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To the Back and Beyond

A Karamea Story

Author: Jim Hargreaves



Category: Rural conditions

Page: 216

View: 244

Back Office and Beyond

A Guide to Procedures, Settlements and Risk in Financial Markets

Author: Mervyn J. King

Publisher: Harriman House Limited


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 274

View: 219

The 1st edition of Back Office and Beyond became the benchmark source and reference for 'best practice' in back office procedures. Better attention to back office procedures would have prevented disasters at Barings, Sumitomo, and other causes celebres - not to mention the latest debacle at Allfirst in the USA.This ground breaking book is an essential read for anyone wanting his/her organisation to thrive and survive, containing particularly practical guidance and advice and now extends its cover to the implications of CAD II. There is a compelling requirement for aspects of risk to be situated in the Back/Middle Office areas. Indeed, they should be involved at first base: for if data is not captured accurately, there is little chance of the institution's risk profile being accurate. With so many banks offering similar products and pricing, accurate and speedy settlements have become a competition issue not to be ignored. As an additional reason for purchase, this edition now offers a guide to Equities' settlement also.

Back and Beyond

New Zealand Painting for the Young and Curious

Author: Gregory O'Brien



Category: Art

Page: 111

View: 459

A collection of paintings by New Zealand artists

Back and Beyond Five Miles

Author: Katherine Stone

Publisher: N A L Trade




View: 228

Space TICs Back and Beyond

Chronicles of the One Biff Maroon - Part 1 - Prelude to Disaster

Author: Do' Vinci





View: 111

Back and Beyond is the journey of one man to save the human race from total annihilation by Alien Leviathans, millennia in age, through the use of a Faster than light Anti-Reality Time-ship. His bloodline and that of his partner are key to the wholesale manipulation of the human race, changing them from being the ultimate selfish killing machines of the universe to being truly sentient beings which belong in this ever expanding cosmos of confusion. This story chronicles, as best it can in a chronological order, the shifting back and forth in time of the characters as they attempt to change what is into what should be. This is time travel not for the feint hearted.

To the Back of Beyond

Author: Peter Stamm

Publisher: Granta Books


Category: Fiction


View: 428

After returning from a pleasant holiday with his wife, Astrid, and their two children, Thomas walks out the front door. Thomas walks up the street. Thomas keeps walking. Astrid gradually realizes that her husband has not just gotten up early to go to work. She waits for as long as she can and then puts as much energy as she can into trying to find him - coming to understand, along the way, that there is little she can do if Thomas is striving to stay lost. In precise and hypnotic prose that cuts as cleanly as a scalpel, To the Back of Beyond is a novel that takes away the safe foundations of a marriage and a lifestyle to ask deeper questions about identity, connection and how free we are to change our lives. It is a graceful and resonant work from one of Europe's most important writers.

Do You Believe In Signs; Journey Beyond And Back

Author: Shalomi



Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 456

View: 366

"Do You Believe in Signs: Journey Beyond and Back" can make a huge difference in our future as peoples on this planet.

Objective Surface-level Diversity in Organizations: Looking Back and Beyond

Author: Kristina Reineke



Category: Associations, institutions, etc


View: 701

Back of Beyond

A Novel

Author: C.J. Box

Publisher: Minotaur Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 718

Edgar Award-winning and New York Times bestselling author C.J. Box delivers a thriller about a troubled cop trying to save his son from a killer in Yellowstone, now reissued with additional bonus content including an introduction from the author. Cody Hoyt, although a brilliant cop, is an alcoholic struggling with two months of sobriety when his friend Hank Winters is found burned to death in a remote mountain cabin. At first it looks like the suicide of a man who’s fallen off the wagon, but Cody knows Hank better than that. As Cody digs deeper into the case, all roads lead to foul play. After years of bad behavior with his department, Cody is in no position to be investigating a homicide, but he will stop at nothing to find Hank’s killer. When clues found at the scene link the murderer to an outfitter leading tourists on a multiday wilderness horseback trip into the remote corners of Yellowstone National Park—a pack trip that includes his son Justin—Cody is desperate to get on their trail and stop the killer before the group heads into the wild. In a fatal cat-and-mouse game, where it becomes apparent the murderer is somehow aware of Cody’s every move, Cody treks into the wilderness to stop a killer hell-bent on destroying the only important thing left in his life. *BONUS CONTENT: This edition of Back of Beyond includes a new introduction from the author and a discussion guide

Back to My Roots and Beyond

An Authenticated History of the Decendancy of the McIlwraith's of Ayr, Commencing with Thomas of Newton, the Founder of Our Dynasty, Covering the Years from 1740 to the 1980's

Author: Patricia Ellen Twaddel



Category: Australia

Page: 382

View: 779

Looking Back Looking Beyond

Author: Paul O'Brien





View: 942

EXCERPT FROM "DODGING FLORENCE"...I had just settled in for a minute to check out the TV when my phone lit up - it was Debbie. "Hey there," I said, "What's going on?""You have to think about getting out of there. I was just talking to Linda in Charleston, and she says that they expect to get hit pretty hard.""I know, we are keeping an eye on things. Not supposed to come on shore until late Thursday.""Well, that may be, but you may be underestimating this storm. I know you told me that there was no return flight out of Myrtle Beach, but we can pay for you to get a flight out of the nearest open airport." "Damn," I said, "I don't even know what that would be - and how to get there, unless maybe a bunch of us rented a van or pooled our money for some type of hotel bus.""Listen," she was pretty serious, "I don't want you trapped down there in a hurricane. The nearest could be Wilmington, North Carolina.""Ok, all right, we are about to head out for dinner, so I will try to get a sense of what people are thinking.""Paul, you don't have to be a daredevil or something - I'd rather have you home safe and sound.""I know, ok, we will talk in a while. Don't worry too much now."

The Back Ridge and Beyond

Author: James E. Grindle



Category: Penobscot (Me. : Town)

Page: 184

View: 653

Memories of the oldest of five children growing up in Penobscot, ME during the 1930 and forward.

The Back and Beyond

The Hidden Effects of Back Problems on Your Health

Author: Paul Sherwood

Publisher: Arrow


Category: Back

Page: 263

View: 246

Dr Sherwood puts forward a theory for the cause of non-specific back pain and reveals how many of today's illnesses, such as ME, stomach ulcers, migraine and arthritis, actually have their origin in the back. He follows this by describing a proven treatment which not provides not only permanent relief from pain but also long-term help for related illnesses. Including case histories, anecdotes and a question-and-answer section, the book also contains practical suggestions on how to look after your back and minimize pain before treatment is sought, and a five-minute daily exercise plan.

Benedictine, Bridge Back, and Beyond

A Proposal for an Integrated Music Therapy Program Involving Graduated Levels of Substance Misuse Treatment

Author: Sarah Hitchcock



Category: Alcoholism

Page: 104

View: 348

"The following document is an in-depth proposal for expanding a part-time music therapy program in a medical setting focused on the needs and concerns of people who are struggling to recover from an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. The enlarged program would include a full-time music therapist with expanded responsibilities.This proposal has been designed for the HealthAlliance programs in Kingston, New York: First Step Detoxification Program and the First Step Rehabilitation Program at Benedictine Hospital, the Outpatient Program at Bridge Back South." -- Page 8


Looking Back and Beyond Health Through Women's Eyes

Author: Renu Rajbhandari



Category: Women

Page: 110

View: 546

Baghdad and Beyond

Author: Mora Dickson

Publisher: London : D. Dobson


Category: Baghdad (Iraq)

Page: 190

View: 804

Woman's view of life and customs in Iraq. Illustrated by author.

Back to the Burgh and Beyond

Author: C S McDonald




Page: 208

View: 592

Meet Alexa Owl. She's returned home to Pittsburgh after a divorce to start a new life and a new business, The Owl's Nest Couturier Shoppe. Much to her surprise, she's getting more than she ever bargained for: Detective Bobby Starr, and he's no ordinary sleuth. Bobby is an angel who's returned to Earth in hopes of earning his way into the Guardian Angel Squad. He's been sent by none other than Saint Pete to acquire Alexa's help to solve three cold case murders he left behind. Except, here's the catch: he's only been allotted four days to solve the first case! How in heaven's name is she supposed to do that? Alexa is a professional seamstress-not a detective. Bobby insists the only way to solve the first case is to return to 1953, and Alexa's not in love with that idea at all!

Back of Beyond

Discovering Australian Film and Television

Author: Scott Murray

Publisher: UCLA Film & Television Archive


Category: Motion pictures

Page: 112

View: 567

Annotated catalogue for programme of films and television presented by the Australian Film Commission and the UCLA Film and Television Archive in association with the Australian Bicentennial Authority.

Modern Marine Engineering

Illustrated with Thirty-six Correctly Colored Plates and Two Hundred and Forty Wood-cuts

Author: Nicholas Procter Burgh



Category: Marine engineering

Page: 403

View: 534

Ramapo to Chancellorsville and Beyond

Author: John Frederick Pierson



Category: United States

Page: 220

View: 554

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