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Driving Force

The Natural Magic of Magnets

Author: James D. Livingston

Publisher: Harvard University Press


Category: Science

Page: 311

View: 560

Describes the properties of magnetic forces, the history of their applications, and the future uses being developed for them

Rising Force

Author: James D. Livingston

Publisher: Harvard University Press


Category: Science

Page: 271

View: 441

In this first-ever popular introduction to “maglev”— the use of magnetic forces to overcome gravity and friction—Livingston takes lay readers on a journey of discovery, from maglev nanotechnology to Chinese trains that travel at 250 mph without touching the tracks. He finds magic in “fighting friction by fighting gravity.”

Reader's Guide to the History of Science

Author: Arne Hessenbruch

Publisher: Taylor & Francis


Category: Science

Page: 934

View: 805

"A readers' advisory to the best books on the history of science. Written by 200 international scholars, the 600 comparative essays begin with a bibliography of important works, followed by reviews of those sources in the body of the entry. Important concepts and processes, phenomena, and scientists as well as scientific developments in different countries are covered."--"Outstanding Reference Sources," American Libraries, May 2002.

Magnets for Health

A Practical Guide

Author: Jose Luis Hinojosa

Publisher: Nova Publishers


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 54

View: 547

This book is intended as a practical guide, reference, and motivational tool for all who are interested in the use of magnets for the purposes of improving sleep, decreasing stress, improving energy levels, relieving discomforts, and improving overall health and wellness. Health Care Professionals will take a special interest in this book because, if nothing else, we are in the business of caring for others' health concerns. It is thus, imperative that we become better informed regarding complementary approaches to Health Care.

The Britannica Guide to Electricity and Magnetism

Author: Britannica Educational Publishing

Publisher: Britannica Educational Publishing


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 293

View: 687

From our television sets to the magnets that dot our refrigerators, electricity and magnetism are ever-present in our everyday lives. Even aside from our modern technology, electrical charges can be found throughout nature—the most significant example being Earth’s magnetic field. This incisive volume includes extensive discussions of electrical and magnetic fields, as well as biographies of the physicists whose work has led to our greater understanding of them.


From Fundamentals to Nanoscale Dynamics

Author: Joachim Stöhr

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Science

Page: 822

View: 993

This text book gives a comprehensive account of magnetism, one of the oldest yet most vibrant fields of physics. It spans the historical development, the physical foundations and the continuing research underlying the subject. The book covers both the classical and quantum mechanical aspects of magnetism and novel experimental techniques. Perhaps uniquely, it discusses spin transport and magnetization dynamics phenomena associated with atomically and spin engineered nano-structures against the backdrop of spintronics and magnetic storage and memory applications. The book is for students, and serves as a reference for scientists in academia and research laboratories.

The Magic of Science: a Manual of Easy and Instructive Scientific Experiments

Author: James Wylde



Category: Magic tricks

Page: 356

View: 358

Electronic Properties of Engineering Materials

Author: James D. Livingston

Publisher: Wiley


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 336

View: 214

It includes both chemical and physical approaches to the properties of solids, and clearly separates those aspects of materials properties that can be tackled with classical physics from those that require quantum mechanics. * Quantum mechanics are introduced later to allow readers to be familiar with some of the mathematics necessary for quantum mechanics before being exposed to its bewildering fundamental concepts. * Discusses the electronic properties of solids from the viewpoint of elementary band theory, and end with a brief treatment of semiconductors and some semiconducting devices.

Scientific Dialogues

Intended as an Easy Introduction to Natural and Experimental Philosophy for Young Persons and All who by Self-instruction Desire to Understand the Principles of Scientific Truth

Author: Jeremiah Joyce



Category: Science

Page: 393

View: 544

Pull Of History, The: Human Understanding Of Magnetism And Gravity Through The Ages

Author: Yamamoto Yoshitaka

Publisher: World Scientific


Category: Science

Page: 980

View: 743

This book seeks to understand what bring to pass the birth of modern physics by focusing upon the formation of the concept of force. This would be the first book to note the important role magnetism has played in this process. Indeed, the force between celestial bodies, before the introduction of the Isaac Newtonian gravitational force, is first introduced by Johannes Kepler by analogy with the magnetic force. Moreover, this book, by concentrating our attention on the magnetism, fully describes the developments and the recognition of the force concept during the Middle Ages. The detailed description of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance is a strong point of this book. By discussing and emphasizing on the role accomplished by the magnetic force, this book makes clear the connection between the natural magic and the modern experimental physics. This book will open up a new aspect of the birth of modern physics. Contents: PrefaceIntroductionAntiquity and the Middle Ages: Ancient Greece: The Science of Magnetism is BornThe Hellenistic AgeThe Days of the Roman EmpireChristianity in the Middle AgesThe Discovery of Magnetic DirectionalityThomas Aquinas and His Understanding of MagnetismRoger Bacon and the Propagation of Magnetic ForcePetrus Peregrinus and His Letter Concerning the MagnetRenaissance: Nicolaus Cusanus and the Quantification of Magnetic ForceThe Rediscovery of Things Ancient: Magic in the Early Renaissance PeriodThe Age of Exploration and the Discovery of Magnetic DeclinationRobert Norman and The Newe AttractiveMining and the Continued Peculiarity of MagnetismParacelsus and Magnet TherapyChanges in Magical Thought during the Late RenaissanceDella Porta's Investigations into MagnetismThe Dawn of the Modern Age: William Gilbert's On the MagnetJohannes Kepler and the Magnetical PhilosophySeventeenth-century Mechanism and Notions of ForceRobert Boyle and the Transformation of Mechanism in BritainMagnetism and Gravity: Hooke and NewtonEpilogue: Ascertaining the Laws of Magnetic ForceNotesBibliography Readership: History students, philosophy students, general public. Keywords: History;Magnetism;Philosophy;Greek;Modern PhysicsReview:0

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