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Acupressure's Potent Points

A Guide to Self-Care for Common Ailments

Author: Michael Reed Gach, PhD

Publisher: Bantam


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 272

View: 111

With your hands you have potential to relieve everyday aches, pains and ailments without taking drugs, to improve your health, and to increase your vitality. Acupressure is an ancient healing art that uses the fingers to stimulate key points on the skin that, in turn, activate the body's natural self-healing processes. With this book, it is a skill you can learn now--and use in your own home. In Acupressure's Potent Points, Michael Reed Gach, founder and director of the Acupressure Institute of America, reveals simple techniques that enable you to relieve headaches, arthritis, colds and flu, insomnia, backaches, hiccups, leg pain, hot flashes, depression, and more--using the power and sensitivity of your own hands. This practical guide covers more than forty ailments and symptoms, from allergies to wrist pain, providing pressure-point maps and exercises to relieve pain and restore function. Acupressure complements conventional medical care, and enables you to take a vital role in becoming well and staying well. With this book you can turn your hands into healing tools--and start feeling good now. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Yoga Journal





Page: 178

View: 692

For more than 30 years, Yoga Journal has been helping readers achieve the balance and well-being they seek in their everyday lives. With every issue,Yoga Journal strives to inform and empower readers to make lifestyle choices that are healthy for their bodies and minds. We are dedicated to providing in-depth, thoughtful editorial on topics such as yoga, food, nutrition, fitness, wellness, travel, and fashion and beauty.

Complementary & Alternative Therapies in Nursing, Eight Edition

Author: Ruth Lindquist, PhD, RN, FAHA, FAAN

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company


Category: Medical

Page: 578

View: 230

Now in its eighth edition, this highly acclaimed, newly revised and expanded text continues to deliver innovative practice guidelines for evidence-based complementary and alternative therapies that can easily be incorporated into curriculum and applied directly to practice. The book describes holistic treatments that are culturally appropriate for clients across the life span and NCLEX®-relevant content appropriate for preparation of advanced practice nurses. The eighth edition reflects an expanding interest in these therapies worldwide and features numerous sidebars by international contributors who provide a global perspective that builds readers’ understanding of the cultural derivations and uses of complementary therapies. The new edition also highlights digital and technical advances, provides key updates to foundations for practice, and describes cutting-edge research. Included is a description of the evolution and establishment of the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) and its current national agenda. Updated legal information regarding regulation and credentialing, enlarged safety and precaution content, and the inclusion of a broad range of therapies add to the utility of this new edition. The only book about complementary and alternative therapies written specifically for nurses that focuses on essential evidence for practice, the text uses a consistent format to present a definition and description of each therapy, a summary of how it evolved, and a rationale for its use. The scientific basis and research evidence for use of each therapy in a variety of specific patient populations is emphasized. Sidebars in each chapter describe the use of various therapies in different settings worldwide. All chapters provide practical guidelines for using the therapies to promote health and comfort while increasing patients’ well-being and satisfaction with care. New to the Eighth Edition: Updated research-based content, including new cutting-edge references Expanded content about technology and digital resources New Foreword and endorsements by prominent scholars Describes key steps in evolution of the NCCIH and its current national agenda Highlights indigenous culturally based therapies New chapter: “Systems of Care: Sowa Rigpa—The Tibetan Knowledge of Healing” New chapter: “Independent Personal Use of Complementary Therapies” New chapter: “Afterword: Creating a Preferred Future—Editors’ Reflections” Updated information on legal concerns, regulation, and credentialing Enlarged safety and precaution content Helpful tips for selecting practitioners Use of therapies for nurses’ and patients’ self-care Strategies for initiating institution-wide therapies and programs Key Features: Delivers comprehensive and current guidelines for therapy use Written by highly respected nurse experts Employs a consistent format for ease of use Describes instructional techniques and safety precautions for each therapy Provides a strong international focus

Equine Acupressure

A Working Manual

Author: Nancy A. Zidonis

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins


Category: Medical

Page: 164

View: 900

Self-massage for Athletes

The Hands-on Guide to Improve Your Athletic Performance, Relieve Your Aches and Pains, and Help You Feel Better Fast

Author: Rich Poley



Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 173

View: 556

Self-Massage for Athletes puts the power of massage into the hands of those who need it most. Well illustrated with more than one-hundred black and white photos; this handy book presents a user friendly guide to self-massage. It lays out seven simple massage strokes that form an easily learned effective massage therapy. Rub your troubles away with this excellent book.

Points of Health The Effectiveness and Safety of Acupuncture and Acupressure

Author: Irwin Tyler



Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 52

View: 400

Holistic medicine has a very special concern - preventing illness and maintaining health. While conventional medicine has a powerful arsenal of weapons to coax the ill body back to health, holistic medicine uses a wider range of therapies which reinforce the body's own defenses to restore balance. Acupuncture and Acupressure have over 4,500 years of recorded healings. This book explains how they work and why, for many kinds of health problems, it is a better healing approach than conventional Western medicine.

Qigong for Staying Young

A Simple Twenty-minute Workout to Cultivate Your Vital Energy

Author: Shoshanna Katzman

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 274

View: 237

An introduction to the ancient Chinese practice of self-healing and fitness outlines a twenty-minute program that incorporates postures, breath, sound, visualization, herbal remedy, and self-massage practices designed to slow the aging process while improving health and increasing energy levels. Original. 15,000 first printing.

Acupressure II

Author: Speedy Publishing

Publisher: Speedy Publishing LLC


Category: Science

Page: 5

View: 889

Acupressure involves fingers to add pressure to areas of the body. A pamphlet will help by showing those who want to learn how to do the procedure where to place the fingers and the areas where acupressure shouldn't be used. Information is available about how long the pressure should be held and the benefits of using acupressure. There are also some people who shouldn't use the treatment because of health concerns, and a pamphlet would go into more detail with this information.

12 Acupressure Points for Pediatric Sleep Improvement and Wellness Support

Author: Jennifer Chellis Taveras, L.Ac.

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Acupressure for children

Page: 134

View: 230

The Holistic Baby Acupressure System is a complete acupressure program for sleep improvement and wellness support for children from birth up until the age of five. Comprised of just twelve acupressure points, it is easy to learn and put into practice and is safe, effective, and completely noninvasive! Five acupressure sleep improvement protocols General 24-Hour Protocol to regulate the circadian rhythms Four alternative sleep protocols to balance the five elements Use of the General 24-Hour Protocol for jet lag prevention Use of the General 24-Hour Protocol for daylight saving time Increase in nap duration and nighttime sleep duration Decrease in night wakings Improved overall pattern of sleep Nineteen acupressure wellness protocols for the most common childhood health conditions A Well-Baby protocol to strengthen digestive and immune health Improved digestion and appetite Decrease in teething discomfort Decrease in number or duration of colds, flus, and coughs Adjunctive support for the treatment of allergies, asthma, and eczema Effective treatment for constipation Ease the pain of colic and reduce night crying Jennifer Chellis Taveras, LAc, is a New York City acupuncturist and health educator whose professional mission is the expansion of pediatric acupuncture and the improvement of children's health. She is the creator of the Holistic Baby Acupressure System, and her work has reached parents in twenty countries and all throughout the United States. A 2000 graduate of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, she maintains a busy acupuncture practice at Triangle Wellness in NYC while also teaching and promoting Holistic Baby.

Thai Acupressure

Author: Noam Tyroler



Category: Medical

Page: 360

View: 312

Thai Acupressure is presenting 60 acupressure lines and points traditional formulas. It is Thailand's Physical therapy. It is practiced in special clinics in most of Thailand's Hospitals. It's the medical knowledge of Thai Massage. It's a very effective and simple method to treat the most common orthopedic disorders.

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