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Only Human

Author: Gareth Roberts

Publisher: Random House


Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 251

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"Somebody's interfering with time. The Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack arrive on modern-day Earth to find the culprit and discover a Neanderthal Man, twenty-eight thousand years after his race became extinct. Only a trip back to the primeval dawn of humanity can solve the mystery. Who are the mysterious humans from the distant future now living in that distant past? What hideous monsters are trying to escape from behind the Grey Door? Is Rose going to end up married to a caveman? Caught between three very different types of human being past, present and future the Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack must learn the truth behind the Osterberg experiment before the monstrous Hy-Bractors escape to change humanity's history forever. Featuring the Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack as played by Christopher Eccleston, Billie Piper and John Barrowman in the hit series from BBC Television."

Doctor Who: Only Human

50th Anniversary Edition

Author: Gareth Roberts

Publisher: Random House


Category: Fiction

Page: 240

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Reports of a time disturbance lead the Ninth Doctor to modern-day London, where he discovers a Neanderthal Man, twenty-eight thousand years after his race became extinct. A trip back to the dawn of humanity only deepens the mystery: who are these strange humans from the far future now living in the distant past? The Doctor must learn the truth about the Osterberg experiment before history is changed forever. An adventure featuring the Ninth Doctor as played by Christopher Eccleston and his companion Rose

Human Resources

Author: Eddie Robson

Publisher: Big Finish Productions


Category: Science fiction plays


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Lucie Miller's been headhunted to join the staff of Hulbert Logistics, a respectable blue-chip firm in Telford. Great prospects, competitive salary - you don't have to be mad to work here! But wasn't she made for better things, like travelling by TARDIS through time and space? The Doctor, meanwhile, has been fired - into a confrontation with the most terrifying of enemies...

Only Human

Author: Chris Reher

Publisher: Chris Reher


Category: Fiction

Page: 287

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Captain Nova Whiteside is assigned to the elite Vanguard task force assembled to combat an increasingly dangerous rebel force. Her no-nonsense new commander is of an enigmatic and reclusive species that soon figures most decisively in the balance of power. Their pursuit of a ruthless rebel leader takes them through the worlds and dangers of the Commonwealth-dominated Targon sector where the line between their personal lives and their mission quickly begins to blur. On their quest to recover a dangerous, living weapon in rebel hands it seems that the greatest opposition comes from among their own people and Nova must choose between duty to her command and loyalty to her friends. The Targon Tales: Sky Hunter The Catalyst Only Human Rebel Alliances Delphi Promised Themes: Science Fiction, space opera, galactic empire, aliens, rebels, space marines, telepathy, military, interplanetary, space ship, kidnap, abduction, genetic engineering, female protagonist, soldiers

The Routledge Handbook of Vegan Studies

Author: Laura Wright

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Nature

Page: 444

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This wide-ranging volume explores the tension between the dietary practice of veganism and the manifestation, construction, and representation of a vegan identity in today’s society. Emerging in the early 21st century, vegan studies is distinct from more familiar conceptions of "animal studies," an umbrella term for a three-pronged field that gained prominence in the late 1990s and early 2000s, consisting of critical animal studies, human animal studies, and posthumanism. While veganism is a consideration of these modes of inquiry, it is a decidedly different entity, an ethical delineator that for many scholars marks a complicated boundary between theoretical pursuit and lived experience. The Routledge Handbook of Vegan Studies is the must-have reference for the important topics, problems, and key debates in the subject area and is the first of its kind. Comprising over 30 chapters by a team of international contributors, this handbook is divided into five parts: History of vegan studies Vegan studies in the disciplines Theoretical intersections Contemporary media entanglements Veganism around the world These sections contextualize veganism beyond its status as a dietary choice, situating veganism within broader social, ethical, legal, theoretical, and artistic discourses. This book will be essential reading for students and researchers of vegan studies, animal studies, and environmental ethics.

Only Human

Author: Eliel Betancourt

Publisher: Eliel Betancourt


Category: Fiction


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Life is hard when your eighteen, your still trying to figure yourself out and find your place in the world, but it's a lot harder when your the only human in a family of werewolves. Caden Silverblood was adopted by werewolves when he was just a baby, they're the only family he's ever known. So when a dangerous new pack threatens his adopted family and all he holds dear what is a human like him suppose to do?

Meat Culture

Author: Annie Potts

Publisher: BRILL


Category: Philosophy

Page: 308

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The analysis of meat and its place in Western culture has been central to Human-Animal Studies as a field. Meat Culture brings into focus urgent critiques of hegemonic ‘meat culture’, animal farming and the wider animal industrial complex.

Doctor Who and History

Critical Essays on Imagining the Past

Author: Carey Fleiner

Publisher: McFarland


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 224

View: 885

When Sydney Newman conceived the idea for Doctor Who in 1963, he envisioned a show in which the Doctor and his companions would visit and observe, but not interfere with, events in history. That plan was dropped early on and the Doctor has happily meddled with historical events for decades. This collection of new essays examines how the Doctor's engagement with history relates to Britain's colonial past, nostalgia for village life, Norse myths, alternate history, and the impact of historical decisions on the present.

Doctor Faustef (versus Lucifer in the Fight for Immortality of the Human Race) (The 2nd book of the FAUSTEF TRILOGY)

Author: V. Alexander Stefan

Publisher: Stefan University Press


Category: Immortalism


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A novel about Doctor Faustef in search for human immortality. He fights Lucifer and travels through time, meets the greats of the human race, achieves immortality.

New Series Adventures

Eleventh Doctor Novels, Ninth Doctor Novels, Tenth Doctor Novels, Winner Takes All, the Clockwise Man, the Deviant Strain, Only

Author: Source Wikipedia




Page: 46

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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 45. Chapters: Eleventh Doctor novels, Ninth Doctor novels, Tenth Doctor novels, Winner Takes All, The Clockwise Man, The Deviant Strain, Only Human, The Story of Martha, The Feast of the Drowned, The Monsters Inside, The Resurrection Casket, The Stealers of Dreams, The Stone Rose, Prisoner of the Daleks, The Nightmare of Black Island, The Pirate Loop, Made of Steel, I am a Dalek, The Last Dodo, The Many Hands, The Price of Paradise, The Coming of the Terraphiles, Wooden Heart, Sick Building, Apollo 23, Sting of the Zygons, Forever Autumn, Beautiful Chaos, Peacemaker, Martha in the Mirror, Judgement of the Judoon, The Art of Destruction, Snowglobe 7, Revenge of the Judoon, The Eyeless, Wetworld, The Haunted Wagon Train, The Krillitane Storm, War of the Robots, The Taking of Chelsea 426, The Corinthian Project, Night of the Humans, The Slitheen Excursion, Alien Arena, The Time Crocodile, The Crystal Snare, Ghosts of India, Code of the Krillitanes, Dark Planet, The Spaceship Graveyard, Wishing Well, The Sontaran Games, Shining Darkness, The Doctor Trap, Autonomy, Frozen Earth, Lost Luggage, The Horror of Howling Hill, Second Skin, The Dragon King, The Forgotten Army. Excerpt: The New Series Adventures are a series of novels relating to the long-running BBC science fiction television series, Doctor Who. The 'NSA's', as they are often referred to, are published by BBC Books, and are regularly published in the spring and autumn of each year. Beginning and concluding with the 10th Doctor, a series of 'Quick Reads' have also been available, published once a year. With exception to the Quick Reads, all of the NSA's have been published in hardcover to begin with, and have been reprinted in paperback for boxed collections that are exclusive to The Book People and Tesco. Some of the reprints amend pictures of Rose from the cover. Some of...

Problem Doctors

A Conspiracy of Silence

Author: Peter Lens

Publisher: IOS Press


Category: Medical

Page: 274

View: 594

The problem of malfunctioning doctors is internationally recognised. Estimates in different countries of the number of disfunctioning doctors are around 5little literature on problem doctors. This book is about understanding problem doctors and helping the profession find better ways to help them and protect the public, the patients. It describes the following questions: Which definitions of malfunctioning are being used? What is the nature of malfunctioning and to what extend does it occur? Are there any data about the incident or prevalence of problem doctors? What kind of regulations exist to deal with malfunctioning doctors and which solutions to tackle the problem have been found? How is or how could malfunctioning doctors be prevented? The first part of the book explores themes like the doctor as iatrogenic factor, the damage doctors may cause, the incompetent physician behind closed doors, the impaired physician, sexual contact between doctors and patients, and fraud and misconduct in medical science. The second part gives an overview of the problem doctor in different countries around the world and of the informal mechanisms used to cope with this problem. Part three covers the measures during the university training to prevent doctors from malfunctioning. How can we select better doctors in the future? And if every thing fails, is outplacement possible?

Tarnished Heroes, Charming Villains and Modern Monsters

Science Fiction in Shades of Gray on 21st Century Television

Author: Lynnette Porter

Publisher: McFarland


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 316

View: 428

The heroes, villains, and monsters portrayed in such popular science fiction television series as Heroes, Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, Doctor Who, and Torchwood, as well as Joss Whedon’s many series, illustrate a shift from traditional, clearly defined characterizations toward much murkier definitions. Traditional heroes give way to “gray” heroes who must become more like the villains or monsters they face if they are going to successfully save society. This book examines the ambiguous heroes and villains, focusing on these characters’ different perspectives on morality and their roles within society. Appendices include production details for each series, descriptions and summaries of pivotal episodes, and a list of selected texts for classroom use. Instructors considering this book for use in a course may request an examination copy here.


Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Appropriations





View: 549

Positive Medicine

Disrupting the Future of Medical Practice

Author: David Beaumont

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Health

Page: 192

View: 245

The book proposes a new relationship between people and their doctors, fostering self-efficacy so that people can be empowered to manage their own health and live happier, healthier lives. It gives practical advice and provides an accessible, challenging, thought-provoking view of how medical practice needs to change to become person focused.

The Modern Hebrew Poem Itself

Author: Jules Amouyal

Publisher: Wayne State University Press


Category: Poetry

Page: 359

View: 516

A collection of modern Hebrew poetry that presents the poems in the original Hebrew, with an English phonetic transcription.

Why Doctors Don't Make You Healthy!

Author: Gerard Kielty

Publisher: Chipmunkapublishing ltd



Page: 198

View: 300

DescriptionCure your health problems the simple 'drug free' way! Gerard Kielty I.R.B, I.D.A, a Harley Street specialist has written this highly informative book about his work in the field of food intolerance. This fascinating book explains, in a down-to-earth and simple to understand way, just how we are all poisoning ourselves with the food we eat.Heroin grows in the ground, well so does a lettuce! So why is this not a drug also? It is a drug! Everything that enters our body is a drug and will have a positive or negative effect to our brains. Mr Kielty explains how more than 50 different health problems can easily be cured by avoiding the foods (drugs) that cause them in the first place. This book identified the major culprits, the everyday foods that generally cause most health problems. Through extracts from numerous testimonial letters Mr Kielty highlights many different health problems and explains how and why they happen.This book poses profound questions of the governing bodies within the medical profession and explains, in great depth, the considerable resistance that exists within the medical profession, the drug companies and many government agencies throughout the world to this advanced 'drug free' path to good health.This true, explosive and controversial book could change the face of medicine forever. It is packed with all the information you need to become seriously healthy within weeksAbout the AuthorBorn in Southern Ireland in 1947 I had a tough but exciting childhood. One of 11 children brought up in Portobello Road in the centre of London by hardworking and caring parents. My mum and dad were far from rich but they more than made up for that with the love they gave to each of us. In those days my idea of a treat was an Orange in my Xmas stocking and once a year if I was lucky a trip to the seaside. As time went on many of us children were bright enough to go to university but for us that was only a dream, what little money there was went into feeding and clothing the family and trying to keep up with the many other household bills.Mr Kielty is now qualified to American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards and is a leading specialist in the field of electro-dermal screening. His credentials have been signed by former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

A Critical History of Doctor Who on Television

Author: John Kenneth Muir

Publisher: McFarland


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 504

View: 447

Since its inception in November 1963, the British science fiction television series Doctor Who has exerted an enormous impact on the world of science fiction (over 1,500 books have been written about the show). The series follows the adventures of a mysterious "Time Lord" from the distant planet Gallifrey who travels through time and space to fight evil and injustice. Along the way, he has visited Rome under the rule of Nero, played backgammon with Kublai Khan, and participated in the mythic gunfight at the O.K. Corral. Predating the Star Trek phenomenon by three years, Doctor Who seriously dealt with continuing characters, adult genre principles and futuristic philosophies. Critical and historical examinations of the ideas, philosophies, conceits and morals put forth in the Doctor Who series, which ran for 26 seasons and 159 episodes, are provided here. Also analyzed are thematic concepts, genre antecedents, the overall cinematography and the special effects of the long-running cult favorite. The various incarnations of Doctor Who, including television, stage, film, radio, and spin-offs are discussed. In addition, the book provides an extensive listing of print, Internet, and fan club resources for Doctor Who.

Dear People, with Love and Care, Your Doctors

Heartfelt Stories about Doctor-Patient Relationship

Author: Debraj Shome

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing


Category: Self-Help

Page: 318

View: 191

From time immemorial, medicine has remained one of the most respected professions. Trust formed the unshakeable foundation of the doctor-patient relationship and, for long, doctors were treated next to God. In recent times, though, this sacred relationship is suffering from an erosion of faith. We often hear discouraging stories of doctors being abused and hospitals vandalised. The narrative is gradually turning negative-a dismal reality for both doctors and patients. We tend to forget that there are many great things happening in the medical world. Today, we are living much longer, we have managed to eradicate many diseases, we have vaccines that prevent our children from dying, life-saving surgeries are being performed while the baby is still in the womb, and we can give the gift of life to someone by transplanting vital organs. Medical miracles are happening every day in hospitals worldwide. This book is a collection of heartfelt stories by doctors and patients from across the globe. These are stories of triumph, empathy, positivity, loss and, sometimes, failure. It goes one step ahead and captures the experience of people who surround a doctor-the mother of a doctor, a surgeon's husband and an acid attack survivor-stories that underline that a doctor too is a human being after all. Human resilience can often break barriers, and these stories serve as inspiration to both patients and doctors alike. Riveting and absolutely unputdownable, Dear People gives an inside view of the world of medicine and hopes to inspire millions to retain faith in this beautiful relationship.

Book 1 - Doctor Who: Heart of Stone / Death Riders

Heart of Stone / Death Riders

Author: BBC

Publisher: Penguin UK


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 400

View: 335

Action-packed original fiction for younger Doctor Who fans, starring the Eleventh Doctor with his companions Amy Pond and Rory Williams. Double-fronted books each contain two fast-paced, fun-filled adventures! Heart of Stone/Death Riders A monster made from moon rock is attacking an Earth farm in Heart of Stone. Everything it touches turns to stone - even people. Can the Doctor, Amy and Rory find out what the creature wants before it's too late? In Death Riders the Galactic Fair has arrived on the mining planet of Stanalan and the Death Ride roller coaster is really drawing in the crowds. But there's something sinister going on behind all the fun of the fair. Join the Doctor, Amy and Rory as they investigate...

Doctor Who


Publisher: PediaPress




View: 184