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Focus on Single-parent Families

Past, Present, and Future

Author: Annice D. Yarber

Publisher: ABC-CLIO


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 298

View: 260

A groundbreaking collection of writings on the growing phenomenon of single-parent families in the United States, and how it impacts society as a whole. * 30 expert contributors—all highly accomplished experts—address a variety of issues related to the growing number of single-parent families in the United States * Bibliographic listings of references and additional readings conclude each chapter * Offers a complete index

In Defense of Single-Parent Families

Author: Nancy E. Dowd

Publisher: NYU Press


Category: Law

Page: 222

View: 938

Single-parent families succeed. Within these families children thrive, develop, and grow, just as they do in a variety of family structures. Tragically, they must do so in the face of powerful legal and social stigma that works to undermine them. As Nancy E. Dowd argues in this bold and original book, the justifications for stigmatizing single-parent families are founded largely on myths, myths used to rationalize harshly punitive social policies. Children, in increasing numbers, bear the brunt of those policies. In this generation, more than two-thirds of all children will spend some time in a single-parent family before reaching age 18. The damage done in the name of justified stigma, therefore, harms a great many children. Dowd details the primary justifications for stigmatizing single-parent families, marshalling an impressive array of resources about single parents that portray a very different picture of these families. She describes them in all their forms, with particular attention to the differential treatment given never-married and divorced single parents, and to the impact of gender, race, and class. Emphasizing that all families face significant conflicts between work and family responsibilities, Dowd argues many two-parent families, in fact, function as single-parent caregiving households. The success or failure of families, she contends, has little to do with form. Many of the problems faced by single-parent families mirror problems faced by all families. Illustrating the harmful impact of current laws concerning divorce, welfare, and employment, Dowd makes a powerful case for centering policy around the welfare and equality of all children. A thought-provoking examination of the stereotypes, realities and possibilities of single-parent families, In Defense of Single-Parent Families asks us to consider the true purpose or goal of a family.

Single Parent Families

Diversity, Myths and Realities

Author: Marvin B Sussman

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 632

View: 925

Here is a comprehensive source of vital information on single parent families in contemporary society. This book analyzes literature and empirical research concerning single parent families and explores issues and challenges they face. Contributing authors from many fields and perspectives examine a broad range of subjects relating to families in which one person is primarily responsible for parenting. The only state-of-the-art compendium on the topic of single parent families available today, the book synthesizes empirical, theoretical, and contemporary literature about the diversity, myths, and realities of single parent families in western countries. Each chapter contains a demographic overview, definitions, a literature review, and implications for practice, research, education, and social policy. Theoretical and conceptual perspectives related to parenting and wider families are included. An analysis, synthesis, and commentary on single parent families concludes the volume. Themes highlighted throughout the book include socioeconomic and demographic characteristics of single parent families, cultural and ethnic features, and legal and ethical components. Some chapter topics include: single parenthood following divorce single parenthood following death of a spouse never married teen mothers and fathers female-headed homeless families adoptions by single parents noncustodial mothers and fathers grandparents as primary parents single parents of children with disabilities Single Parent Families contains additional resources useful for family professionals: an annotated bibliography, a video/filmography, and a national community resource list. The book is intended for a multidisciplinary audience, including sociologists, psychologists, health care professionals, social workers, therapists, and other researchers, clinicians, policymakers, and educators. An ideal primary or reference text for undergraduate and graduate level programs, the book can also serve as a tool for staff development and continuing education in service agencies.

Diversity in single-parent families

working from strength

Author: Cathryne L. Schmitz

Publisher: Manticore Publishers


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 260

View: 980

The Myth of the Missing Black Father

Author: Roberta L. Coles

Publisher: Columbia University Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 385

View: 552

Common stereotypes portray black fathers as being largely absent from their families. Yet while black fathers are less likely than white and Hispanic fathers to marry their child's mother, many continue to parent through cohabitation and visitation, providing caretaking, financial, and other in-kind support. This volume captures the meaning and practice of black fatherhood in its many manifestations, exploring two-parent families, cohabitation, single custodial fathering, stepfathering, noncustodial visitation, and parenting by extended family members and friends. Contributors examine ways that black men perceive and decipher their parenting responsibilities, paying careful attention to psychosocial, economic, and political factors that affect the ability to parent. Chapters compare the diversity of African American fatherhood with negative portrayals in politics, academia, and literature and, through qualitative analysis and original profiles, illustrate the struggle and intent of many black fathers to be responsible caregivers. This collection also includes interviews with daughters of absent fathers and concludes with the effects of certain policy decisions on responsible parenting.

Applied Developmental Science

Special Issue: Conditions for Optimal Development in Adolescence: an Experimental Approach

Author: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Publisher: Psychology Press


Category: Psychology

Page: 73

View: 168

This anthology examines Love's Labours Lost from a variety of perspectives and through a wide range of materials. Selections discuss the play in terms of historical context, dating, and sources; character analysis; comic elements and verbal conceits; evidence of authorship; performance analysis; and feminist interpretations. Alongside theater reviews, production photographs, and critical commentary, the volume also includes essays written by practicing theater artists who have worked on the play. An index by name, literary work, and concept rounds out this valuable resource.

Women as Single Parents

Confronting Institutional Barriers in the Courts, the Workplace, and the Housing Market

Author: Elizabeth A. Mulroy

Publisher: Auburn House


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 311

View: 732

As Michael Harrington's "New American Poverty" alerted readers to that problem, so the present collection makes readers aware of the various conditions of single parenting. . . . The institutional barriers of courts, housing, and workplace to the economic well-being of the female single parent are explicitly and directly examined. Solid recommendations for institutionalizing change on the state and federal levels are made. The interdisciplinary expertise of the authors covers the fields of law, social work, urban planning, housing, economics, and public policy, all with solid academic preparation. Charts are clear and concise, and the laguage is direct and concrete. "Choice" The single-parent family phenomenon is primarily about households headed by single mothers with minor children. Some perceive this growing family form as a threat to the values of the traditional nuclear family and often stereotype the mothers and their children as problems all too often dependent on public assistance. Others cite an uncaring society that ignores the needs of its more vulnerable members. Stereotypes of single women as parents, however, often significantly misrepresent the reality. Indeed, the very ignoring of the great range of differences that characterize contemporary single mothers has itself led to a large and harmful body of myths that perpetuate and intensify the single parent's problems. This sensitive, substantive book provides a needed examination of the realities of single parenthood for women. It makes a major contribution toward thoughtful formulation of policies for improving the economic and social well-being of single parents and their children. Scholars and practitioners in the fields of law, social work, urban planning, housing, economics, and public policy address and respond to the many problems, challenges, and barriers that single mothers confront in the courts, in labor markets, and in housing.

Art Therapy with Families in Crisis

Overcoming Resistance Through Nonverbal Expression

Author: Debra Greenspoon Linesch

Publisher: Psychology Press


Category: Psychology

Page: 165

View: 591

This volume describes art therapy interventions for particularly dysfunctional families and explains the connections between the process of creating art and the curative process in meeting these families' needs. The first chapter examines distressed family systems, and psychotherapy in relation to the uses of art therapy. Subsequent chapters present a crisis intervention model for family art therapy and demonstrate the applications of this model with single-parent families, families affcetd by alcoholism or sexual abuse, and families of political refugees and disaster victims. More than 70 samples of the art produced by these families are reproduced and analyzed.

Stress and Emotion

Anxiety, Anger and Curiosity

Author: Charles D. Spielberger

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Psychology

Page: 376

View: 117

The 17th volume of this prestigious and long-standing Series on Stress and Emotion focuses on recent advances in research by internationally renowned contributors from over a dozen countries. Individual chapters explore the impact of anxiety and stress on emotions in the workplace, school settings, and interpersonal relationships. The original research and practical implications presented in this volume are of interest to all social, behavioral, and medical scientists concerned with stress and anxiety-related issues. The chapters in Part One of this volume examine efforts to assess and manage the effects of stress and anxiety in one's personal life, that result from medical illness, morality issues and athletic competition, along with coping mechanisms across culture and gender. Part Two considers the experience, expression, and control of anger in a variety of cultural, educational and family contexts. The chapters in the final section explore cross-cultural effects of occupational stress and its impact on particular jobs. The contributions to this volume further our understanding of how stress factors, anxious feelings, and emotional responses to both can impact and influence our lives.

Family Therapy

Models and Techniques

Author: Janice M. Rasheed

Publisher: SAGE Publications


Category: Psychology

Page: 536

View: 784

This text offers a straightforward, comprehensive overview of both traditional and evolving theoretical models of family therapy and intervention techniques as well as a discussion of clinical issues unique to family therapy practice. Aiming to prepare students to develop beginning proficiency in family therapy, the authors outline major family therapy models in detail, including a step by step description of concepts, theories, skills, and techniques as well as a history of each model and its conceptual and theoretical underpinnings. The text also provides extensive case illustrations of family interviews that identify the specific stages, clinical issues, concepts, theories and techniques associated with each model. This core text is designed for graduate level courses such as Family Therapy, Marriage and Family Therapy, Marriage and Family Counseling, Family Systems Theory, and Family Counseling in departments of social work, psychology, nursing, education, or human services.

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