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Decadent Gluten-Free Vegan Baking

Delicious, Gluten-, Egg- and Dairy-Free Treats and Sweets

Author: Cara Reed

Publisher: Page Street Publishing


Category: Cooking

Page: 192

View: 672

Exceptional Vegan and Gluten-Free Baked Goods Baking delicious, one-of-a-kind desserts is one thing, but when those desserts are gluten-free and that's something everybody can enjoy. Cara Reed, creator of, is sharing over 100 amazing and easy gluten-free, vegan recipes that are also unique from her blog. By using tasty and natural substitutions such as almond milk, soy butter, coconut oil and nut-based cream, your treats will be the star of the show with any crowd. Creative and mouth-watering recipes include Churros with Chocolate Dipping Sauce, Pumpkin Cupcakes, German Chocolate Cake and Sweet Almond Braided Bread. So whether you're gluten-free, vegan or just looking to try something a little more plant-based and a lot more delicious, this book has it all.

Sweet Eats for All

250 Decadent Gluten-Free, Vegan Recipes--from Candy to Cookies, Puff Pastries to Petits Fours

Author: Allyson Kramer

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Cooking

Page: 336

View: 238

The Definitive Guide to (Gluten-Free Vegan) Dessert is the go-to allergy-free dessert book—from candy to cookies, puff pastries to petits fours, this is the essential book for creating decadent allergy friendly treats. With over 250 recipes, illustrated chapters on Basic Equipment and Tips and Common Conversions for both Omnivore and Glutenous Ingredients, and chapter openers discussing and illustrating techniques related to the recipes, this book boasts a comprehensive guide to making delicious desserts for any diet. Since multiple allergens are common among people who follow vegan and gluten-free diets, each recipe will be clearly labeled as soy free, nut free, corn free, refined sugar free, low fat, or bean free, and each recipe provides complete nutrition information to help you watch your intake while indulging.

Let Them Eat Cake: Classic, Decadent Desserts with Vegan, Gluten-Free & Healthy Variations

More Than 80 Recipes for Cookies, Pies, Cakes, Ice Cream, and More!

Author: Gesine Bullock-Prado

Publisher: Abrams


Category: Cooking

Page: 224

View: 629

In today's allergy-prone and health-obsessed world, there are times when the refined sugar, eggs, wheat, or butter in our favorite treats just won't cut it. Let Them Eat Cake includes 80-plus classic recipes in all their extravagant glory, as well as the secrets to making three alternative versions of each one: healthy, gluten-free, and vegan. From a Fudgy Chocolate Bundt and Maple Madeleines to Meyer Lemon Mile High Pie and Banana Split Ice Cream, this collection of cookies, muffins, brownies, pies, and cakes proves that, no matter your preferences, you can always have your cake and eat it, too.

Vegan Gluten-free Baking

Totally Guilt-free!: Healthy and Delicious, 100% Vegan and Gluten-free Dessert Recipes You Will Love

Author: Kira Novac

Publisher: CreateSpace



Page: 84

View: 936

Gluten-Free Vegan Baking Made Easy, Exciting and Fun! - Discover how much variety you can ENJOY on a gluten-free vegan diet so that you never feel deprived again. - Your guide to creating healthy, vegan and gluten-free desserts while keeping your taste buds satisfied! FREE BONUS: Free complimentary recipe eBook inside. When you switch to the vegan diet, you may be worried about whether or not you will still be able to eat your favorite foods. While you might have to make some big changes to your diet, there are plenty of vegan alternatives out there for traditional foods. You can still enjoy things like pancakes, muffins, even vegan omelets- even decadent desserts! The vegan diet is an excellent choice if you are looking for a way to improve your health and vitality with the recipes included in this book, you won't feel like you are making a sacrifice. What about gluten? Another diet that has recently skyrocketed in popularity is the gluten-free diet. While many people are forced to switch to this diet out of medical necessity resulting from gluten allergies or intolerance, some people are making the switch simply because they think it is a healthy alternative to the modern Western diet as you can use it as a tool to achieve your health and wellness goals. The gluten-free diet can even be combined with the vegan diet, if you like! Vegan + Gluten Free Combo: so what are the health benefits? Once you make the switch to the vegan gluten-free diet you shouldn't be surprised if you feel your body start to change. Removing processed grains and animal products from your diet can work wonders for your digestion and your body as a whole. You may find that you have more energy during the day and that you no longer suffer from food cravings. Can I lose weight on a vegan gluten free diet? The vegan gluten-free diet can be used as a tool for weight loss because many of the foods included in the diet are naturally low in calories but high in nutrition. Just be sure to mind your portions and make an effort to follow a balanced diet. If you are ready to give the vegan gluten-free diet a try, this book is the perfect place to start. In the pages of this book you will find a collection of dozens of vegan gluten-free recipes from pancakes to amazingly tasty vegan. Gluten-free and dairy-free breads, muffins and everything in between. HERE'S A SHORT PREVIEW OF YUU ARE JUST ABOUT TO CREATE, TASTE AND ENJOY WITH YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS: Amazingly Tasty Muffins and Breakfast Bread Recipes All Kinds of Cookies and Bars Delicious and Healthy Cakes, Cupcakes and Quick Breads TOTAL- over 30 recipes! I am not a good cook and I have never tried to bake anything. Is this book for me? Thanks to a simple, step-by-step nature of each recipe, you will be able to learn the secrets of gluten-free vegan baking almost effortlessly. Each recipe contains the detailed shopping list + photo +servings + instructions. So simple that even a kid could do it (actually my 8-year-old son does!). So what are you waiting for? Pick a recipe, start cooking and have everyone love you for it!

Vegan & Gluten-Free Baking

Over 80 delicious vegan and gluten-free recipes!

Author: Love Food Editors

Publisher: Parragon Books Ltd


Category: Cooking

Page: 208

View: 532

With more people choosing to follow gluten-free and vegan diets, let Gluten-Free Vegan Baking guide you through every step to make a wide variety of “free-from” baked goodies, from family cakes to decadent desserts and flavorful breads. Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, or sufferer of intolerances or allergies, there is something here to suit every taste. Each recipe is very easy to follow, with clear instructions and full colour photos of each dish to give you complete confidence in the kitchen.

Bold Flavored Vegan Cooking

Healthy Plant-Based Recipes with a Kick

Author: Celine Steen

Publisher: Page Street Publishing


Category: Cooking

Page: 208

View: 155

Excite Your Taste Buds with Big Flavors Celine Steen, founder of the popular food blog Have Cake Will Travel, embraces dynamic seasoning with umami-rich, meat-free ingredients like dried shiitake mushrooms, tamari, miso and matcha. Celine adds new levels of flavor to your favorite dishes with unique combinations of aromatic spices, from Szechuan peppercorn to dried árbol chiles. Her dishes are nothing short of bold and memorable. Whether you’re craving something savory like Caramelized Jackfruit Tacos, spicy like Moroccan-Flavored Stuffed Squash or sweet like Miso Caramel Galette, Celine has you covered. With gluten-free, soy-free and oil-free options and meals that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less, Bold Flavored Vegan Cooking will ensure you keep coming back for more.

Decadent Gluten-Free Treats

With Tempting Vegan and Dairy-Free Options

Author: Tamara Jane



Category: Baking

Page: 128

View: 873

"Created especially to cater for people on a restricted diet, there are recipes that are free from gluten, others that are free from eggs or dairy and some that are suitable for vegans ... Each recipe is annotated gluten, dairy, egg or nut free for quick and easy reference and all the special ingredients are listed and explained at the front of the book"--Publisher information.

Flying Apron's Gluten-Free & Vegan Baking Book

Author: Jennifer Katzinger

Publisher: Sasquatch Books


Category: Cooking

Page: 192

View: 345

Over the last decade, a vegan diet has become a more mainstream choice; food allergies have been increasing at alarming rates; and celiac disease is on everyone's radar. When owner Jennifer Katzinger opened The Flying Apron Bakery in 2002, she wanted to accommodate more people, as well as use healthier ingredients so she eliminated gluten, dairy, egg, soy, and wheat. The mouthwatering result? Cakes and muffins with a tender crumb, cookies with a chewy bite, frosting that's light yet satisfyingly sweet, and pastry that flakes at the touch of a fork. In Flying Apron's Gluten-Free and Vegan Baking Book, Katzinger shares the delicious secrets of her sweet and savory recipes. Bake yummy pastries like Blueberry Cinnamon Scones and Lemon Poppy Seed muffins, or whip up a batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies, or Cardamom Spice Cupcakes. In more than 80 recipes, Katzinger offers satisfying treats, whether you're transitioning to a vegan or gluten-free diet, or simply wanting to indulge a sweet tooth using healthier ingredients.

Vegan & Gluten-free Baking

Over 80 Delicious Vegan and Gluten-free Recipes!

Author: Jane Hughes (Food writer)



Category: Baking


View: 964

With more and more people now choosing to follow gluten-free and vegan diets, there has been a growth in cafš, restaurants, and stores providing both animal-friendly and gluten-free products. However, it can still be daunting to think of making your own home-cooked treats. Let Gluten-Free Vegan Baking guide you through every step to make a wide variety of "free-from" goodies. Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, or sufferer of intolerances or allergies, there is something here to suit every taste, from family cakes to decadent desserts and flavorful breads. Each recipe is very easy to follow, with clear instructions and full color photos of each dish to give you complete confidence in the kitchen.

Chloe's Vegan Desserts

More than 100 Exciting New Recipes for Cookies and Pies, Tarts and Cobblers, Cupcakes and Cakes--and More!

Author: Chloe Coscarelli

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Cooking

Page: 272

View: 931

Chef Chloe, the first vegan winner of Cupcake Wars, brings her signature creativity and fun to the best part of every meal: Dessert! CHEF CHLOE’S first all-dessert cookbook, Chloe’s Vegan Desserts, will satisfy your sweet tooth from morning to night with more than 100 recipes for cakes and cupcakes, ice cream and doughnuts and pies—oh my! And you just will not believe these delicious dishes are vegan. You can start the day with New York–Style Crumb Cake, light and zesty Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins, luscious Chocolate Babka, or decadent Tiramisu Pancakes (topped with a dollop of cool Coconut Whipped Cream). Here, too, are more than a dozen inventive, innovative, irresistible cupcake recipes, including Chloe’s Cupcake Wars’ Award-Winning Chocolate Orange Cupcakes with Candied Orange Peel, saffron- and cardamom-spiced Bollywood Cupcakes, and rich and boozy Chocolate Beer Cupcakes with Irish Whiskey Buttercream. Chloe’s got you covered for the holidays with her Easy Apple Pie and Absolutely Perfect Pumpkin Pie, Holiday Trifle, Nuts for Hot Cocoa, and Pumpkin Spice Latte. She re-creates classic desserts and treats from Chocolate Chip Cookies to Classic Crème Brûlée, and veganizes store-bought favorites with her Oreo-style Chloe O’s, Pumpkin Whoopie Pies, Animal Cookies, and Black-and-White Cookies—which are better (and healthier) than what you’ll find at the grocery store. Chloe also serves up brand-new triumphs like her dreamy Lemon Olive-Oil Cake, Rosemary Ice Cream with Blueberry Sauce, Coconut Cream Pie, Chocolate Cream Pie, Coconut Sorbet with Cashew Brittle, and good-to-the-last-drop milkshakes. Who can possibly resist? Go ahead and lick that spoon—there are no worries when you bake vegan! With gorgeous color photography, clever tips, and a comprehensive section on vegan baking basics to get you started, Chloe’s Vegan Desserts will be your new vegan dessert bible.

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