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Divorce and Remarriage

Four Christian Views

Author: H. Wayne House

Publisher: InterVarsity Press


Category: Religion

Page: 269

View: 946

Editor H. Wayne House introduces a lively debate on varying Christian views of divorce and remarriage. Contributors include J. Carl Laney, William Heth, Thomas Edgar and Larry Richards.

Divorce and Remarriage in the Bible

The Social and Literary Context

Author: David Instone-Brewer

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing


Category: Religion

Page: 355

View: 417

Through a careful exploration of the background literature of the Old Testament, the ancient Near East and ancient Judaism, Instone-Brewer constructs a biblical picture of divorce and remarriage that is directly relevant to modern relationships.

Divorce And Remarriage!

Author: Zacharias Tanee Fomum

Publisher: ZTF Books Online


Category: Young Adult Nonfiction


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I recently spent one month in one of the leading countries of the world whose population is said to be twenty-five percent Christians. Yes, the claim is that one out of every four people is born again. I was also told that the divorce rate was sky-rocketing. One minister even told me that the divorce rate among believers was just as high as the one among the unsaved. I was told that leading ministers of the gospel were divorcing their wives and marrying other women, while continuing to have the blessings of God on their big ministries. This set me thinking! Were they using a Bible that was different from the one I was using? Were we in different religions? I began to think seriously on the subject. I read and re-read the Scriptures. You will find in the following pages the fruit of my study.

Recycling the Family

Remarriage After Divorce

Author: Frank F. Furstenberg

Publisher: Beverly Hills, Calif. : Sage Publications


Category: Remariage - États-Unis - Études longitudinales

Page: 288

View: 652

This volume reports on the result of a longitudinal study of the social, psychological, and economic adjustment to the transition from marriage to divorce to remarriage. While remarriage has become increasingly common in real life it has largely been ignored in literature. Furstenberg and Spanier present for the first time the result of a serious study of the world of remarried couples. Many factors change in the second marriage -- there is the presence of former spouses and complex familial arrangements, and the involved system of relationships forces us to reconsider our entire definition of the family. This volume adds to our knowledge of remarriage through exploratory interviews and surveys. It is a companion study to Spanier and Linda Thompson's book, Parting: The Aftermath of Separation and Divorce, also available from SAGE.

Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage in the Bible

Author: Jay E. Adams

Publisher: Harper Collins


Category: Religion

Page: 128

View: 288

Many pastors, counselors, and theologians consider this book the most helpful on the issue of marriage and divorce.

Divorced Families

Meeting the Challenge of Divorce and Remarriage

Author: Constance R. Ahrons

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 259

View: 644

Decribes the expectable difficulties inherent in the separation-divorce-remarriage process, and offers guidance on making the transitions smoother ones

Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage, Revised and Enlarged Edition

Author: Andrew Cherlin

Publisher: Harvard University Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 178

View: 140

Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage

Author: Daniel Goepfrich

Publisher: Xulon Press


Category: Religion

Page: 204

View: 494

Goepfrich offers help and hope to those who are considering marriage, getting married for the first time, in a marriage that is falling apart, divorced or considering divorce, remarried or considering remarriage, or concerned about a friend or family members marriage. (Practical Life)

20 Answers: Divorce and Remarriage

Author: Jim Blackburn




Page: 76

View: 384

What is the meaning of marriage? What conditions can make a marriage invalid? And what does the Church teach about remarriage after divorce? Few other subjects in our Church today carry with it such far-reaching emotional and spiritual implications as marriage and divorce. Through a careful exploration of what the Church teaches, apologist Jim Blackburn clears up common misconceptions and explains the nature of a true marriage.

Divorce & Remarriage

A Redemptive Theology

Author: Rubel Shelly

Publisher: ACU Press


Category: Religion

Page: 176

View: 654

In this book, a serious scholar with extensive experience in ministry looks at the question of divorce and remarriage. He offers a redemptive theology that affirms the importance of marriage, the urgency of helping people survive their marital crises, and the redemptive mercies and grace of God for those who have divorced and remarried.

Divorce and Remarriage

International Studies

Author: Craig Everett

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Psychology

Page: 242

View: 285

Divorce and Remarriage brings together for the first time a unique collection of international studies focusing on many aspects of divorce particular to individual cultures. It looks at the implications of divorce on the personal level, as well as on the broader social level, in several different countries. On the personal level, it discusses smoking and alcohol use as stress factors in marriage and the effects of divorce on children, and, on the social level, it discusses a country’s level of development and urbanization and its impact on marriage patterns and divorce rates. With divorce rates soaring, it is more important than ever to understand why people worldwide are failing to adopt sounder mate selection and marriage timing practices. To give readers a glimpse of the divorce experience from a global perspective, the authors of Divorce and Remarriage contrast divorce processes and issues in their countries with other experiences worldwide. The book explores consensual partnering and its relation to patterns of marriage and divorce, the differences between fathers without custody and mothers with custody, and fathers’and children’s ethical and legal rights and the importance of their emotional and social relationships. It also discusses the importance of determining the connection between maternal attitudes and the development of children, as well as the relationship between parental separation/divorce and adolescent values. Other topics discussed at length in this important book are: the possible stress prevention role of social support in the post-separation period nontraditional stepfamily lifestyles and the well-being of adolescents in different cultures maternal stress and its impact on children widowhood and remarriage in different countries long-standing marital problems and their effect on each gender predictors of national marriage rates single parents’distress Divorce and Remarriage provides educators, researchers, mental health clinicians, and policymakers with information that can help alleviate the stress divorce causes for both individuals and society as a whole. The book’s model for evaluating the readiness of a couple for separation or divorce, its recommendations for mediation, and innovative ideas for providing single parents with better social networking and services are sure to improve the way divorces, parental rights, and children’s interests are handled around the world.

Defining the New Testament Logia on Divorce and Remarriage in a Pluralistic Context

Author: Yordan Kalev Zhekov

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 414

View: 641

Christian marriage is a permanent union which requires the commitment of both spouses for its maintenance through fulfillment of its stipulations. The failure of the fulfillment of the latter provides legitimate grounds for divorce and remarriage of the innocent party. This work employs a fourfold approach for the development of NT ethical argumentation based on Richard B. Hays' Moral Vision of the New Testament. The author establishes the proper contextual grounds for the NT study through formulation of the Old Testament perspective on marriage as covenant. The relevant NT passages are examined through historical-critical and narrative-critical methods. A critical study of the main Christian traditions leads to an ecumenical formulation of the theological conclusions. Pragmatic implementation of the thesis follows an examination of the contemporary pluralistic context and applications in both Christian communities and the larger society within its legislative system.

Divorce and Remarriage

The Bible's Law and Grace Approach

Author: B. Ward Powers



Category: Religion

Page: 144

View: 819

The Bible's 'Law and Grace' approach is summed up in the one short saying (1 Corinthians 7:27-28, CEB.): "If you are married, don't get a divorce. If you are divorced, don't try to find a spouse. But if you do marry, you have not sinned." This book provides a careful and detailed presentation of these aspects of the Bible's teaching, and its application in the lives of Christians in the twenty-first century. Divorce is completely contrary to the will and purpose of God, which is: "One man, one woman, for life" . "For I hate divorce, says the Lord" (Mal 2:16). But Jesus focuses our attention on the real problem: sin disrupting, damaging and ultimately destroying the marriage relationship. Do not let this happen," Jesus warns us. He says, "They are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore humans shouldn't pull apart what God has put together" (Matt 19:6//Mark 10:8-9, CEB). And to allow (or to cause) the marriage relationship to be sundered is a serious sin. But the grace of Christ can forgive sin, and restore the sinner. And in certain circumstances, as set out by Paul, the Apostle says to those who have been divorced, "they must marry" .

Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage in the 1990's

Author: Arthur J. Norton



Category: Divorce

Page: 21

View: 763

Analyzes trends in marital status and family composition. The report assesses such characteristics as age, employment, and education level that seem to influence decisions to marry, divorce, remarry, and "redivorce."

Divorce and Remarriage

A Perspective for Counseling

Author: John R. Martin

Publisher: Scottdale, Pa : Herald Press


Category: Divorce

Page: 136

View: 751

The Marriage Covenant

A Biblical Study on Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage

Author: Samuele Bacchiocchi



Category: Marriage

Page: 223

View: 661

Tony Evans Speaks Out on Divorce and Remarriage

Author: Tony Evans

Publisher: Moody Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 64

View: 233

Morality. Relativity. Right and Wrong. These are the complicated issues we face today. Everyone has an opinion, but who has the answer? Tony Evans refuses to let the voice of God be drowned out amidst the clamor of the crowd.

The Bible on Divorce and Remarriage

Author: Michael Pearl



Category: Divorce

Page: 97

View: 338

Historically, Christians have been divided on the issue of divorce and remarriage; many institutions and theologies coming down on the side that it is adultery to remarry while one's former spouse is still alive. This is consistent with the words of Jesus in Matthew and the words of the Apostle Paul in Romans. Others stand by the words of Paul in 1 Corinthians where he clearly declares that it is not a sin to marry again if you were "put away" (abandoned or divorced) by an unbelieving spouse. There seems to be a conflict in Scripture regarding divorce and remarriage. You do not have to pick a side to the exclusion of the other. There is a marvelous harmony in the Word of God. In this book you will see Scripture in all of its glorious consistency, and you will appreciate the divine logic. The subjects of divorce, remarriage and adultery have confused both Christians and their pastors alike. In this thorough exegesis of all the Bible texts concerning divorce and remarriage, Michael Pearl answers these issues with the Word of God, revealing the perfect harmony in Scripture and God's divine plan for marriage. This is not a lecture or a diatribe against those who are divorced. If you are a pastor or counselor you will find this book to be a great tool to instruct those who are troubled by this subject.

Divorce and Remarriage in the Catholic Church

Author: Lawrence G. Wrenn

Publisher: New York, Newman Press [1973]


Category: Divorce

Page: 152

View: 299

The Only Way is Ethics: As Long as you Love Me

Divorce and Remarriage

Author: Sean Doherty

Publisher: Authentic Media Inc


Category: Religion

Page: 19

View: 325

Ever wonder how to handle the tough ethical issues we face? The Only Way Is Ethics is an accessible, practical series of guides designed to equip both new and mature Christians to think through important and current ethical issues in the light of the Bible and theology. It offers help to Christians facing these issues themselves and for ministers as they provide guidance. Each guide (also available separately in print or as an e-book) has a 'Go Deeper' section listing resources for further reference. Accessible and incisive, Sean Doherty's journey through ethics doesn't simply tell us what to think but rather how to think well, and biblically, in a world of sexual confusion. - Glynn Harrison MD FRCPsych, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, University of Bristol As Long as You Love Me delves into divorce and re-marriage in the light of the Old Testament and the teachings of Jesus and St Paul. It shows that churches and their leaders can be places of welcome and support for all, whilst challenging readers to be faithful to Jesus's teaching about marriage in today's world.