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Go Tell the Crocodiles

Chasing Prosperity in Mozambique

Author: Rowan Moore Gerety

Publisher: The New Press


Category: Political Science

Page: 320

View: 110

In the tradition of Katherine Boo’s Behind the Beautiful Forevers, an unforgettable exploration of the trials of daily life in Mozambique, long heralded as Africa’s “rising star” Over the past twenty-five years, Mozambique has charted a path of dizzying economic growth nearly as steep as China’s, making it among the fastest-growing economies on the planet. But most Mozambicans have little to show for the long boom; to travel in Mozambique is to see much of the promise of development as a mirage. And in the fall of 2016, a debt crisis unraveled layers of corruption that reverberated across Europe, heralding what many in the financial world feared might be the beginning of a “global financial shockwave” (The Guardian). Go Tell the Crocodiles explores the efforts of ordinary people to provide for themselves where foreign aid, the formal economy, and the government have fallen short. Author Rowan Moore Gerety tells the story of contemporary Mozambique through the heartbreaking and fascinating lives of real people, from a street kid who flouts Mozambique’s child labor laws to make his living selling muffins, to a riverside community that has lost dozens of people to crocodile attacks. Moore Gerety introduces us to a nation still coming to grips with a long civil war and the legacy of colonialism even as it wrestles with the toll of infectious disease and a wave of refugees, weaving stories together into a stunning account of the challenges facing countries across Africa.

Ebony Jr.





Page: 60

View: 186

Created by the publishers of EBONY. During its years of publishing it was the largest ever children-focused publication for African Americans.

The Crocodiles

A Novel

Author: Youssef Rakha

Publisher: Seven Stories Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 256

View: 961

Set in Cairo between 1997 and 2011, The Crocodiles is narrated in numbered, prose poem-like paragraphs, set against the backdrop of a burning Tahrir Square, by a man looking back on the magical and explosive period of his life when he and two friends started a secret poetry club amid a time of drugs, messy love affairs, violent sex, clumsy but determined intellectual bravado, and retranslations of the Beat poets. Youssef Rakha’s provocative, brutally intelligent novel of growth and change begins with a suicide and ends with a doomed revolution, forcefully capturing thirty years in the life of a living, breathing, daring, burning, and culturally incestuous Cairo. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Story Telling

What to Tell and how to Tell it

Author: Edna Lyman Scott



Category: Storytelling

Page: 217

View: 487

Explains the importance of storytelling, outlines the various genres, describes how to arrange a program, and illustrates techniques and methods of storytelling.

Notes of a Crocodile

Author: Qiu Miaojin

Publisher: New York Review of Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 256

View: 649

The English-language premiere of Qiu Miaojin's coming-of-age novel about queer teenagers in Taiwan, a cult classic in China and winner of the 1995 China Times Literature Award. An NYRB Classics Original Set in the post-martial-law era of late-1980s Taipei, Notes of a Crocodile is a coming-of-age story of queer misfits discovering love, friendship, and artistic affinity while hardly studying at Taiwan’s most prestigious university. Told through the eyes of an anonymous lesbian narrator nicknamed Lazi, this cult classic is a postmodern pastiche of diaries, vignettes, mash notes, aphorisms, exegesis, and satire by an incisive prose stylist and major countercultural figure. Afflicted by her fatalistic attraction to Shui Ling, an older woman, Lazi turns for support to a circle of friends that includes a rich kid turned criminal and his troubled, self-destructive gay lover, as well as a bored, mischievous overachiever and her alluring slacker artist girlfriend. Illustrating a process of liberation from the strictures of gender through radical self-inquiry, Notes of a Crocodile is a poignant masterpiece of social defiance by a singular voice in contemporary Chinese literature.

The Disintegration of James Cherry

Author: Jeff Wanshel

Publisher: Dramatists Play Service Inc


Category: Drama

Page: 72

View: 486

THE STORY: After announcing at the outset that what follows is his nightmare, young James Cherry leads us through a series of hilarious and revealing episodes from his life. Awful things keep happening to those around him, and for some reason it

The Welcome Guest

A Magazine of Recreative Reading for All. Illustrated with Numerous Engravings on Wood. 1858






View: 497

The Harmony Forest

Author: David A. Gutierrez

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Fiction

Page: 36

View: 757

The story it is an adventure, and in the adventure and I am trying to convey the values and respect that we should have toward others, and how accepting one another and valuing one another would make us stronger. Also, how we should live by these values, and the importance of having gratitude.

Nelson Thornes Framework English


Author: Geoff Reilly

Publisher: Nelson Thornes


Category: Education

Page: 160

View: 507

The aim of Nelson Thornes Framework English is to develop students' confidence and achievement in writing. With its unique range of rich fiction and non-fiction texts, and comprehensive coverage of the core skills, Nelson Thornes Framework English Skills in Fiction and Non-Fiction targets students doing well in years 7-10.

The Jaguar

Author: T. Jefferson Parker

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 863

For fans of Michael Connelly and CJ Box, the fifth audacious and white-hot novel in the Charlie Hood series from New York Times bestseller and Edgar-award winner T. Jefferson Parker redefines the landscape of the thriller and shatters every expectation you ever had about the good guys and the bad. Now featuring an excerpt from his upcoming novel The Room of White Fire. When Benjamin Armenta, leader of the powerful Gulf Cartel, kidnaps songwriter Erin McKenna, his demands are as unique as the jungle fortress in which Erin is imprisoned. She’s ordered to compose a narcocorrido, a folk ballad that will romanticize Armenta as one of the greatest desperadoes in Mexican history. Allowed to wander the hallways of the castle with only a guitar and a mysterious old priest to keep her company, Erin must produce the loveliest song these men have ever heard. Or she’ll be skinned alive. As Erin’s music wafts through the jungle, it serves as a siren call to the two men who love her: lawman Charlie Hood and Erin’s outlaw husband, Bradley Jones. They have the power to rescue her, but their long-simmering rivalry could very well compromise Erin’s deliverance and cause the ending of a life-and-death ballad to be rewritten in blood.

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