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Blek Le Rat

Getting Through the Walls

Author: Sybille Prou



Category: Design

Page: 127

View: 368

A unique view of the life and work of one of the most elusive yet most applauded and influential figures in the world of street art from the past twenty years.

The Sky is Blue, Life is Beautiful

Author: Blek le Rat



Category: Graffiti

Page: 24

View: 217

Blek Le Rat

French Stencil Artist

Author: Ken McGregor





View: 113

Artist Scholar

Reflections on Writing and Research

Author: G. James Daichendt

Publisher: Intellect Books


Category: Art

Page: 161

View: 188

Artist Scholar: Reflections on Writing and Research is part history, introduction, and discussion for artists and designers entering, graduating, and employed by the contemporary art academy in the United States. The evolution of art education in the university continues to expand in the 21st century as the variables of craft, skill, technique, theory, history and criticism shift and expand as the perspective of arts-based research is introduced into this professionalized environment. Given this context: what can M.F.A. students do to improve their understanding of writing and research without sacrificing their commitment to their studio art process? Through a series of essays, the text argues for better writing at the M.F.A. level with the purpose of becoming better artists. By contextualizing art practice in the university and providing a foundation for future artist scholarship, it serves as an invitation to artist scholars to push their work further and develop the confidence to situate their art in the university context.

Theories and Documents of Contemporary Art

A Sourcebook of ArtistsÕ Writings (Second Edition, Revised and Expanded by Kristine Stiles)

Author: Kristine Stiles

Publisher: Univ of California Press


Category: Art

Page: 1141

View: 154

An essential text in the field of contemporary art history, it has now been updated to represent 30 countries and over 100 new artists. The internationalism evident in this revised edition reflects the growing interest in contemporary art throughout the world from the U.S. and Europe to the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Australia.

The Art Assassin

Author: Albert Wang





View: 125

The Mammoth Book of Street Art

An insider's view of contemporary street art and graffiti from around the world

Author: JAKe

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Art

Page: 448

View: 563

Informed by his love of hip hop and graffiti, editor JAKe has compiled a fresh, diverse collection drawn from Rio, Berlin, London, Philadelphia and other street art hotspots. The emphasis is on humour and the artworks venture beyond graffiti to 'installations' such as RONZO's Credit Crunch Monster, cemented in the centre of London's financial district. JAKe brings an insider's awareness of context to this collection which comprises both photographs from his personal archives and a selection of the world's best street art from the artists themselves.

French Graffiti Artists

Zevs, Ash, Invader, Blek Le Rat, 123klan, Miss Van, André

Author: LLC Books

Publisher: General Books


Category: Art

Page: 30

View: 751

Guerilla art

Author: Sebastian Peiter

Publisher: Laurence King Publishers


Category: Art

Page: 112

View: 158

International street artists are currently conquering the art market, with auction houses, collectors, and galleries demanding top prices for their work. This book and DVD package features interviews with key artists including Banksy, Futura, Ramm:ell:zee, Os Gemeos, Invader, Barnstormers, WK Interact, Zevs, Blek le Rat, Andr , Noki, and Eine. Graffiti-inspired street art pioneers Futura, Ramm:ell:zee, and Blek le Rat discuss their own work, how street art was born out of the days of subway train graffiti, spraypainting and tagging, and how the new movement of street artists are doing things differently. Filmed in New York, London, Paris, S o Paulo, and Tokyo, the accompanying documentary shows the artists at work: Zevs practicing his "Visual Kidnappings" of advertising billboards, Blek le Rat sticking up outsized stencils, Os Gemeos painting their lyrical, folklore-inspired murals; and Invader putting up his unique mosaic wall tile images.

Stencil Art

Author: iMinds

Publisher: iMinds Pty Ltd


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 5

View: 941

In any urban setting throughout the world today, you can expect to see examples of stencil art. On street corners, train stations and public toilets the world over stencil art is a favoured tool of the graffiti artist. Many consider such imagery urban pollution, the work of mindless vandals. Such attitudes ignore what has fast become one of the most significant artistic and cultural movements of the early 21st century. Stencil art is no longer the sole domain of the graffiti artist, the aesthetic is now ubiquitous in advertising, the mainstream press and even on the walls of the world's most famous galleries.

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