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America in Italy

The United States in the Political Thought and Imagination of the Risorgimento, 1763–1865

Author: Axel Körner

Publisher: Princeton University Press


Category: History

Page: 376

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America in Italy examines the influence of the American political experience on the imagination of Italian political thinkers between the late eighteenth century and the unification of Italy in the 1860s. Axel Körner shows how Italian political thought was shaped by debates about the American Revolution and the U.S. Constitution, but he focuses on the important distinction that while European interest in developments across the Atlantic was keen, this attention was not blind admiration. Rather, America became a sounding board for the critical assessment of societal changes at home. Many Italians did not think the United States had lessons to teach them and often concluded that life across the Atlantic was not just different but in many respects also objectionable. In America, utopia and dystopia seemed to live side by side, and Italian references to the United States were frequently in support of progressive or reactionary causes. Political thinkers including Cesare Balbo, Carlo Cattaneo, Giuseppe Mazzini, and Antonio Rosmini used the United States to shed light on the course of their nation's political resurgence. Concepts from Montesquieu, Rousseau, and Vico served to evaluate what Italians discovered about America. Ideas about American "domestic manners" were reflected and conveyed through works of ballet, literature, opera, and satire. Transcending boundaries between intellectual and cultural history, America in Italy is the first book-length examination of the influence of America's political formation on modern Italian political thought.

George P. Marsh Correspondence

Images of Italy, 1861-1881

Author: George Perkins Marsh

Publisher: Lexington Books


Category: History

Page: 228

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George P. Marsh was a keen observer of the Italian society and political system: this volume collects his letters from Florence between 1864 and 1871, when the Tuscan city was the capital of Italy. His official and personal correspondence is a key resource for anyone interested both in the study of U.S.-Italian relations in the early post-unification years and in an understanding of Italy's coeval perception by prominent foreigners who visited the country in that period.

The Age of Lincoln and Cavour

Comparative Perspectives on 19th-Century American and Italian Nation-Building

Author: Enrico Dal Lago

Publisher: Springer


Category: History

Page: 235

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In the 19th century, both Italy and the US were young countries pursuing liberal nationalism even as unity was threatened by a recalcitrant southern population. This nuanced analysis of abolitionism and Italian democratic nationalism, Lincoln and Cavour, and the nation's two civil wars provides powerful new insights into their histories.

Journal of the Civil War Era

Spring 2013 Issue

Author: William A. Blair

Publisher: UNC Press Books


Category: History

Page: 176

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The Journal of the Civil War Era Volume 3, Number 1 March 2013 TABLE OF CONTENTS Editor's Note William Blair Articles Amber D. Moulton Closing the "Floodgate of Impurity": Moral Reform, Antislavery, and Interracial Marriage in Antebellum Massachusetts Marc-William Palen The Civil War's Forgotten Transatlantic Tariff Debate and the Confederacy's Free Trade Diplomacy Joy M. Giguere "The Americanized Sphinx": Civil War Commemoration, Jacob Bigelow, and the Sphinx at Mount Auburn Cemetery Review Essay Enrico Dal Lago Lincoln, Cavour, and National Unification: American Republicanism and Italian Liberal Nationalism in Comparative Perspective Professional Notes James J. Broomall The Interpretation Is A-Changin': Memory, Museums, and Public History in Central Virginia Book Reviews Books Received Notes on Contributors The Journal of the Civil War Era takes advantage of the flowering of research on the many issues raised by the sectional crisis, war, Reconstruction, and memory of the conflict, while bringing fresh understanding to the struggles that defined the period, and by extension, the course of American history in the nineteenth century.

Gli Stati Uniti e l'Europa

Discorso pronunziato a Roma, il 6 novembre 1953 ...

Author: Clare Boothe Luce



Category: Europe

Page: 59

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cultura e ideali

Author: Stefania Bonanni



Category: History

Page: 551

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Carlo Cattaneo and the Politics of the Risorgimento, 1820–1860

Author: C.M. Lovett

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Political Science

Page: 138

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In January 1948, Alessandro Levi, a distinguished scholar in the fields of law, philosophy and political theory, published an article entitled "The 'return' of Carlo Cattaneo. " 1 Levi, himself the author of an im portant work on Cattaneo, 2 reported on several initiatives which had been taken by Italian scholars since 1945 to rescue the Lombard writer and politician from relative obscurity. With some financial assistance from the City of Milan, a committee of Italian and Swiss scholars had been formed in the spring of 1946 to publish Cattaneo's works, which until then had only appeared in fragmentary and uncritical 3 editions. LeMonnier of Florence had agreed to publish the new edi tion. Meanwhile, the Lombard historian Rinaldo Caddeo was preparing with considerable pains an edition of several volumes of Cattaneo's correspondence. In addition, a catalog of materials pertaining to Cat taneo and found among the Crispi papers was being prepared at the State Archives in Palermo. A brief biography had appeared in 1945 and other works by historians, political scientists, and journalists were 4 in progress. These initiatives seemed long overdue, in view of the fact that Cattaneo's contemporaries had considered him a leading figure in the liberal-democratic current of the Risorgimento. As Levi acknowledged in his article, however, these efforts to rescue Cattaneo's work from obscurity were something more than a belated tribute to an important participant in the history of nineteenth century Italy.

A History of Contemporary Italy

Society and Politics, 1943-1988

Author: Paul Ginsborg

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan


Category: History

Page: 592

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From a war-torn and poverty-stricken country, regional and predominantly agrarian, to the success story of recent years, Italy has witnessed the most profound transformation--economic, social and demographic--in its entire history. Yet the other recurrent theme of the period has been the overwhelming need for political reform--and the repeated failure to achieve it. Professor Ginsborg's authoritative work--the first to combine social and political perspectives--is concerned with both the tremendous achievements of contemporary Italy and "the continuities of its history that have not been easily set aside."

I Cattolici La Politica e l'Italia

Author: Bartolo Ciccardini





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Il Mondo mensile




Category: World politics


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