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Bodily Healing And The Atonement

Author: T J McCrossan




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This is the 1930 version of T. J. McCrossan's Bodily Healing And The Atonement (not to be confused with the revised version released by Kenneth Hagin). THIS book proves conclusively from the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures, that Christ died for our sicknesses, as He died for our sins, and meets fully from the Word every reasonable objection. In response to one reader, the Kindle version has been reformatted to link to each chapter from the table of contents and the places in the book where a section is referenced. See Contents. TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTORY REMARKSSatan the real originator and propagator of sin, sickness and death. How he propagates sickness. DIVISION ISix Great Biblical Reasons Why All Christians Should Take Christ As the Healer of Their Bodies. Reason IBecause God healed the sick in Old Testament and New Testament times and He is an unchangeable God. Reason IIBecause the Lord Jesus Christ died to atone for our sicknesses just as He died to atone for our sins. This truth clearly taught by Isaiah, Matthew, Peter and Paul. The true teaching of Matt. 8:17,"That it might be fulfilled." Delitzsch's exposition of Isaiah 53:4. This great truth taught by Old Testament types. Reason IIIBecause all sickness is the result of Satan's work, and Christ was manifested to destroy (annul the power of) Satan's work Reason IVBecause the very same Holy Spirit, Who did all of Christ's miracles, and raised Him from the dead, Who did all of Paul's miracles, is still in the Church, and has all His old time, life giving power. The true teaching of Rom. 8:11.Reason VBecause of Christ's last great commission in Mark 16:17, and because of God's direct command in James 5:14. Whose faith is here meant by "the prayer of faith shall save the sick"? Reason VIBecause of God's marvelous promises, the fulfillment of which depends altogether upon the exercise of our own faith. Since faith is a gift of God, why is faith for "Bodily Healing" not always imparted instantaneously as in the case of "Salvation?" DIVISION IIWas Divine Healing Only Meant for the Church of the Apostolic Days? Genuine Miracles of Healing Just As Common Today As in Apostolic Times. Names, addresses and diseases here recorded. DIVISION IIIObjections AnsweredDIVISION IVWhy So Many True Saints of God Are not Healed AppendixHow to explain, "Falling Under the Power." ls it Hypnotism, Devil-power, or the power of God? ADDENDA NOTES

Atonement Theories

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Divine Healing: The Holiness-Pentecostal Transition Years, 1890–1906

Theological Transpositions in the Transatlantic World

Author: James Robinson

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


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In the present volume, James Robinson shows how the Holiness movement contributed to the rise of Pentecostalism, with emphasis on those sectors that practiced divine healing. Although other scholars have undertaken to explore this story, Robinson's treatment is by far the most thorough examination to date. He draws productively on the burgeoning secondary literatures on Pentecostalism and healing, and brings to light frequently overlooked, yet revealing primary sources. The events narrated are fascinating in their own right, and are important to the histories of Pentecostalism and healing for how they clarify the processes by which divine healing was pursued, debated, and often disparaged. The text also contributes to larger medical and social histories, offering tantalizing glimpses of the roots of some of today's most popular and contested medical and religious responses to sickness and health.

Faith in the Great Physician

Suffering and Divine Healing in American Culture, 1860–1900

Author: Heather D. Curtis

Publisher: JHU Press


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Faith in the Great Physician tells the story of how participants in the evangelical divine healing movement of the late nineteenth century transformed the ways Americans coped with physical affliction and pursued bodily health. Examining the politics of sickness, health, and healing during this period, Heather D. Curtis encourages critical reflection on the theological, cultural, and social forces that come into play when one questions the purpose of suffering and the possibility of healing. Curtis finds that advocates of divine healing worked to revise a deep-seated Christian ethic that linked physical suffering with spiritual holiness. By engaging in devotional disciplines and participating in social reform efforts, proponents of faith cure embraced a model of spiritual experience that endorsed active service, rather than passive endurance, as the proper Christian response to illness and pain. Emphasizing the centrality of religious practices to the enterprise of divine healing, Curtis sheds light on the relationship among Christian faith, medical science, and the changing meanings of suffering and healing in American culture.

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Optimism of Grace from Wesley to the Pentecostals

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Wesleyanism is a movement of hope. Wesleyans and their Holiness and Pentecostal offspring pray and work with the expectancy that the love and power of God will transform hearts and lives, renew the church, and bring compassion, healing, and justice to a suffering world. In a variety of ways, from holiness of heart and life to bodily healing to the abolition of slavery, they anticipated the life of the coming kingdom of heaven to already be breaking into the present through the power of the Holy Spirit. Anticipating Heaven Below explores their optimism of grace, examining its pitfalls as well as its promise. Henry H. Knight seeks to enable and inspire present generations within Wesleyan, Holiness, and Pentecostal movements to proclaim with confidence the promise of heaven below, and to do so with passion and integrity.

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In this thoughtful, comprehensive study of Scripture, tradition and the modern world, John R. W. Stott brings readers face to face with the centrality of the cross in God's plan of redemption.

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