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Vocabulary Games for the Classroom

Author: Lindsay Carleton

Publisher: Solution Tree Press


Category: Education

Page: 232

View: 929

Make direct vocabulary instruction fun and successful with this simple, straightforward, and easy-to-use book. Hundreds of critical vocabulary terms handpicked by Dr. Marzano cover four content areas and all grade levels. Each game identifies the appropriate grade level and subject area, as well as whether or not the students should already be familiar with the vocabulary.

ESL Games for the Classroom

Author: Michael Digiacomo

Publisher: Rockridge Press


Category: Education

Page: 244

View: 784

Motivate your students to learn English with quick set-up, interactive activities from ESL Games for the Classroom. Every moment of class time counts. To fill class time productively, ESL Games for the Classroom offers effective ESL games that engage students with little or no prep work. Quick and easy to set-up, these interactive ESL activities are perfect to warm up a class, round out a lesson, or teach a particular grammar or vocabulary point. Clearly organized by skill and level, ESL Games for the Classroom is the go-to ESL teacher's companion for adding educational games to the agenda. Improve pronunciation, strengthen vocabulary, and make learning fun--ESL Games for the Classroom offers quick and easy solutions to play-based lessons with: 101 ESL games that require little or no prep work for classroom-tested fun Clear organization that allows you to quickly reference games based on the skills you're teaching, classroom size, and difficulty level Flexible use for both small and big groups, plus options for private lessons At the end of every class, leave your students excited to learn more in your next lesson with effective and entertaining activities from ESL Games for the Classroom.

Zip Around Vocabulary Games

Ready-to-Use, Interactive Activities for the Whole Class

Author: Jill Norris

Publisher: Incentive Publications


Category: Education

Page: 160

View: 615

This book has eight complete classroom games. Your students will have fun as they actively practice standards-based skills.

Classroom Literacy Games

Fun-packed activities for ages 7-13

Author: Heather Butler

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Education

Page: 128

View: 507

Children enjoyed it so much they didn’t realise they were being worked so hard. Jo Miles, Learning Support Assistant at Manor Farm Community Junior School, Hazlemere, Buckinghamshire Great speaking and listening activity-setting-up ideas for the Big Write. The games extended the children’s vocabulary. Purposeful learning – love it! Liz Pilgrim, Senior Teacher at Manor Farm Community Junior School, Hazlemere, Buckinghamshire Educational games played in groups or pairs help develop key language and social skills. Based on a range of material to extend vocabulary, punctuation and cross-curricular creativity, Classroom Literacy Games contains original games with suggestions of how to develop writing tasks after playing them. Each game is differentiated four ways and aims to teach literacy (including vocabularly, connectives, openers and punctuation) to higher KS1, KS2 and lower KS3. Printed with dyslexia-friendly fonts, these cross-curricular games are suitable for mixed-ability classrooms, small groups or one-to-one teaching situations. As either photocopiable resources to be used in the classroom or as homework activities, these games will create situations to generate creative writing and for the children to create their own games. They can also be used for EAL, guided reading and weekly Big Write exercises. With minimal preparation time required and a vast number of games, these user-friendly, pick-up-and-go activities will be of interest to any practicing primary and lower KS3 teacher.

The Highly Engaged Classroom

Author: Robert J. Marzano

Publisher: Solution Tree Press


Category: Education

Page: 384

View: 640

Student engagement happens as a result of a teacher’s careful planning and execution of specific strategies. This self-study text provides in-depth understanding of how to generate high levels of student attention and engagement. Using the suggestions in this book, every teacher can create a classroom environment where engagement is the norm, not the exception.

Vocabulary Lists and Activities for the PreK-2 Classroom

Integrating Vocabulary, Children’s Literature, and Think-Alouds to Enhance Literacy

Author: Susan E. Israel

Publisher: Corwin Press


Category: Education

Page: 122

View: 863

This practical resource for building children’s vocabulary and comprehension skills provides word lists, literature selections, writing prompts, and suggestions for read-alouds and think-alouds.

Vocabulary Development Activities and Games for Early Learners

Early Childhood

Author: Molly MacKay

Publisher: Teacher Created Materials


Category: Education

Page: 176

View: 392

Games and activities for both whole class and small groups introduce vocabulary concepts in a fun and interactive way.

Activities, Games, and Assessment Strategies for the Foreign Language Classroom

Author: Amy Buttner

Publisher: Eye On Education


Category: Education

Page: 189

View: 360

This book provides easy-to-use resources to help you write fun lesson plans. With over 100 activities and games, this book also includes rubrics, spreadsheets, materials lists, and templates.

A Guide for Using the Courage of Sarah Noble in the Classroom

Author: Debra J. Housel

Publisher: Teacher Created Resources


Category: Education

Page: 48

View: 880

Activities, Games, and Assessment Strategies for the World Languages Classroom

Author: Amy Buttner Zimmer

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Education

Page: 192

View: 920

This bestselling book is filled with fun activities you can use to engage students in learning a world language. No matter what language and grade level you teach, you will love having a wide variety of tools at your disposal, from quick warm-up exercises to longer games and group activities. Inside, you’ll find... Essential teacher tools and student organizational tools Strategies to promote and monitor class participation, including student self-assessments Strategies to promote and assess oral proficiency, such as prompts, quick chats, and role plays Warm-up activities and five-minute transitional activities Individual, pair, and group practice activities, with modification suggestions Games that make learning fun, with clear directions for how to do them Great websites and other resources to check out for more ideas The enhanced second edition features updated activities and technology suggestions throughout, as well as a tabbed design so it's easier to return to your favorite sections again and again. Bonus: The book comes with more than 30 templates—charts, rubrics, and game boards that can be photocopied from the book or downloaded as eResources from the book product page at www.routledge.com/books/details/9781138827295. You can modify and print them for classroom use.

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