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Do Fish Drink Water?

Author: Bill McLain

Publisher: HarperCollins UK


Category: Questions and answers

Page: 320

View: 597

Bill McLain found that, as Xerox's webmaster, he was being asked more and more intriguing questions. This book contains his answers to over 120 of these head-scratching questions.

Do fish drink?

first questions and answers about water

Author: Time-Life Books

Publisher: Time Life Education


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 48

View: 195

Discusses, in question-and-answer format, the sources, cycle, and uses of water, why oceans are salty, and other related topics. Includes simple experiments.

The Corpse Exhibition

And Other Stories of Iraq

Author: Hassan Blasim

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Fiction

Page: 208

View: 816

A blistering debut that does for the Iraqi perspective on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan what Phil Klay’s Redeployment does for the American perspective “[A] wonderful collection.” —George Saunders, The New York Times Book Review The first major literary work about the Iraq War from an Iraqi perspective—by an explosive new voice hailed as “perhaps the best writer of Arabic fiction alive” (The Guardian)—The Corpse Exhibition shows us the war as we have never seen it before. Here is a world not only of soldiers and assassins, hostages and car bombers, refugees and terrorists, but also of madmen and prophets, angels and djinni, sorcerers and spirits. Blending shocking realism with flights of fantasy, The Corpse Exhibition offers us a pageant of horrors, as haunting as the photos of Abu Ghraib and as difficult to look away from, but shot through with a gallows humor that yields an unflinching comedy of the macabre. Gripping and hallucinatory, this is a new kind of storytelling forged in the crucible of war.

Do Whales Get the Bends?

Author: Tony Rice

Publisher: A&C Black


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 176

View: 773

Using a question and answer format, this entertaining narrative addresses a multitude of general interest questions about the sea, sea life, seabirds and man's relationship with the sea. Have you ever wondered: Does drinking seawater drive you mad? Do fish drink water? Does anything eat jellyfish? How do flying fish fly? Why do icebergs float? Do Whales Get the Bends? will answer these and over a hundred other intriguing questions. Inspired by questions raised whilst the author was guest lecturer on cruise ships, this fascinating and informative book is a light-hearted, surprising and entertaining read for anyone interested in the sea in its many forms. Each bite-sized entry is no more than two or three pages long, making it an ideal book to dip into for anyone interested in the oceans and the teeming life above and below them.

The Iraqi Christ

Author: Hassan Blasim

Publisher: Comma Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 140

View: 333

** WINNER OF THE ENGLISH PEN WRITERS IN TRANSLATION AWARD ** **LONG-LISTED FOR THE 2013 FRANK O'CONNOR INTERNATIONAL SHORT STORY AWARD** **BOOK OF THE MONTH IN THE SKINNY** A soldier with the ability to predict the future finds himself blackmailed by an insurgent into the ultimate act of terror… A deviser of crosswords survives a car-bomb attack, only to discover he is now haunted by one of its victims… Fleeing a robbery, a Baghdad shopkeeper falls into a deep hole, at the bottom of which sits a djinni and the corpse of a soldier from a completely different war… From legends of the desert to horrors of the forest, Blasim’s stories blend the fantastic with the everyday, the surreal with the all-too-real. Taking his cues from Kafka, his prose shines a dazzling light into the dark absurdities of Iraq’s recent past and the torments of its countless refugees. The subject of this, his second collection, is primarily trauma and the curious strategies human beings adopt to process it (including, of course, fiction). The result is a masterclass in metaphor – a new kind of story-telling, forged in the crucible of war, and just as shocking. 'At first, you receive Blasim with the kind of shocked applause you’d award a fairly transgressive stand-up. You’re quite elated. Then you stop reading it at bedtime. At his best, Blasim produces a corrosive mixture of broken lyricism, bitter irony and hyper-realism which topples into the fantastic and the quotidian in the same reading moment.' – M John Harrison 'Perhaps the best writer of Arabic fiction alive...' – The Guardian. 'Bolaño-esque in its visceral exuberance, and also Borgesian in its gnomic complexity... a master of metaphor.' – The Guardian.

A Tackle Box of Fishing Funnies


Publisher: Harvest House Publishers


Category: Humor

Page: 176

View: 407

Phillips does it again in this hilarious and amazing collection of fish tales, fish jokes, and fish facts, accompanied by 98 tongue-in-cheek fishing illustrations by "Hi and Jinx" creator, Jonny Hawkins.

Evolution's Fatal Flaw

The Inevitable Consequence of the Need for Species Survival

Author: Lawrence Wood

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Science

Page: 492

View: 484

Numerous opinion polls, reported from time to time in the daily newspaper, reveal that approximately 40% of Americans believe in Creationism, 40% in Intelligent Design and 20% in Evolution. Have you ever wondered why there are three such drastically different explanations of our origin? Evolution: The Inevitable Consequence of the Need for Species Survival explains why there are three, and how and why three were developed. Perhaps you are a Creationist; you will meet Stephen Geoffrey who was once a Creationist. He describes his agonizing reappraisal of his beliefs and eventual abandonment of Creationism. Take a look; it might change your views. The Bible states in Genesis, Chapter 7, verse 19, regarding the biblical Flood, that ..".the waters prevailed so mightily upon the earth that all the high mountains under the whole heaven were covered." That's a lot of water - did it really happen? Chapter 9 answers this question by examining the biblical Flood in detail, such as the 820 million cubic miles of water required to cover the highest mountains, for which there is no credible source. If you do not believe in Evolution, the powerful and detailed facts in Evolution might cause you to pause and reconsider; even if only for a moment.

Endocrines and Osmoregulation

A Comparative Account in Vertebrates

Author: P.J. Bentley

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Science

Page: 292

View: 416

From a review of the previous edition: "I strongly recommend it as an essential reading and reference book for younger and older workers alike". Nature

Do Fish Fart?

Answers to Kids' Questions about Lakes

Author: Keltie Thomas

Publisher: Firefly Books


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 48

View: 263

Amazing questions and answers about freshwater lakes and the critters that live there.

Englische Konversations-Grammatik Zum Schul- und Privatunterricht





Page: 338

View: 741

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