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Cell Phoney

Author: Julia Cook



Category: Education

Page: 32

View: 351

Grades 2-8) After much anticipation, Joanie Maloney finally gets her very own cell phone! Knowing that owning a cell phone requires responsibility and sound judgment, Joanie's mom requires her to complete a Cell Phone Safety Course. “Mom, it's a phone... it's not a weapon!” Joanie exclaims.Along with Joanie, children will learn the six rules of cell phone usage which are designed not only to keep them safe, but also to keep them from being tempted to hurt others. By knowing the rules, children can become masters of their cell phones and avoid becoming a “Cell Phoney!” Paperback, 32 pages.

Tech World: Cell Phone Pros and Cons

Author: Lesley Ward

Publisher: Teacher Created Materials


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 517

Smartphones have transformed the way we live. Many people feel dependent on their smartphones. Some people spend too much time using them. But how much time is too much? This nonfiction book discusses the pros and cons of smartphones while introducing students to new vocabulary terms and concepts. Important text features include a glossary, index, and table of contents to engage students in reading as they develop their comprehension, vocabulary, and literacy skills. The Reader's Guide and culminating activity direct students back to the text as they develop their higher-order thinking skills. Check It Out! provides resources for additional reading and learning. With TIME For Kids content, this book aligns with national and state standards and will keep grade 4 students engaged in reading.

Primary Well-Being: Case Studies for the Growing Child

Author: Deborah Kramer

Publisher: Springer


Category: Medical

Page: 277

View: 703

This book offers solutions on how to enhance the normal development of the well child incorporating complementary medicine. The primary care provider is the only healthcare professional to see every child (0-18) and their parent, and can assess the child’s health and advise parents on how to provide a healthy environment and important practices to nurture healthy children. The book provides realistic scenarios encountered by new nurse practitioners in their clinical training. It is structured in a question and answer framework to help practitioners critically think through the best practices to be implemented during the well child visit and develop a plan of action for the family. This book provides assessment and diagnostic criteria and tools and presents common developmental and behavioral issues for each age group. The book promotes the role of professional as advocate by making recommendations for broad social policies to help all children succeed.

Ethics, Law and Society

Author: Jennifer Gunning

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Law

Page: 334

View: 451

This key collection brings together a selection of papers commissioned and published by the Cardiff Centre for Ethics, Law & Society. It incorporates contributions from a group of international experts along with a selection of short opinion pieces written in response to specific ethical issues. The collection addresses issues arising in biomedical and medical ethics ranging from assisted reproductive technologies to the role of clinical ethics committees. It examines broader societal issues with particular emphasis on sustainability and the environment and also focuses on issues of human rights in current global contexts. The contributors collect responses to issues arising from high profile cases such as the legitimacy of war in Iraq to physician-related suicide. The volume will provide a valuable resource for practitioners and academics with an interest in ethics across a range of disciplines.

Sentence Resources for Writers

Author: Elizabeth C. Long

Publisher: Longman Publishing Group


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 848

View: 239

From the author of the highly successful paragraph to essay level text, Resources for Writers, comes the companion text for the sentence to paragraph level course, Sentence Resources for Writers, a textbook designed to f ully meet the needs of the developing college writer and the developmental writing educator. All the resources students need to succeed in this course, and all the resources instructors need to successfully teach this course (without supplementing) are available exclusively in this one book. The integration of comprehensive skill instruction, a wealth of exercises, and a lab manual make Sentence Resources for Writers the most complete resource for developmental writing at the sentence to paragraph level. Sentence Resources for Writers gives clear and accessible writing instruction using appealing examples from cultural literacy. Each chapter uses a cultural literacy topic drawing from light-hearted topics to serious ones. The four Cs approach to skills is used consistently to reinforce corresponding skills and lead students through the process of writing effective sentences. Plentiful exercises gives students effective reinforcement.Examples are drawn from a wide variety of sources-novels, newspapers, magazines-and provide high student interest. Chapters are modular giving instructors maximum flexibility. An appealing four-color design showcases the photos included and adds visual interest to each page. The text's Lab Manual consists of workbook activities for each text chapter that are supplemented by additional, correlated activities in the Online Lab Manual.

The Glass Cell

A Virago Modern Classic

Author: Patricia Highsmith

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 210

'The Glass Cell has lost little of its disturbing power . . . Highsmith was a genuine one-off, and her books will haunt you' Daily Telegraph Philip Carter has spent six years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. On his release his beautiful wife is waiting for him. He has never had any reason to doubt her. Nor their friend, Sullivan. Carter has never been suspicious, or violent. But prison can change a man. In 1961, Patricia Highsmith received a fan letter from a prison inmate. A correspondence ensued and Highsmith became fascinated with the psychological traumas that incarceration can inflict.

Doctor Who: The Blood Cell

Author: James Goss

Publisher: Broadway Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 256

View: 946

"Release the Doctor - or the killing will start." An asteroid in the furthest reaches of space - the most secure prison for the most dangerous of criminals. The Governor is responsible for the worst fraudsters and the cruellest murderers. So he's certainly not impressed by the arrival of the man they're calling the most dangerous criminal in the quadrant. Or, as he prefers to be known, the Doctor. What does impress the Governor is the way the new prisoner immediately sets about trying to escape. And keeps trying. Finally, he sends for the Doctor and asks him why? But the answer surprises even the Governor. And then there's the threat - unless the Governor listens to the Doctor, a lot of people will die. Who is the Doctor and what's he really doing here? Why does he want to help the Governor? And who is the young woman who comes every day to visit him, only to be turned away by the guards? When the killing finally starts, the Governor begins to get his answers...

Medical Law and Ethics

Author: Shaun D. Pattinson



Category: Law and ethics

Page: 659

View: 617

'Medical Law & Ethics' presents students with the major moral theories, the relevance of medical ethics and the tensions faced by existing regulatory structures and the system of medical care.

Law and Bioethics

Author: Michael D. A. Freeman

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


Category: Law

Page: 482

View: 714

Current Legal Issues, like its sister volume Current Legal Problems, is based upon an annual colloquium held at University College London. Each year, leading scholars from around the world gather to discuss the relationship between law and another discipline of thought. Each colloquium examines how the external discipline is conceived in legal thought and argument, how the law is pictured in that discipline, and analyses points of controversy in the use, and abuse, of extra-legal arguments within legal theory and practice. Law and Bioethics, the latest volume in the Current Legal Issues series, contains a broad range of essays by scholars interested in the interactions between law and bioethics. It includes studies examining the regulation of stem cell research, human rights and bioethics, the regulation of reproductive technologies, and distributive justice in healthcare and pandemic planning.

Falling Awake

An American Woman Gets a Grip on the Whole Changing World One Essay at a Time

Author: Mary Lou Sanelli

Publisher: Aequitas Books


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 251

View: 210

Falling Awake chronologically compiles Sanellis inquisitive, savvy, and humorous commentary. Political relations, womens issues, family dynamics, the intricacies of a writers life, what can go wrong at a Seattle dinner partyall are mulled over in this intelligently engaging collection that is a lifeaffirming journey in essays, a testimonial to the agelong process of questioning the status quo in order to find ones truth.

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