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Do We Need Pandas?

The Uncomfortable Truth about Biodiversity

Author: Ken Thompson

Publisher: Uit Cambridge Limited


Category: Nature

Page: 160

View: 571

Hands-On Data Analysis with Pandas

Efficiently perform data collection, wrangling, analysis, and visualization using Python

Author: Stefanie Molin

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd


Category: Computers

Page: 716

View: 326

Get to grips with pandas—a versatile and high-performance Python library for data manipulation, analysis, and discovery Key Features Perform efficient data analysis and manipulation tasks using pandas Apply pandas to different real-world domains using step-by-step demonstrations Get accustomed to using pandas as an effective data exploration tool Book Description Data analysis has become a necessary skill in a variety of positions where knowing how to work with data and extract insights can generate significant value. Hands-On Data Analysis with Pandas will show you how to analyze your data, get started with machine learning, and work effectively with Python libraries often used for data science, such as pandas, NumPy, matplotlib, seaborn, and scikit-learn. Using real-world datasets, you will learn how to use the powerful pandas library to perform data wrangling to reshape, clean, and aggregate your data. Then, you will learn how to conduct exploratory data analysis by calculating summary statistics and visualizing the data to find patterns. In the concluding chapters, you will explore some applications of anomaly detection, regression, clustering, and classification, using scikit-learn, to make predictions based on past data. By the end of this book, you will be equipped with the skills you need to use pandas to ensure the veracity of your data, visualize it for effective decision-making, and reliably reproduce analyses across multiple datasets. What you will learn Understand how data analysts and scientists gather and analyze data Perform data analysis and data wrangling in Python Combine, group, and aggregate data from multiple sources Create data visualizations with pandas, matplotlib, and seaborn Apply machine learning (ML) algorithms to identify patterns and make predictions Use Python data science libraries to analyze real-world datasets Use pandas to solve common data representation and analysis problems Build Python scripts, modules, and packages for reusable analysis code Who this book is for This book is for data analysts, data science beginners, and Python developers who want to explore each stage of data analysis and scientific computing using a wide range of datasets. You will also find this book useful if you are a data scientist who is looking to implement pandas in machine learning. Working knowledge of Python programming language will be beneficial.

The Eighteenth Panda

Author: Robert A.V. Jacobs





View: 536

A Parents’ Guide to PANDAS, PANS, and Related Neuroimmune Disorders

Information, Support, and Advice

Author: Patricia Rice Doran

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 144

View: 563

Having a child who suddenly develops PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Strep), PANS (Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome) or related conditions such as encephalitis can be a daunting challenge for parents. This clear guide explains the symptoms and diagnosis of PANDAS and PANS, with treatment options and recommended strategies for supporting children at home, at school, and in community settings. The book covers key symptoms including OCD, tics, anxiety, sensory issues and personality changes, with practical advice on medical management, nutrition, lifestyle, and addressing social and behavioural needs. Each chapter also includes handy sidebars with key information to remember, and action steps for overcoming challenges, managing relapse, family self-care and providing children with the best possible support.

Panda Investigates Two & Half Murders

Author: Rohit Panda

Publisher: One Point Six Technology Pvt Ltd


Category: Fiction

Page: 302

View: 729

"One big mansion. Fourteen occupants. Few family secrets. And sinister motives. Bankim, the media baron, is convinced that his life is in danger. He places a call to Ronsher―the most sought after private detective. But before Ronsher could reach,he is found dead in his study. As the investigation begins, the eldest daughter of Bankim―Sharadi, is found dead under mysterious circumstances. Two deaths in couple of days― one in his presence, Ronsher feels humiliated at the hand of the murderer,or murderers? As he ploughs deep, everybody in the house seem to have a motive."

Where Do Camels Belong?

The story and science of invasive species

Author: Ken Thompson

Publisher: Profile Books


Category: Science

Page: 224

View: 313

Where do camels belong? In the Arab world may seem the obvious answer, but they are relative newcomers there. They evolved in North America, retain their greatest diversity in South America, and the only remaining wild dromedaries are in Australia. This is a classic example of the contradictions of 'native' and 'invasive' species, a hot issue right now, as the flip-side of biodiversity. We have all heard the horror stories of invasives, from Japanese knotweed that puts fear into the heart of gardeners to brown tree snakes that have taken over the island of Guam. But do we need to fear invaders? And indeed, can we control them, and do we choose the right targets? Ken Thompson puts forward a fascinating array of narratives to explore what he sees as the crucial question - why only a minority of introduced species succeed, and why so few of them go on to cause trouble. He discusses, too, whether our fears could be getting in the way of conserving biodiversity, and responding to the threat of climate change.

Speaking and Writing Strategies for the TOEFL iBT

Author: Bruce Stirling

Publisher: Nova Press


Category: Study Aids

Page: 402

View: 349

Increase your TOEFL iBT score by increasing your speaking and writing scores. How? By using the strategy called argument mapping. Why argument mapping? Because the TOEFL iBT speaking and writing sections are all argument-based tasks. That means if you want high speaking and writing scores, you must know how to map out (develop and deliver) spoken and written arguments, quickly and proficiently. With argument mapping, you will be able to do just that. Best of all, you can apply argument mapping to all six speaking tasks and both writing tasks. That means you will spend less time reading about strategies and more time practicing them. You Will Also Learn: * Essential rhetorical strategies and opinion development strategies * Step-by-step basic responses for all speaking and writing tasks * Step-by-step advanced responses for all speaking and writing tasks * Step-by-step emergency responses for all speaking and writing tasks * How to revise your spoken and written responses to maximize scoring * How to rate spoken and written responses quickly and proficiently ARGUMENT DEVELOPMENT Learn basic and advanced argument development strategies to maximize your speaking and writing scores. By doing so, you can increase your TOEFL score. ARGUMENT MAPPING Learn test-proven speaking and writing strategies quickly and proficiently using the graphics-based strategy called argument mapping. SCORING STRATEGIES Learn how to think like a TOEFL rater so you know exactly what to say and write to maximize scoring.

How to Build a Theory in Cognitive Science

Author: Valerie Gray Hardcastle

Publisher: SUNY Press


Category: Philosophy

Page: 249

View: 979

Articulates a method for integrating the individual disciplines that compose the cognitive sciences so that unified interdisciplinary theories are possible.

Can I Take My Panda Daddy?

Author: Gregory Crooks

Publisher: Boolarong Press


Category: Children

Page: 248

View: 880

California Hit

Author: Don Pendleton

Publisher: Open Road Media


Category: Fiction

Page: 184

View: 223

The Executioner comes to California to make the hills of San Francisco run red with blood San Francisco is the most photogenic city in America, with rolling hills, clanging trolleys, and all the charm that Northern California has to offer. But it is also the nation’s pornography capital, and for that it has drawn the attention of Mack Bolan, the Executioner, whose one-man war against the Mafia grows more merciless with every battle. He reopens the fight at a nightclub, launching a satchel of high explosives into a meeting of local mobsters. Just before it detonates, he notices a delicate young beauty walking into the club. He yanks her away from the blast, delaying his own escape and bringing the full firepower of the San Francisco mob down onto himself. She offers him a way out, but will it lead to safety—or an ambush? Either way, the Executioner will be ready. California Hit is the 11th book in the Executioner series, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.

Beijing Review




Category: China


View: 262

Assessment in Action in the Primary School

Author: Colin Conner

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Education

Page: 192

View: 894

Assessment has become one of the key issues in primary education over the past 10 years. This edited volume of essays brings together perspectives from all the significant participants involved in assessment in the primary school: teachers, headteachers, LEA advisors, inspectors, pupils, academics and researchers. The contributions illustrate effective assessment, and examine how it is, and can be, achieved. It will be of interest to school assessment co-ordinators, deputies and heads following NPQH courses, and lecturers on IE courses.

An Urchin in the Storm: Essays about Books and Ideas

Author: Stephen Jay Gould

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company


Category: Science

Page: 256

View: 109

"What pleasure to see the dishonest, the inept, and the misguided deftly given their due, while praise is lavished on the deserving—for reasons well and truly stated."—Kirkus Reviews Ranging as far as the fox and as deep as the hedgehog (the urchin of his title), Stephen Jay Gould expands on geology, biological determinism, "cardboard Darwinism," and evolutionary theory in this sparkling collection.

Truth and Consequences of the Genetic Revolution"

Animal Pharm: Old Macdonald Had a Lab, June 24, 1996 Informational Hearing

Author: Lisa M. Matocq

Publisher: DIANE Publishing


Category: Science

Page: 131

View: 980

Hearing by the Calif. Senate Select Comm. on Genetics & Public Policy. Sections: protecting endangered species, managing wildlife pop., & forensics: Oliver Ryder, San Diego Zoo, & James Banks, Kenneth Levine, & Michael Syvanen, CA Dept. of Fish & Game; animal pharm: Marc Lappe, author; genetic eng. in plants & animals: Frank Plecia, Monsanto, David McGee, Biosource Tech., Susanne Huttner, Univ. of Calif., & Roger Beachy, Scripps Res. Inst.; social, legal, ethical & environ. concerns: Rebecca Goldburg, Env. Defense Fund, Michael Hansen, Consumers Union, & Doreen Stabinsky, Council for Resp. Genetics. Also Regulatory Panel.

Parliamentary Debates (Hansard).

House of Commons official report

Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons



Category: Great Britain


View: 143

Contains the 4th session of the 28th Parliament through the session of the Parliament.


Author: Andre Agassi

Publisher: Vintage


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 400

View: 189

#1 NATIONAL BESTSELLER Far more than a superb memoir about the highest levels of professional tennis, Open is the engrossing story of a remarkable life. Andre Agassi had his life mapped out for him before he left the crib. Groomed to be a tennis champion by his moody and demanding father, by the age of twenty-two Agassi had won the first of his eight grand slams and achieved wealth, celebrity, and the game’s highest honors. But as he reveals in this searching autobiography, off the court he was often unhappy and confused, unfulfilled by his great achievements in a sport he had come to resent. Agassi writes candidly about his early success and his uncomfortable relationship with fame, his marriage to Brooke Shields, his growing interest in philanthropy, and—described in haunting, point-by-point detail—the highs and lows of his celebrated career.

Micromammals and Macroparasites

From Evolutionary Ecology to Management

Author: S. Morand

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Science

Page: 647

View: 461

This book provides a comprehensive survey of the diversity and biology of metazoan parasites affecting small mammals, of their impact on host individuals and populations, and of the management implications of these parasites for conservation biology and human welfare. Designed for a broad, multidisciplinary audience, the book is an essential resource for researchers, students, and practitioners alike.

Well of Sins

Book One: of Chastity & Lust

Author: Richard King

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 155

View: 168

BOOK DESCRIPTION All civilizations have a story or myth of an Armageddon, a great war where good and evil will clash, fighting for the fate of the Universe. Some say good will triumph, others say not. In the time of Troy, three god-forged items were crafted. None of the gods who made these artifacts knew of the vital role each will play in that battle until history has molded them to its own needs. From Troy through Moses and to the Emperors of Rome, these items have been influenced by the sins and virtues of those who held them, and in return they have influenced their holders. From one hand to another they have been passed, through the generations. Only centuries after their making will their final purpose be known. No one truly knows when Armageddon is supposed to begin, but many believe it is right around the corner. They may very well be right. A time approaches where these artifacts will be sought; whether for good or evil remains to be seen. But to understand what these items are, it must be told how they came to be. It all started in Troy, with a little girl who loved a particular god very much.

Panda Bear Is Critical

Author: Fern Michaels



Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 540

A five-year-old hemophiliac, who uses the CB handle "Panda Bear," is abducted by a psychopathic killer and his girlfriend after he witnesses a murder cover-up while searching for his beloved dog, Duffy

The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels

Author: Alex Epstein

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

View: 299

Could everything we know about fossil fuels be wrong? For decades, environmentalists have told us that using fossil fuels is a self-destructive addiction that will destroy our planet. Yet at the same time, by every measure of human well-being, from life expectancy to clean water to climate safety, life has been getting better and better. How can this be? The explanation, energy expert Alex Epstein argues in The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, is that we usually hear only one side of the story. We’re taught to think only of the negatives of fossil fuels, their risks and side effects, but not their positives—their unique ability to provide cheap, reliable energy for a world of seven billion people. And the moral significance of cheap, reliable energy, Epstein argues, is woefully underrated. Energy is our ability to improve every single aspect of life, whether economic or environmental. If we look at the big picture of fossil fuels compared with the alternatives, the overall impact of using fossil fuels is to make the world a far better place. We are morally obligated to use more fossil fuels for the sake of our economy and our environment. Drawing on original insights and cutting-edge research, Epstein argues that most of what we hear about fossil fuels is a myth. For instance . . . Myth: Fossil fuels are dirty. Truth: The environmental benefits of using fossil fuels far outweigh the risks. Fossil fuels don’t take a naturally clean environment and make it dirty; they take a naturally dirty environment and make it clean. They don’t take a naturally safe climate and make it dangerous; they take a naturally dangerous climate and make it ever safer. Myth: Fossil fuels are unsustainable, so we should strive to use “renewable” solar and wind. Truth: The sun and wind are intermittent, unreliable fuels that always need backup from a reliable source of energy—usually fossil fuels. There are huge amounts of fossil fuels left, and we have plenty of time to find something cheaper. Myth: Fossil fuels are hurting the developing world. Truth: Fossil fuels are the key to improving the quality of life for billions of people in the developing world. If we withhold them, access to clean water plummets, critical medical machines like incubators become impossible to operate, and life expectancy drops significantly. Calls to “get off fossil fuels” are calls to degrade the lives of innocent people who merely want the same opportunities we enjoy in the West. Taking everything into account, including the facts about climate change, Epstein argues that “fossil fuels are easy to misunderstand and demonize, but they are absolutely good to use. And they absolutely need to be championed. . . . Mankind’s use of fossil fuels is supremely virtuous—because human life is the standard of value and because using fossil fuels transforms our environment to make it wonderful for human life.”

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