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Australian Big Cats

An Unnatural History of Panthers

Author: Michael Williams



Category: History

Page: 437

View: 155

The Australian bush holds many secrets, and one of its biggest is ?about to be revealed. For decades there has been talk of big cats roaming the Australian bush. These large cats - predominantly black - have only afforded their witnesses fleeting glimpses, and left behind tantalising clues: scraps of fur, a paw print or three, unusually large scats, and livestock carcasses surgically dismembered and picked clean of flesh. In their wake, they leave carnage and bewilderment: What are they? How did they get here? The authors don't just ask the questions, they seek the answers, and what they have found will intrigue the sceptic and the believer alike. The book also dedicates a chapter to the profusion of sightings and speculation in neighbouring New Zealand, and sharing for the first time highlights from the unpublished manuscript of New Zealand's first big cat hunter. Flesh-and-blood or flight of fancy? Exotic pest, mutant feral or 'extinct' marsupial lion? Join the authors as they explore one of Australia's greatest wildlife mysteries. "The authors' even-handed, open-minded approach provides ample evidences for the theories they touch upon...this is a first-rate Fortean classic, fastidiously sourced, and essential reading for all students of the ABC phenomenon." - Fortean Times "At 434 pages, it s substantial. It s also highly readable, nicely formatted and very well illustrated. The authors have collated a vast amount of information gleaned not only from published sources but also from interviews with both eyewitnesses and people who have examined evidence firsthand. So, to anyone seriously interested in mystery animals, mystery big cats or Australian mammals in general, this book is a must-have..." - Dr Darren Naish, author of Scientific American blog Tetrapod Zoology"

True Stories of Real-Life Monsters

Author: Nick Redfern

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 288

View: 145

Strange sagas of mysterious monsters and bizarre beasts have appeared all over the world for years. In this captivating volume, readers will come face to face with tales of the terrifying and just plain weird. A chronological approach addresses interest stemming from world events such as World War II, and the changing, developing research. Interviews, testimonies, photographs, and reports encourage readers to further scrutinize whether or not such strange stories are the stuff of myth or if there could be more reasonable, even scientific, explanations for the so-called unexplained.

Big Cats of the Australian Wilderness

Author: Rex Gilroy




Page: 346

View: 716

The Monster Book

Creatures, Beasts and Fiends of Nature

Author: Nick Redfern

Publisher: Visible Ink Press


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 432

View: 117

Monsters have been spotted everywhere, not just hiding under a child’s bed, lurking in the closet, or springing forth from folkloric tales. Exploring the history, mythology, pop culture, and the world of the supernatural, The Monster Book: Creatures, Beasts, and Fiends of Nature is a comprehensive resource of the monster menagerie from around the world. Examining the lore and legends, as well as the first-person accounts of bizarre freaks of nature and spine-tingling paranormal entities, it details each beast with thorough research, while recounting the facts in an engaging narrative. This fascinating look at monsters investigates nearly 200 beings, beasts, freaks, and fiends, ranging from the renowned and celebrated to the little-known and inglorious, including Werewolves, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, the chupacabra, Mothman, the Abominable Snowman, the Mongolian Death Worm, Living Pterosaurs, Alien Big Cats, Lizard Man, Lake Worth Monster, the Monstrous Monitor, South American Sasquatch, the Jersey Devil, Sea Serpents, Phantom Black Dogs, and much, much more.

Hunting Monsters

Cryptozoology and the Reality Behind the Myths

Author: Darren Naish

Publisher: Arcturus Publishing


Category: Science


View: 481

The Loch Ness Monster, bigfoot and the yeti have long held a fascination for people the world over. Debates about their actual existence or what they might really be have continued for decades, if not centuries. Known also as cryptids, they have spawned a body of research known as cryptozoology. This entertaining book looks at the evidence of these mysterious monsters and others and explores what they might really be (if they exist at all), why they have been represented as they have and the development of cryptozoology and how it has collected data to discover more about these unknown creatures.

Wild Cats of the World

Author: Luke Hunter

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing


Category: Nature

Page: 240

View: 699

Ranging from largest – the Tiger, to the smallest – Rusty-spotted Cat, the world's wild cats are some of the most beautiful, ferocious and feared carnivores in the world. Wild Cats of the World provides a detailed account of each species of wild cat, examining their importance throughout history and the future of some of the most endangered breeds. Using magnificent colour plates by top wildlife artist Priscilla Barrett to depict each cat in detail Wild Cats of the World examines the characteristics of all 38 species as well as their history and current status. Luke Hunter's informative text combines with Barrett's beautiful drawings to create a must-have ebook for any cat enthusiast.

Fortean Times




Category: Curiosities and wonders


View: 883

The journal of strange phenomena.


Author: Jeffery Pike

Publisher: Langenscheidt Publishing Group


Category: Travel

Page: 404

View: 577

With evocative, full-color photography on every page and cross-referenced, full-color maps throughout, this installment of the world's largest visual travel guide series provides readers with the ultimate insider's perspective on the land down under.

The Tantanoola Tiger

And Other Australian Big Cat Sightings

Author: Patrick J. Gallagher

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



Page: 288

View: 434

At the end of the 19th Century, and even into the early 20th Century, large areas of eastern Australia were still in a state that could be regarded as "wilderness" despite the proximity of cities and towns. Dense scrub, rough bushland and imposing mountains all combined to create places that had little appeal for human habitation by any but the hardiest of souls.It's probably little surprise then that it was easy to give credence to stories of strange, unknown animals roaming the populated fringes of the country. Legendary creatures, such as the Yowie (Australia's answer to Bigfoot) and the Bunyip, received their share of accounts in the newspapers of the time. But the most common "strange animal" reports concerned creatures that would be somewhat more mundane in comparison were it not for the out-of-place nature of their appearances.Tigers and lions.Presented here, then, is a collection of original newspaper reports of "big cat" sightings spanning the years 1885 to 1955. In cryptozoology circles, these creatures are known as "Alien Big Cats" or ABC's. The "alien" in this case refers to something foreign to the environment and not something from space.Whether it was a case of mistaken identity, people seeing thylacines (the marsupial 'Tasmanian Tiger', not yet declared extinct at the time), or people had not yet come to terms with how large feral cats could become in the wild, there were many sightings of something prowling the Australian bush.

Savage Shadow

The Search for the Australian Cougar

Author: David O'Reilly



Category: History

Page: 310

View: 636

For decades farmers in the southwest of Australia have been convinced that there are cougars at large in the Australian bush, devastating wildlife and livestock. Hundreds of sightings have been documented in Western Australia, from as far north as Geraldton, south to Esperance and inland to Norseman. Australian journalist David O'Reilly became fascinated with what is known as perhaps Australia's greatest wildlife mystery during his time as the bureau chief of The Australian's Perth office. He interviewed scores of witnesses - farmers, wildlife experts, academics and bureaucrats - and wrote many stories about the hunt for the 'Cordering Cougar', as it became known, during the late 1970s and early 1980s. This book, now back in print for the first time in 30 years, is the culmination of that work. "A classic, timeless work back in print at last." - Dr Karl Shuker, zoologist and author "One of the most influential books on the subject [of Australian Big Cats] is David O Reilly s 1981 Savage Shadow: the Search for the Australian Cougar (recently republished by Strange Nation Publishing). O Reilly s book mostly centres around the experiences of those who clamed to have seen (or experienced the depredations of) the Cordering Cougar in West Australia during the 1970s." - Dr Darren Naish, author of Scientific American blog Tetrapod Zoology

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