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Elenchus of Biblica


Publisher: Gregorian Biblical BookShop




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Cuide su rebano

Author: Timothy Laniak

Publisher: eBook Partnership


Category: Religion

Page: 286

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The realities and rewards of leadership come to life in this illuminating and insightful look at the ancient biblical image of shepherds. Experience a fully illustrated personal encounter with Bedouin shepherds whose life and work prompt us to think biblically about serving Christ. Here is your trail to become a shepherd leader: a compassionate provider, courageous protector and competent guide. Take this forty day journey and experience a life changing encounter with the Divine Shepherd. Become a shepherd after God's own heart by rediscovering true biblical leadership. An authentic classic endorsed by Billy Graham and a host of church and ministry leaders from across the globe. *Dear Dr. Laniak, Our family knows from first-hand experience your heartbeat for the Gospel and your love of the students in your charge. You are an authentic Shepherd Leader, and I am encouraged to know that you are training others to be the same. (Dr. Billy Graham) *Of the leadership models in Christ's ministry, only the servant model has received any in-depth treatment. Laniak's book helps remedy this lack, providing a detailed treatment of the Shepherd Model - something that is desperately needed by today's Christian leaders. (Dr. Bobby Clinton, J. Robert Clinton Leadership Development Institute and Clinton Network) *When much of what passes for Christian leadership is made up of secular models, with some biblical texts thrown in, this book models for us godly leadership as shown in Jesus - the Chief Shepherd! (Dr. Leighton Ford, Leighton Ford Ministries) *Books on leadership are everywhere but this one is different: Tim Laniak gives perspectives on 'shepherd leadership' drawn from biblical insights, first hand cross-cultural living amongst shepherds in Bible lands, and contemporary applications. (Kirk Franklin, Executive Director, Wycliffe International, Melbourne, Australia) *A warm, winsome, and captivating forty-day journey to Godly leadership. (Anne Graham Lotz, Founder and President, AnGeL Ministries) *With a shepherd's heart and a scholar's mind, Laniak goes beyond Phillip Keller's devotional classic, A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23, and raises our job description to a divine standard. (Dr. Haddon W. Robinson, President, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) *Through real-life stories of shepherds, Christian leaders are called to be not only tender and loving, but also tough and disciplined. (Dr. John M. Perkins, President, The John M. Perkins Foundation) *Exceptional leadership insights, welcome guidance, and rare encouragement! (Dr. Mark W. McCloskey, Lead Faculty, Transformational Leadership, Bethel Seminary) *Reading Laniak's fascinating anthropological observations and rich scriptural insights will make spiritual shepherds anywhere in the world better leaders and better followers. (Dr. Samuel J. Voorhies, Former Director, International Leadership Development, World Vision International) *A refreshing devotional that draws the long time Christian leader back to first base... and equally equips the new pastor, elder or deacon who desires to remain faithful over the long haul. (Dr. David Yap, Pastor, Chairman, SIM East Asia) * Because Laniak's reflection is so deeply grounded in Scripture and its cultural context, I will recommend this work enthusiastically to God's undershepherds everywhere, who will find its orientation immediately relevant. (Dr. David Baer, President, Overseas Council) *Laniak's refreshing insights provide a roadmap for further reflection long after the 40 days of readings have been completed. (Dr. John Pellowe, CEO, Canadian Council of Christian Charities) *A spiritual quest that could have been written specifically for military chaplains...(Captain Jessie R. Tate, Former Fleet Chaplain, Commander US Fleet Forces Command) * A most needed and timely book that warms the heart and lifts the spirit. (Dr. Danny Goh, Associate Dean & Chair, Pastoral Theology, Singapore Bible College)

Natural Law

Historical, Systematic and Juridical Approaches

Author: Alejandro Néstor García Martínez

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing


Category: Philosophy

Page: 485

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Modern moral and political philosophy is in debt with natural law theory, both in its ancient and mediaeval elaborations. While the very notion of a natural law has proved highly controversial among 20th Century scholars, the last decades have witnessed a renewed interest in it. Indeed, the threats and challenges as result of multiculturalism, plural societies and global changes have generated a renewed attention to natural law theory. Clearly, it offers solid basis as possible framework to a better understanding of human goods without contradictions and partial bias. The purpose of the present volume is to provide an overview of the history of this concept (Cicero, St. Paul, Aquinas, Melanchthon, Montaigne, Descartes, Leibniz, Hume, Burke, Kant, MacIntyre, etc.) as well as a deep understanding of ongoing research, both in Europe and in America. Furthermore, the specificity of these studies will be of particular value to philosophers, law-philosophers, historians, anthropologists, sociologists and theologians, and those concerned on such issues as the relation between law and moral norm, law and practical reason, and the presence of the idea of natural law in several prominent thinkers. It includes a selected bibliography on natural law. The book also provides an excellent introduction to several of the major topics in natural law theory making it useful both as a reference text and as a sourcebook for academics alike. "Natural law is a rich, complex, and highly disputed term. Since its first appearances in the history of Western civilization, it has been used both to point to God as the source of the moral order and to assert that there is an objective order of justice in nature that men and their laws ought to respect. In modern times, natural law theory gave birth to what we usually call “human rights.” Unlike the meaning of the term, the importance of an ongoing debate on natural law and on the theories related to it is undisputable. This is why I welcome today this new collection of essays edited by Alejandro Néstor García Martínez, Mario Šilar and José M. Torralba. Natural Law: Historical, Systematic and Juridical Approaches includes a wide variety of studies, covering key authors and issues in natural law theory. Younger students will appreciate the clarity of the chapters, and more trained readers the detailed and accurate bibliographical references that each of them offers. The editors’s choice to go from a historical approach to contemporary theories, and then to theoretical and more practical issues is also commendable. Students in philosophy and in legal theory will greatly benefit from this book." —Fulvio Di Blasi, author of God and the Natural Law: A Rereading of Thomas Aquinas

Interpreting Translation

Studies on the LXX and Ezekiel in Honour of Johan Lust

Author: Florentino García Martínez

Publisher: Peeters Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 512

View: 466

The 30 essays by some of the most prominent scholars on the field of Septuagint studies collected in this volume deal with the Septuagint in general and with the Septuagint of Ezekiel in particular, but also with text-critical, philological, lexicographical and theological topics, faithfully reflecting the wide range of interests of Professor Johan Lust. Edited by F. Garca Martnez and Marc Vervenne.


Ainda há uma esperança

Author: Ernani Lara

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 147

View: 394

This book shows the way so you can have a life happy. Facing the formation of the second family teaching the word of God contained in the Holy Bible. In the book of Genesis says: What God has joined together let no one separate the man. Many say that God does everything but God has the power to do anything and everything, but it does not, he gives us free will. So to do the best for his family life and marriage, you should read this book and know God's best and the choice is yours, be happy or not. This book is originally written in Portuguese, if you want a copy in English, just write to the author for email [email protected], soon also here in Xlibris Este livro mostra o caminho para que possa ter uma vida feliz. Está voltado para a formação da família segundo os ensinos da palavra de Deus conti dos na Bíblia Sagrada. No livro de Genesis diz: O que Deus ajuntou não separe o homem. Muitos dizem que Deus faz tudo, mas Deus tem o poder para fazer tudo e de tudo, mas não o faz, Ele nos dá livre arbítrio. Portanto para fazer o melhor para sua vida familiar e conjugal, deverá ler este livro e conhecer o melhor de Deus e a escolha será sua, ser feliz ou não. Este livro é originalmente escrito em Portugues, caso deseje uma cópia em Inglês, basta escrever ao autor para o email [email protected], breve também aqui na Xlibris

Feminismo, género e instituciones

cuerpos que importan, discursos que (de)construyen

Author: Jaqueline Vassallo

Publisher: Editorial de la Universidad Catolica de Cordoba


Category: Feminism

Page: 297

View: 945

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Un Nino Los Pastoreara

Ninez, Teologia Y Mision

Author: Harold C. Segura

Publisher: Editorial Mundo Hispano


Category: Religion

Page: 115

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Journal of Latin American Theology, Volume 11, Number 1

Author: Lindy Scott

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 128

View: 158

Journal of Latin American Theology: Christian Reflections from the Latino South Special issue on the Comentario biblico contemporaneo Vol. 11, No. 1, Spring 2016 The Journal of Latin American Theology enters its second decade with this current issue, which presents an English-language sample of the exciting Comentario biblico contemporaneo (CBC, Contemporary Bible Commentary), forthcoming in Spanish from publisher Certeza Unida and in English from Zondervan. This full-Bible, one-volume commentary has been years in the making and contains some of the finest biblical exegesis and pastoral theology by contemporary Latin American Protestant leaders. This issue includes the CBC's commentaries on three entire books of the Bible: Ruth, Obadiah, and Galatians; as well as seven of the short articles included in the CBC which treat some of the most vital issues for the church today, including migration, racism, and sexual identity. We are overjoyed to present this gift from the Latin American church to English-speaking Christians around the globe.

God's Economy

Biblical Studies from Latin America

Author: Ross Kinsler



Category: Business & Economics

Page: 250

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