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Master Mariner

Author: Rob Mundle

Publisher: Grub Street Publishers


Category: Transportation

Page: 240

View: 780

Beyond the Bounty: A biography of the Royal Navy officer from “a master of the maritime narrative” (The Sydney Morning Herald). The eighteenth century was an era when brave mariners took their ships beyond the horizon in search of an unknown world. Those chosen to lead these expeditions were exceptional navigators, men who had shown brilliance as they ascended the ranks in the Royal Navy. They were also bloody good sailors. From ship’s boy to vice-admiral, discover how much more there was to Captain Bligh than his infamous bad temper. Meet a twenty-four-year-old Master Bligh as he witnesses the demise of his captain and mentor, Cook; a thirty-four-year-old Lieutenant Bligh at the helm of the famous Bounty then cast adrift by Fletcher Christian on an epic forty-seven-day open-boat voyage from Tonga to Timor; and a thirty-six-year-old Captain Bligh as he takes HMS Providence, in the company of a young Matthew Flinders, on a grand voyage to Tahiti and back. This book goes beyond the character we’ve seen in movies—into the real life of a complex and remarkable seaman.

Mutiny on the Bounty

A saga of sex, sedition, mayhem and mutiny, and survival against extraordinary odds

Author: Peter FitzSimons

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: History

Page: 720

View: 510

The mutiny on HMS Bounty, in the South Pacific on 28 April 1789, is one of history's truly great stories - a tale of human drama, intrigue and adventure of the highest order - and in the hands of Peter FitzSimons it comes to life as never before. Commissioned by the Royal Navy to collect breadfruit plants from Tahiti and take them to the West Indies, the Bounty's crew found themselves in a tropical paradise. Five months later, they did not want to leave. Under the leadership of Fletcher Christian most of the crew mutinied soon after sailing from Tahiti, setting Captain William Bligh and 18 loyal crewmen adrift in a small open boat. In one of history's great feats of seamanship, Bligh navigated this tiny vessel for 3618 nautical miles to Timor. Fletcher Christian and the mutineers sailed back to Tahiti, where most remained and were later tried for mutiny. But Christian, along with eight fellow mutineers and some Tahitian men and women, sailed off into the unknown, eventually discovering the isolated Pitcairn Island - at the time not even marked on British maps - and settling there. This astonishing story is historical adventure at its very best, encompassing the mutiny, Bligh's monumental achievement in navigating to safety, and Fletcher Christian and the mutineers' own epic journey from the sensual paradise of Tahiti to the outpost of Pitcairn Island. The mutineers' descendants live on Pitcairn to this day, amid swirling stories and rumours of past sexual transgressions and present-day repercussions. Mutiny on the Bounty is a sprawling, dramatic tale of intrigue, bravery and sheer boldness, told with the accuracy of historical detail and total command of story that are Peter FitzSimons' trademarks.

The Master Mariner

Author: Nicholas Monsarrat

Publisher: House of Stratus


Category: Fiction

Page: 866

View: 159

This is Monsarrat's masterpiece, an epic tale of the sea and seafaring from the sixteenth century to the end of the twentieth. Mathew Lawe, a young sailor, is cursed after a spectacular act of cowardice to wander 'the wild waters till all the seas run dry', it is historical fiction beset by real events.


The Man Who Mapped Australia

Author: Rob Mundle

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: History

Page: 400

View: 707

The fascinating story of the exceptional maritime explorer, Matthew Flinders - the man who put Australia on the map. Shipwrecks, storms, death and danger - Matthew Flinders encountered it all on his courageous quest to circumnavigate and chart the treacherous Terra Australis coastline. From the drama of epic voyages and devastating shipwrecks; his part in the naming of Australia; his cruel imprisonment by the French on Mauritius for six long and harrowing years; the heartbreaking separation from his beloved wife; and the comfort he got from his loyal cat, Trim; to his tragic death at just forty. This is a gripping adventure biography that details the life of Flinders, a true hero whose name is forever woven into the fabric of Australian history.

Birth, Marriage and Death Records

A Guide for Family Historians

Author: David Annal

Publisher: Casemate Publishers


Category: Reference

Page: 224

View: 862

Birth, marriage and death records are an essential resource for family historians, and this handbook is an authoritative introduction to them. It explains the original motives for registering these milestones in individual lives, describes how these record-keeping systems evolved, and shows how they can be explored and interpreted. Authors David Annal and Audrey Collins guide researchers through the difficulties they may encounter in understanding the documentation. They recount the history of parish registers from their origin in Tudor times, they look at how civil registration was organized in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and explain how the system in England and Wales differs from those in Scotland and Ireland. The record-keeping practiced by nonconformist and foreign churches, in communities overseas and in the military is also explained, as are the systems of the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Other useful sources of evidence for births, marriages and deaths are explored and, of course, the authors assess the online sites that researchers can turn to for help in this crucial area of family history research.

Master Mariner

The Life and Voyages of Amasa Delano

Author: James Brendan Connolly

Publisher: Garden City, N.Y. : Doubleday, Doran, Incorporated


Category: Merchant mariners

Page: 324

View: 917

This sea captain from Duxbury, Mass. served in the American Revolution as a soldier at 15 and later as a privateersman. His experiences on the sea in India, China, Polynesia, Africa, and South America in the days of New England's supremacy illustrate respect and curiosity for a diversity of cultures. His book was reprinted numerous times and is most remembered as the source for Melville's Benito Cereno.

The Ocean Almanac

Author: Robert Hendrickson

Publisher: Hutchinson


Category: Ocean

Page: 446

View: 878

The Mariner's Mirror

Author: Leonard George Carr Laughton



Category: Great Britain


View: 204

Captain Bligh

the man and his mutinies

Author: Gavin Kennedy

Publisher: Duckbacks


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 321

View: 303

Marine Accident Report

Grounding of the U.S. Tankship, Exxon Valdez on Bligh Reef, Prince William Sound Near Valdez, Alaska, March 24, 1989




Category: Oil spills

Page: 255

View: 316

This report explains the grounding of the United States oil tanker Exxon Valdez on March 24, 1989. Safety issues discussed include the navigation watch, role of human factors, manning standards, the company's drug/alcohol testing and rehabilitation program, vessel traffic service, and oil spill response. Includes safety recommendations, maps.

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