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Beyond Flying

Rethinking Air Travel in a Globally Connected World

Author: Chris Watson

Publisher: Green Books


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 204

View: 232

Fourteen authors from around the world share their stories about how they came to the conclusion that reducing their air travel was necessary to avoid playing their part in climate change, and how they changed values and attitudes to businesses and personal travel. These are the stories of how these remarkable people found easy and better ways of living and working in a globalised world with less air travel.

Beyond The Invisible (Flying From Fear to Freedom)


Publisher: Eternity Press




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Flying Beyond Fear Workbook

Author: Dr. Yvonne DeMoss

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing


Category: Self-Help

Page: 218

View: 871

To a certain degree, fear is essential to living. However, it is another story when it begins to control and rule a person’s life. Long-running fear, anxiety, and all manner of phobias may be traced to how healthy fear, as our cave-dwelling ancestors knew, it has become skewed in the context of modern living. So it is in the case of people who face all manner of nightmare when confronted with the idea of flying. In Flying Beyond Fear Workbook, Dr. Yvonne DeMoss dissects the roots of the fear of flying, and presents elaborate measures to counter them. Those who suffer chronically will appreciate the keen insight laid out in the book, to set them free at last to enjoy the sight of a plane’s cabin.

Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui

Author: Joey Yap

Publisher: Joey Yap Research Group


Category: Feng shui

Page: 285

View: 567

Reach out to the secret of Heaven While many books have been written on the subject of Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui, most of them were heavy on theories or were presented in a deliberately incomplete manner. Well, that was before Joey Yap's Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui. The first of the Xuan Kong series, this book is presented in an easy-to-read format and written in a comprehensive all-encompassing manner that provides reader a wealth of Flying Stars methodologies and applications, at their disposal.

Flying Saucers

Author: Emil Venere

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Fiction

Page: 280

View: 615

Journalist Jane Hale seeks the truth about UFOs in this science fiction suspense that revolves around a conspiracy: Flying saucers are a product of human -- not alien -- ingenuity. The United States purloined the technology from the Germans at the end of the war and then began a clandestine program to produce a fleet of antigravity vehicles; Harry Truman secretly nurtured the program after the saucers' sensational showing in demonstrations the president himself ordered over Washington in 1952; influential engineer and technocrat Vannevar Bush aggressively enforced a secrecy doctrine reminiscent of the Manhattan Project. Four decades later, physics wunderkind, fighter pilot and astronautics prodigy Tommy Swift is recruited into the military's clandestine space program. A Midwestern kid with a talent for math and science and a Ph.D. in physics, he is on a fast track to become a NASA astronaut until diverted to the shadow space program. He becomes commander of Big Black Delta, a mammoth triangular spacecraft.

Flying Magazine





Page: 110

View: 361

Near the Flying Time






View: 540

Beyond Flight Training

Adventures and Opportunities for the Newly Certificated Pilot

Author: LeRoy Cook




Page: 294

View: 741

"Earning the Private Pilot license is a great achievement--now, expand your initial schooling to go Beyond Flight Training. The real excitement begins when the flight instructor lets go of your hand and you're left to set your own goals and create your own motivations. Veteran pilot and instructor LeRoy Cook shows you what lies beyond flight school. In these pages, he'll guide you into areas of aviation your instructors might not have mentioned. Things like planning your first cross-country flying vacation ... or sharpening your weather forecasting skills ... or pursuing advanced endorsements and ratings ... In print for more than 30 years, this 4th Edition of Beyond Flight Training (previously published as 101 Things To Do With Your Private License) is packed with new ways to sharpen your skills and make every flying hour rewarding."--Back cover.

Your Pilot's License, Eighth Edition

Author: Jerry Eichenberger

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional


Category: Transportation

Page: 320

View: 677

TAKE TO THE SKIES WITH THIS FULLY UPDATED, DEFINITIVE GUIDE FOR AVIATORS IN TRAINING "An outstanding resource for anyone interested in getting a pilot's license." -- Private Pilot Written in an easy-to-understand style by a certified flight instructor, Your Pilot's License, Eighth Edition is filled with practical advice to help you understand what it takes to learn how to fly an airplane. This trusted reference has been revised for the latest technologies, regulations, and requirements and offers expanded information on sport pilot training and certification. Get your plans of becoming a pilot off the ground with help from an expert! YOUR PILOT'S LICENSE, EIGHTH EDITION COVERS: Costs and the amount of time it will take to obtain a license Sport pilot, recreational pilot, and glider pilot licenses Different types of ratings and certifications Options for flight Rules, regulations, and requirements Medical minimums Safety Instructors and flight schools The private pilot certificate Control techniques Weather VFR navigation and communications Private and sport pilot examinations And much more

Airborne Combat

The Glider War/Fighting Gliders of WWII

Author: James E. Mrazek

Publisher: Stackpole Books


Category: History

Page: 560

View: 400

Comprehensive look into the dangerous world of glider warfare.

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