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Another Come and Read Me Book of Poems

Author: Terry J Powell

Publisher: Author House


Category: Poetry

Page: 68

View: 550

The 3rd book in the series of the "come and read me book of poems." Yet again all the things that I have observed and experienced through the last 15 years or so of my life. Again another journey through the trials and riggers of life. Not every poem can suit ever-ones taste but there's something for everyone, Incidentally this picture is a visit to my local black country museum in the west Midlands of the UK. I hope that the poems I have written can be enjoyed by those who read them, and don't forget that its the individual that interprets each poem to their own way of thinking. Many thanks for reading and purchasing another of my books. Terry J Powell

The Come and Read Me Book of Poems 2

Author: Terry J Powell

Publisher: Author House


Category: Poetry

Page: 90

View: 288

DISCLAIMER: All poems in this book are for others to enjoy. If there is an individual that feels offended by my freedom of expression then i say "don't read if it offends." These Poems are meant to be thought provoking and create an impression that is individually the concept of each reader and how they interpret each poem. I trust like my 1st book that you will journey though the contents of this book and will enjoy all of the poems, and will journey through the unpublished poems yet to come in either book form or eBook form. Many thanks.

Can You Read Me?

Creative Writing With Child and Adult Victims of Abuse

Author: Jacki Pritchard

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 192

View: 529

This book presents poems, stories and journal work spontaneously written by people, young and old, who have suffered serious abuse. The editors' explanations and commentaries suggest how health and social care workers can facilitate creative writing as a potential contribution to emotional healing in work with both individuals and small groups. In addition to individual contributors, the book records the activities of groups developed by Barnardos for children and young people and by Beyond Existing for adults. Although not written as a training manual per se, the book offers photocopiable exercises and an appendix of writings for use in staff training. Can You Read Me? illustrates the great potential for applying our creative imaginations and personal qualities like sensitivity in work with survivors of abuse and those with mental health and disability problems. .

Read Me Like A Book

Author: Liz Kessler

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 304

View: 833

'An important contribution to the YA literary canon and a welcome reminder that love is love, no matter what.' - Jodi Picoult, New York Times bestselling author The first YA novel from bestselling author Liz Kessler, Read Me Like A Book is a brave, honest and vital coming-out story that follows one girl's exploration of love, identity and sexuality. Ashleigh Walker is having a difficult year. She's struggling at school, and coming home to parents who are on the verge of divorce. She knows she should be happy spending time with her boyfriend - but, for some reason, being around him just makes her worry more. It's only in her English teacher, Miss Murray, that she feels she's found a kindred spirit. Miss Murray helps Ashleigh develop her writing skills and her confidence - but what happens when boundaries begin to blur? What will the repercussions be for Ashleigh? And how will she navigate her own sexuality?

Read Me - İngilizce Okuma Parçaları, Test ve Çeviri Ağırlıklı, Yardımcı Çalışma Kitabı - EpEnglish

EpEnglish Group'tan Read Me İsimli Yardımcı Çalışma Kitabı

Author: Gençağa Güner

Publisher: EpEnglish


Category: Education


View: 247

"Read Me" Yardımcı İngilizce Çalışma Kitabı İçeriğinde Neler var? 1) 64 Okuma Parçası - İngilizce ve Türkçesi 2) 3 Oyun 3) +1 Ekstra Pratik İngilizce Öğrenme Yöntemi (Chain Replacement Drills (Zincirleme Değiştirme Alıştırmaları)) 4) 39 Alıştırma 5) 21 Test 6) Türkçe'de de sıkça kullanılan İngilizce Kelimeler (395 Adet)

This Singing World for Younger Children

Modern Poems, Selected

Author: Louis Untermeyer



Category: American poetry

Page: 382

View: 184

Read Me Like a Book

Using Hermeneutics as a Guide to Pastoral Counseling

Author: Jason Cusick

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 138

View: 232

Many pastors feel overwhelmed and ill-equipped to deal with the counseling issues in their congregations. But pastors are actually better equipped for counseling than they realize. Hermeneutics, homiletics, pastoral care, and counseling all share a common foundation in the field of "interpretation." With this book, pastors can learn to interpret people with the same expertise they use to interpret Scripture. Read Me Like a Book offers a simple, practical, and theoretically sound approach to help pastors leverage their exegetical skills to improve their pastoral counseling.


Author: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow





View: 350

Say and Seal (Complete)

Author: Susan Warner

Publisher: Library of Alexandria


Category: Fiction

Page: 636

View: 783

The street was broad, with sidewalks, and wide grass-grown borders, and a spacious track of wheels and horses' feet in the centre. Great elms, which the early settlers planted, waved their pendant branches over the peaceful highway, and gave shelter and nest-room to numerous orioles, killdeer, and robins; putting off their yellow leaves in the autumn, and bearing their winter weight of snow, in seeming quiet assurance that spring would make amends for all. So slept the early settlers in the churchyard! Along the street, at pleasant neighbourly intervals—not near enough to be crowded, nor far enough to be lonely—stood the houses,—comfortable, spacious, compact,—"with no nonsense about them." The Mong lay like a mere blue thread in the distance, its course often pointed out by the gaff of some little sloop that followed the bends of the river up toward Suckiaug. The low rolling shore was spotted with towns and spires: over all was spread the fairest blue sky and floating specks of white. Not many sounds were astir,—the robins whistled, thief-like, over the cherry-trees; the killdeer, from some high twig, sent forth his sweet clear note; and now and then a pair of wheels rolled softly along the smooth road: the rush of the wind filled up the pauses. Anybody who was down by the Mong might have heard the soft roll of his blue waters,—any one by the light-house might have heard the harsher dash of the salt waves. I might go on, and say that if anybody had been looking out of Mrs. Derrick's window he or she might have seen—what Mrs. Derrick really saw! For she was looking out of the window (or rather through the blind) at the critical moment that afternoon. It would be too much to say that she placed herself there on purpose,—let the reader suppose what he likes. At the time, then, that the village clock was striking four, when meditative cows were examining the length of their shadows, and all the geese were setting forth for their afternoon swim, a stranger opened Mrs. Derrick's little gate and walked in. Stretching out one hand to the dog in token of good fellowship, (a classical mind might have fancied him breaking the cake by whose help Quickear got past the lions,) he went up the walk, neither fast nor slow, ascended the steps, and gave what Mrs. Derrick called "considerable of a rap" at the door. That done, he faced about and looked at the far off blue Mong. Not more intently did he eye and read that fair river; not more swiftly did his thoughts pass from the Mong to things beyond human ken; than Mrs. Derrick eyed and read—his back, and suffered her ideas to roam into the far off regions of speculation. The light summer coat, the straw hat, were nothing uncommon; but the silk umbrella was too good for the coat—the gloves and boots altogether extravagant!

Say and Seal

Historical Romance Novel

Author: Susan Warner

Publisher: e-artnow


Category: Fiction

Page: 862

View: 907

Set in old Pattaquasset, Connecticut, Say and Seal tells the story of a slow romance with deep emotional moments between a young local lady and a new teacher in town. Mr. Linden is a schoolteacher who is earning a few dollars to finish his degree as a preacher. He manages to live up to his calling, bringing the Gospel to all the "good" folks in town who didn't think they were sinners, but who were in need of a Savior nonetheless. Practicing delightful Christian charity with feeding the needy and helping the disadvantaged, he catches the eye of young Miss Faith.

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