet brings to life the Sumerian civilization, presenting millennia-old evidence of the existence of Nibiru, the home planet of the Anunnaki, and of the landings of the Anunnaki on Earth every 3,600 years, and reveals a complete history of the solar system as told by these early visitors from another planet. Zecharia Sitchin's Earth Chronicles series, with millions of copies sold worldwide, deal with the history and prehistory of Earth and humankind. Each book in the series is based upon information written on clay tablets by the ancient civilizations of the Near East. The series is offered here, for the first time, in highly readable, hardbound collector's editions with enhanced maps and diagrams.

The Rescue

Author: George Romero

Publisher: George Romero


Category: History

Page: 332

View: 447

"The Rescue is not a science fiction book, is a book about ancient and modern events.” “It took a lot of guts to write this book, and perhaps you could do with even more courage to read it. Probably the intellectual will call it, “nonsense.” Since his intellect, do match the freethinking of a non-academic writer. Without a doubt, he will place this book on the Index of books never to mention. Undoubtedly other readers with open arms will accept it, and recognize it as a amazing narrations; and when they come across with the opportunity of discovering that our past can be even more mysterious and full of adventures that the search for our future.”As a Philontologist (philosophy and ontology), George Romero will attempt to interpret the mysteries that guide our thoughts to externalize some real issues that are affecting our way of existence in our daily lives, which he call it "The New Law Order."The essence and the key point of this theory, is in-how it happened thousands of years ago when the cosmic gods visited us for the first time… this is another Government coverup? What top secrets are we talking about! It is what the American government is hiding from us! They still are denying the existence and the appearance of the UFOs in our sky. What is the real Rescue of humanity in the years to come?

The Church Universal and Triumphant

Elizabeth Clare Prophet's Apocalyptic Movement

Author: Bradley C. Whitsel

Publisher: Syracuse University Press


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 221

View: 744

Bradley Whitsel's vivid account of the Church Universal Triumphant (CUT), from its modest origin as a tiny fragment of the esoteric community to its growth into a wealthy and formidable organization in the 1960s and early 1970s, constitutes one of the most compelling stories to emerge from the larger movement of American religion. Founded in 1958 by the charismatic Mark Prophet - and subsequently headed by his wife, Elizabeth Clare Prophet - the Church combines New Age beliefs with an anti-Communist mindset based on the conviction that America was imperiled by left-wing enemies. In his deft examination of the group's evolution, Whitsel uses internal church documents as well as other resources to trace CUT's development of a dark apocalypric vision. He places the Church Universal and Triumphant within the context of other millennial groups sharing a similar psychology of crisis and disaster, and analyze the church's interactions with its political environment. This book will appeal to general readers as well as political scientists and sociologists specializing in the fields of political sociology, millennialism, and radical religio-political movements.

Twelfth Plan

Book I of the Earth Chronicles

Author: Zecharia Sitchin

Publisher: Harper


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 464

View: 951

Over the years, startling evidence has been uncovered, challenging established notions of the origins of life on Earth—evidence that suggests the existence of an advanced group of extraterrestrials who once inhabited our world. The first book of the revolutionary Earth Chronicles series offers indisputable documentary evidence of the existence of the mysterious planet Nibiru and tells why its astronauts came to Earth eons ago to fashion mankind in their image. The product of more than thirty years of meticulous research, The 12th Planet treats as fact, not myth, the tales of Creation, the Deluge, the Tower of Babel, and the Nefilim who married the daughters of man. By weaving together the biblical narrative with Sumerian and Babylonian clay-tablet texts, it challenges the established notions of the origins of Earth and mankind, and offers a compelling alternative history and prehistory of both.

Transform to Freedom Book 1

What You Haven`t Been Told

Author: Elliot Sabino

Publisher: BookBaby


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 100

View: 986

Pacific Book Review: ...a plethora of shocking discoveries....a well-organized presentation, including no dearth of supportive material.... With a startling premise...will certainly give you something to think about.... If anything is certain, it’s that you cannot fail to come away from this book without a multitude of questions...

The Twelfth Planet

Author: Zecharia Sitchin



Category: Curiosities and wonders

Page: 384

View: 910

Between Science and Fiction

The Hollow Earth as Concept and Conceit

Author: Hanjo Berressem

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 334

View: 571

The idea that the Earth is hollow has inspired both the world of science and the world of fiction. As a scientific concept, this notion has informed the works of Edmond Halley and Leonhard Euler. As a literary conceit, it can be found in the works of Dante and E.A. Poe; in novels by Jules Verne, Arno Schmidt, Thomas Pynchon, and Mark Z. Danielewski; and in comics, films, and computer games. This collection addresses both the scientific and the aesthetic aspects of the "Hollow Earth," with essays that range from medieval literature to afrofuturism. (Series: n-1 - work - science - medium - Vol. 5)

Subject Guide to Books in Print

An Index to the Publishers' Trade List Annual




Category: American literature


View: 370

Nibiru Rediscovery, a Lopsided Mars and Ancient Longitudes

Author: Richard A. Day

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Education

Page: 200

View: 266

Nibiru, a planet known to ancients, had disappeared from astronomy. Its rediscovery was heralded by finding its description in old Mesoamerican ruins. These ruins tell where Nibiru is at present and where it was when the ruins were built.

The Return of Planet-X


Author: Jaysen Q. Rand

Publisher: Futureworld Publishing Int'L


Category: Education

Page: 341

View: 506

The Return of Planet-X is an educational, informational source examining all aspects of this controversial subject including the record of X's Ancient Science of Prophecy, its Phantom Astronomy, Forbidden Archaeology and the Signs Of Its Approach. This book examines the history and prophecy of Earth's many cultures throughout the millennia and their voluminous references to the reality of X's periodic passages. The most current hypothesis used to examine X's next return through the solar system centers around the fact that X's extended orbit (approximately every 3,600 years -- first passing through the solar system then back out again), suggests that its 'destructive cycle' occurs in two phases. The 'first phase' begins with X's initial pass-through in 2009 separated by three years until its 'second phase.' This passage marks X's return leg back into deep space beginning again its 3,600-year-long trek through the heavens. X's last return visit through the solar system most likely coincided with the Hebrew's exodus from Egypt estimated around 1447 BC -- roughly 3,459 years ago. Did God somehow come to Moses' aid by staging a cosmic event that no one today understands? The Mayan Celestial Calendar Codex inexplicably ends 21 December 2012. According to ancient Mayan cosmology, 'time' as we know it on Earth will reach its climax on that date. Written across the scroll of time and space, the author believes Planet-X will first return in 2009 and again in 2012. X's power is real. Its story is forever. Its time is soon.

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