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It'll Work If You Work It

Author: Dean Love

Publisher: Xulon Press


Category: Religion

Page: 120

View: 910

Love challenges readers to stop wondering if their ship will ever come in and start looking at the gifts and talent God has placed inside of them. Nothing is outside believers reach because with God all things are possible.

Work It Out!

Author: Des McCabe

Publisher: Hay House, Inc


Category: Self-Help

Page: 226

View: 449

Employment is changing! Fewer of us have full-time jobs with final salary pensions, and the former assumption that if you studied hard you would get the job of your dreams no longer holds. Work It Out! will help you gain the skills, aptitude and confidence to adapt and prosper in this new world of work - whatever your age or background.Rather than devoting all your time to one job - often to the exclusion of other interests - Work It Out! shows you how to find and create individual pieces of work with the help of personal contacts, the internet and other resources, and use these workpieces to build a career. But this book is about far more than the process of working to earn money. It provides a template for making work fit into your life, providing an income and financial security, but also accommodating the needs of your family and relationships, and satisfying your personal ambitions. Let it guide you in creating a life that is truly fulfilling!

Work It!

The Black Woman's Guide to Success at Work

Author: Kimberley Wilson

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 108

View: 775

Work It! The Black Woman's Guide to Success At Work is the no nonsense, non-sugar coated guide to what every Black woman really needs to know about the business world.

Work It!

How to Get Ahead, Save Your Ass, and Land a Job in Any Economy

Author: Allison Hemming

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 320

View: 357

Looking for a job? Preparing for the biggest interview of your life? Facing a layoff? Have no fear. Work It! has all the strategies you need. The work world isn't so friendly anymore. Landing the job you want takes a little more sweat in this tight job market, and keeping that job requires savvy and vigilance. This smart and comprehensive guide, packed with punchy, frank advice, gives you the tools and techniques that will help you get the most out of your job hunt. Allison Hemming, a noted career expert, delivers a needed dose of wisdom from the trenches in a manual that is perfectly updated to suit the modern work environment. Work It! gives you the skinny on all you need to know, including: • Step away from the computer -- the Internet may be ruining your job search • Lose the McResume and get a grip on the lost art of correspondence • The ABCs of networking -- don't wing it, work it! • Training tips for peak interview performance • Seal the Deal -- how to negotiate and accept a job the right way If you are recently unemployed or see a layoff looming, there's a bonus Pink Slip section that will make you better able to bounce back and stay financially afloat during your job search. And for recent college grads, there's a road map for getting a J.O.B. degree. Alter your approach to job-hunting from this moment forward! Now go work it!

Work It

Secrets for Success from the Boldest Women in Business

Author: Carrie Kerpen

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

View: 536

An empowering career guide featuring bold advice from 50 high-profile women on how to succeed in work, leadership and life You don't have to be a #Girlboss or "lean in" to have a dream career and live a life you love. In Work It, CEO of Likeable Media and popular podcast host Carrie Kerpen shares lessons from her career and an "advisory board" of powerful women in a wide range of industries to help women everywhere make their aspirations a reality. Packed with actionable tips and stories from the likes of Sheryl Sandberg, Aliza Licht, and Reshma Saujani, this inspiring book reveals their counterintuitive secrets for success, including: - How and when to say “no” – whether it’s a dream job that just isn’t the right cultural fit or a low salary proposal, as well as when to say “yes" - How to make your career work for you and your family rather than the other way around - How to develop your own FAB PAB (Fabulous Personal Advisory Board) – a support network of women – rather than work with a single mentor - The importance of talking openly about money – from job offer negotiations and cash flow management, to fundraising venture capital dollars With advice on everything from mastering social media to navigating office politics and the seemingly impossible work/life balance, Work It arms every woman with the courage and skills to achieve success and happiness on her terms.

Work It Out

Using Personality Type to Improve Team Performance

Author: Sandra Krebs Hirsh

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 264

View: 402

Work It Out delivers a dynamic way to simplify the complex--and sometimes chaotic--interactions between people at work. With fresh insights on applying the power of personality type in executive coaching, experts Hirsh and Kise have built a solid foundation for helping individuals tap into their strengths, minimize unnecessary conflict, and learn to work more effectively with others. Dozens of hands-on exercises, intervention descriptions, and case studies put the power to implement these teambuilding and coaching strategies into the hands of any manager, consultant, business leader, or HR professional committed to improving communication, reducing stress, fostering sustainable change, and building strong, effective teams in organizations.

Brothers Gonna Work it Out

Sexual Politics in the Golden Age of Rap Nationalism

Author: Charise Cheney

Publisher: NYU Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 222

View: 932

Brothers Gonna Work It Out considers the political expression of rap artists within the historical tradition of black nationalism.

Work It Out


Publisher: Learning Media Ltd


Category: Problem solving

Page: 32

View: 961

A collection of articles and stories based on the theme of problem solving. Suggested level: primary.

We Can Work It Out

Resolving Conflicts Peacefully and Powerfully

Author: Marshall Rosenberg

Publisher: PuddleDancer Press


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 32

View: 459

The tenets of "Nonviolent Communication" are applied to a variety of settings, including the classroom and the home, in these booklets on how to resolve conflict peacefully. Illustrative exercises, sample stories, and role-playing activities offer the opportunity for self-evaluation, discovery, and application. Applying the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) process to conflict resolution inspires peaceful collaboration by focusing on the unmet needs that lie at the root of any given conflict. Practical techniques help mediators and participants to find the heart of the conflict and use genuine cooperation to reach resolutions that meet everyone's needs.

It Will Work If U Work It!

Author: Dr. Tina Parkman, LPC, CAADC

Publisher: Christian Living Books, Inc.


Category: Religion


View: 877

Emotional and sexual intimacy is unbalanced for those who have been traumatized, neglected, and abused. For some, this involves sexual acting out behavior, multiple partners and/or serial affairs or some form of traumatic reenactment. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that 70 percent of all reported sex disorders relate to sexual addictions, substance abuse, suicide, promiscuity, prostitution, losses of trust, destruction of self-esteem, development of shame, guilt, depression, and other psycho-behavioral issues. Our goal is to assist individuals by walking them through the process of healing, wholeness, making intimate connections with spirituality and treatment approaches, and thus leading the way to enhancing the skills and capabilities of professionals who treat individuals for sexual addiction and other trauma-induced intimacy disorders. Learning to embrace God's love and self-love are the first steps towards sharing intimacy with another. It is God's will that we enjoy the delightfulness of love, sex, and romance between mates. It is God's pleasure to see us become the best lovers we can be. The 21st Century generation brings with it a big appetite for seductive aura, sexy secrets, ancient secrets, and sexual energy. They live lavish lifestyles with hip-hop excitement, no limits, secular humanism, no morals, and instant pleasure. Everybody gets in where they fit in. If they want it, they're taking it. If it feels good, they're doing it. Sex, money, and power are their playthings. Unfortunately the pressure of acceptance, addiction, approval, attention seeking, need to please, desperation for fame, fortune, and notoriety have been the many justifications they have used to reach for false hope in people, places or things. Too often, this behavior has led to all-too-real pain and emotional suffering. A nationwide survey found that the body of Christ is sick from a lack of balance in its spiritual, emotional, and physical health. Some feel their spirit, not their body, belongs to God. They also feel that 90 percent of diseases are from emotional stresses. The X-IT model allows people to open up the lines of communication for families, schools, religions, and communities that have overlooked the intricate cry for help against the grips of the lust of the eye, lust of the flesh, and the pride of life. Satisfying the desires of temptation no longer delivers promises; it now dishes up pain and consequences. Agape Connections will give options and provide solutions to addressing long-neglected issues in all races, religions, and income groups that have been misdirected misunderstood, misdiagnosed, mistreated, miscommunicated, or misused because of improper information and revelation. You don't have to die in your situation. If you don't deal with IT - IT will deal with you.

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