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A Pastoral Leader's Handbook

Strategies for Success in the Secondary School

Author: Marilyn Nathan

Publisher: A&C Black


Category: Education

Page: 304

View: 139

Pastoral Leader's Handbook

Author: Angeline Bukowiecki




Page: 28

View: 508

Leadership Handbook of Outreach and Care

Author: James D. Berkley

Publisher: Baker Publishing Group


Category: Religion

Page: 512

View: 229

Nearly 200 practical articles show church leaders how to do effective evangelism, missions, social involvement, pastoral care, and more.

Respect Life

A Parish Leader's Handbook : Implementing the Pastoral Plan




Category: Abortion

Page: 124

View: 879

Handbook for Leaders of Young People in the Local Church ...

Author: Nathaniel Frederick Forsyth



Category: Church work with youth

Page: 96

View: 970

Mennonite World Handbook, 1990

Mennonites in Global Witness

Author: Diether Götz Lichdi



Category: Mennonites

Page: 440

View: 669

Responding to Suicide

A Pastoral Handbook for Catholic Leaders

Author: Association of Catholic Mental Health Ministers




Page: 224

View: 452

Responding to Suicide is the first book for Catholic pastoral leaders that takes a holistic approach to understanding suicide and ministering effectively in its aftermath. More than a dozen contributors integrate what leading mental health practitioners, Catholic theologians, and pastoral care experts say about how best to respond to suicide as leaders in parishes, schools, healthcare systems, and other Church settings. Contributors include Archbishop Wilton Gregory, San Diego psychologist Dr. Dianna Gonzalez, Msgr. Stephen Rossetti, blogger Leticia Adams, and Msgr. Charles Pope. Many of the contributors share candid stories of suicide loss and their personal journeys of finding comfort, healing, and renewed hope within the Catholic Church.

The Effective Church Board

A Handbook for Mentoring and Training Servant Leaders

Author: Michael J. Anthony

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 302

View: 827

Are you a recently elected church board member who hasn't received training for your new position? Are you a current board member disillusioned by negative experiences and interpersonal conflicts? Education specialist Michael Anthony asked a cross-section of almost a hundred pastors and church officers, in addition to staff members and denominational officials, to give their input about what is happening in church boards across America. The results of the survey were compiled into a comprehensive handbook that addresses topics such as: -Developing a vision statement -Writing job descriptions -Setting long- and short-range goals -Facing financial storms -Resolving interpersonal conflicts -Reviving a declining church This unique, multi-denominational training resource emphasizes developing a team structure. It can be used for individual instruction, group discussions, and orientation sessions. The case studies clearly identify situations and leadership experiences common to many church boards.

Leading on Pastoral Care

A Guide to Improving Outcomes for Every Student

Author: Daniel Sobel

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing


Category: Education

Page: 208

View: 104

Written by a leading expert in the field of inclusion, Leading on Pastoral Care assists leaders and SENCOs in primary and secondary schools in managing the most difficult aspects of providing effective pastoral care, such as paperwork, time, confrontational parents and Ofsted. Drawing on research and his extensive experience in leading a team that has worked with over 1,000 schools, Daniel Sobel presents tried-and-tested strategies, tools and tips to support the welfare of and improve outcomes for the most challenged and vulnerable students, all backed by case studies and real-life examples. Pastoral care – being responsible for the welfare and progress of all students, particularly the most vulnerable – is an essential part of any leadership or SENCO role. However, one of the most significant challenges in providing such care is being able to manage resources as well as staff, students, parents and external agencies, especially when time and money are scarce. It is all too easy for schools to expend time and money to support their most vulnerable students, but there are many solutions that can be put into practice to provide the best pastoral care as efficiently and effectively as possible. This book is essential reading for all primary and secondary middle leaders, senior leaders and SENCOs who wish to provide the best support possible for their most vulnerable students, all while reducing pressure, stress and workload for themselves and their staff.

Worship Leader Handbook

For Worship Pastors, Leaders, Music Directors, Or Whatever Your Email Signature May Say.

Author: Nathan Del Turco

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



Page: 100

View: 525

I may not know you personally, but I believe in you. And I believe that God is not done with you. What you're doing matters. The late-night conversations with team members, the last-minute lyric or sermon notes edited at the 11th hour, the pastoral conversations with that volunteer whom you're calling up into greatness, and the weight on your shoulders to create an environment where the hope of Jesus is the focus. Just remember: It all matters, and it's worth it. You're worth it. We are all worth every moment of growth and love and struggle and challenge. I wrote this book as a collection, not as a chronological study-meaning that you can read it straight through or you can jump around. I've done my best, with a little help from my friends, to put this into a format that makes the most sense-five chapters, based on some of the most commonly asked questions I get when meeting with worship leaders and pastors.

The New Pastor's Handbook

Help and Encouragement for the First Years of Ministry

Author: Jason Helopoulos

Publisher: Baker Books


Category: Religion

Page: 208

View: 368

Most seminary graduates will begin their ministries with plenty of important head knowledge to share--but with a deficit of some of the most practical aspects of doing ministry, such as - which ministry role most suits them - how to start out strong at a new church - persevering during difficult seasons of ministry - leading meetings and delegating tasks - safeguarding their family - fighting discouragement, pastor envy, and a lack of contentment - navigating special ministry needs, such as hospitals, weddings, and funerals - and much more Through his hard-won wisdom, Jason Helopoulos comes alongside new pastors as a trusted friend and mentor, ready to guide them through their first years of ministry with intelligence and compassion.

The Church Growth Handbook

Author: William M. Easum



Category: Religion

Page: 178

View: 346

Here are twenty tested church-growth strategies that have been implemented by church consultant William Easum with more than 4,000 church leaders across the United States and Canada. The Church Growth Handbook provides diagnostic tools, which now can be used with The Complete Ministry Audit, also by Easum.

Leadership for Learning

A Senior Leader's Handbook

Author: M. J. Bromley

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub


Category: Education

Page: 92

View: 957

PRAISE FOR 'LEADERSHIP FOR LEARNING': "Outstanding. Five Stars." "Leadership for Learning offers sensible, pragmatic guidance on how schools can become successful. Leaders in schools up and down the country will refer to this book as a handbook for success and it is equally effective for teaching and non-teaching professionals. It is readable and engaging. It manages to draw you in almost immediately and you find yourself reading on and on, understanding what the author is saying and appreciating how one can make a difference." "Leadership for Learning is a one-stop shop for senior leaders. It is practical, hands-on, and written in a fluent, friendly style which makes it easy and enjoyable to read. It makes sense of what is a difficult and complex job and cuts through some complex ideas and issues and makes them accessible." ABOUT THE BOOK Countless books have been written on the subject of school leadership: some claim to know the philosophy of school leadership; others promise to share the secret of school leadership. Many of these books have value; they contain nuggets of useful information based on detailed research. But most are theoretical; they are not practical. Once read, they are rarely again consulted. As good as they are, school leaders don't turn to them when they need ideas or inspiration. 'Leadership for Learning' is different: it is a practical handbook for busy senior leaders - a book of ideas which you can put into practice, which can be dipped into when help and advice are needed most. The author is different, too: he is not a university professor; he is a senior leader working in schools every day. He has worked at senior leader level in two secondary schools (one a large inner-city school, the other a small rural school) and has managed every aspect of a school's organisation: he has managed the process of school improvement and self-evaluation, the curriculum and timetable, teaching and learning, pastoral care, administration, finance and the site. He has helped schools on the journey towards 'outstanding': one school became a beacon of good practice in teaching and learning; another became the highest achieving comprehensive school in its authority and the fifth most improved school in the country. Along the journey, he's seen examples of good and bad leadership and has learnt valuable lessons from each. This book is a means of sharing those lessons in leadership. 'Leadership for Learning' recognises that the job of leading schools - as with leading any organisation - is complex and nuanced. To begin with, each leader is different: each leader has a personality and style of his or her own which is the culmination of unique life and work experiences. Each school, too, is different and requires a personalised approach. Each student and each situation is different and they require a pinch of pragmatism and common sense, plus a generous helping of humanity. No problem is the same as the previous one and therefore no solution can be the same. So 'Leadership for Learning' cannot tell you how to deal with every situation you encounter, but it can provide you with a useful framework within which to build your own leadership style and within which to build an outstanding school. 'Leadership for Learning' covers: 1. Being a senior leader 2. Vision & mission 3. Becoming outstanding 4. Managing change 5. Coaching & mentoring 6. Managing the business 7. Working with stakeholders

Becoming Easter People

A Pastoral Strategy for Easter-time for New Catholics : Leader's Handbook

Author: Peter Gagen



Category: Catechetics

Page: 20

View: 666

The Parish Management Handbook

A Practical Guide for Pastors, Administrators, and Other Parish Leaders

Author: Charles E. Zech



Category: Church management

Page: 217

View: 438

The church is not a business, and yet every pastor and parish staff faces increasingly complex questions about income, expenditures, employer/employee relationships, law, and a host of related management issues. The better a parish manages these questions, the better its ability to carry out the parish's primary mission of leading people to Christ and being a sign of the kingdom. The Parish Management Handbook is a clear, practical guide for pastors, parish administrators, pastoral staff members, finance committees, and pastoral councils. In down-to-earth language and real-life examples, it covers many of the most important management questions in parishes today. The nine contributors to The Parish Management Handbook are among the best and most experienced leaders in parish management today. Together they offer indispensable guidance and help for all who work in parishes.

Pastor's Handbook on Interpersonal Relationships

Keys to Successful Leadership

Author: Jard DeVille

Publisher: Baker Publishing Group (MI)


Category: Christian leadership

Page: 249

View: 714

The Head of Years Handbook

Driving Student Well-being and Engagement

Author: Michael Power

Publisher: Critical Publishing


Category: Education

Page: 144

View: 777

Is it possible to achieve a good work-life balance as a head of year while still being effective and offering the best pastoral care for your students that you can? This book shows you how. The Head of Year’s Handbook is the companion to one of the most rewarding yet challenging roles within a school. It looks in depth at what a head of year does on a day-to-day basis, the challenges you will face, and provides strategies and ideas to improve student outcomes and improve your own leadership ability. The book is suitable for those just starting out as a head of year or those who have been in the role for a number of years and need some inspiration or up-to-date strategies. It takes into account current issues facing your students, and often society as a whole, including cyberbullying, resilience and mental health, dealing with major traumatic events, while also helping you to build your leadership and management skills. Most importantly the text focuses on student well-being and engagement, your own work-life balance, and the need to celebrate achievement.

The Everyday Bible Handbook

Author: Lawrence O. Richards




Page: 224

View: 884

Choosing a New Pastor

The Complete Handbook

Author: Henry Virkler

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 264

View: 831

How do we find and contact pastoral candidates? What background information do we need to know about pastoral candidates? What do we need to consider when developing a salary and benefit package for a new pastor? Each year several thousand churches face questions like these as they search for new pastors. To help make the process easier to help avoid costly mistakes, Dr. Henry Virkler has organized a comprehensive, step-by-step plan to guide search committees through the intricacies of selection procedures in Choosing a New Pastor. Dr. Virkler employs a transdenominational approach as he: -identifies twenty-one mistakes that pastor nominating committees make and suggests alternative steps to take; -steers churches through the phases of transition, from saying good-bye to the old pastor to orienting the new one; -proposes guidelines for conflict resolution when pastor and congregation disagree; -plus, it includes sample information forms, interview forms, and letters. This complete guide to pastoral selection will successfully guide you through the process both efficiently and effectively.

The Worship Handbook

A Practical Guide to Reform and Renewal

Author: Thomas A. Langford



Category: Worship

Page: 88

View: 280