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An Audience with Tony Benn

Author: Tony Benn

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton




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His only props: a flask of tea, some tobacco and his trademark pipe. Tony Benn brings his unmistakable presence to the stage in this audiobook of his successful stage show. A mix of politics, opinion and debate on various issues is followed by questions from the audience.

Tony Benn New Edition

Revised Edition

Author: David Powell

Publisher: A&C Black


Category: Political Science

Page: 198

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David Powell's fascinating biography traces Tony Benn's extraordinary fifty-year political career from the day he first entered the House of Commons in 1950. Benn has always been a controversial figure. Nonetheless many of the policies he championed, including some for which he was widely belittled, have since entered the statute books. Indeed, if history is a chronicle of ironies, there can have been little more ironic than when, following Benn's valedictory speech in the Commons in 2001, a Tory backbencher commended him to fellow MPs as Britain's ‘greatest living Parliamentarian.'>

Tony Benn

A Biography

Author: Jad Adams

Publisher: Biteback Publishing


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 560

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Tony Benn has been portrayed as both hero and villain, as a creative and as a destructive force. This comprehensively revised edition of Jad Adams's classic biography, is written with unparalleled access to Benn's private records, and describes the long and turbulent career of one of the most charismatic politicians of the last hundred years. The first biography to have been written with full access to the Benn archives chronicles the behind-the-scenes story of Benn's bitter battles with every leader of the Labour Party since Gaitskell. It details his service in the governments of Wilson and Callaghan, his role as a champion of the left during the Labour Party's long period in opposition, his retirement from Parliament, to spend more time involved in politics in 2001, and his subsequent emergence as a leading figure of the British opposition to the war in Iraq.

What Kind of Democracy is This?

Politics in a Changing World

Author: Matthew Flinders

Publisher: Policy Press


Category: Political Science

Page: 288

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Has there ever been a period in modern history when democratic politics seemed more unpredictable or unruly? Matthew Flinders ranges expertly across architecture, art, fell running and fairy tales in an attempt to understand the emerging democratic landscape. This refreshing and stimulating book seeks to provoke and inform in equal measure.

More Time for Politics

Diaries 2001-2007

Author: Tony Benn

Publisher: Random House


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 416

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When Tony Benn left Parliament after 51 years he quoted his wife Caroline's remark that now he would have 'more time for politics'. And so this has proved: in the first seven years of this century he has helped reinvigorate national debate through public meetings, mass campaigns and appearances in the media, passionately bringing moral and political issues to wide audiences. And throughout, as ever, he has been keeping his diaries. Commenting on the demise of the New Labour project from the re-election of Tony Blair in 2001 to the ultimate foreign policy disasters of Afghanistan and Iraq, he gives other prescient accounts of the government's by-passing of Cabinet, parliament and the party, of the 'war on terror', the debate about Islam, globalisation and the changes in British society. Although he is no longer in power or in parliament, Tony Benn remains a figure of enormous respect whose direct views, honestly expressed, have often awakened the national conscience. His latest Diaries, human and challenging in turn, are an enthralling read.

Tony Benn

A Political Biography

Author: Robert Jenkins

Publisher: Writers and Readers Pub. Cooperative Society


Category: Great Britain

Page: 291

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Speeches by Tony Benn

Author: Tony Ben



Category: Great Britain

Page: 303

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Tony Benn

The Making of a Politician

Author: Alfred Browne



Category: Statesmen

Page: 312

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Searching for the Promised Land

Basildon and the Pursuit of Happiness

Author: Magnus C. Granath



Category: Great Britain

Page: 387

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Our Masters' Voices

The Language and Body Language of Politics

Author: Max Atkinson

Publisher: Psychology Press


Category: Political Science

Page: 203

View: 881

"'Max Atkinson presents a neat blend of applied political psychology and communications theory that is bound to be read closely in the corridors of power. His study of the art of effective political persuasion will revolutionize -- for the better -- political communications in Britain.' - "Robert Worcester. Chairman, MORI (Market and Opinion Research International Ltd)"--Publisher description.

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