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How We Love Our Kids

The Five Love Styles of Parenting

Author: Milan Yerkovich

Publisher: WaterBrook


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 304

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One Small Change in How You Love One Big Change in your Kids Having problems with your kids? What if you are the problem and you just can’t see it? How We Love Our Kids offers a unique approach, to help you as a parent transform your kids by making specific changes in how you love. It’s the only book specifically for parents that reveals the unseen forces that shape every interaction with your kids. • Identify which of the five love styles you have. • Discover the surprising dynamics that shape your parenting. • Get rid of your “buttons” so your kids can’t push them. • Create a close connection with your kids that will last a lifetime. • Learn the seven gifts every child needs. Based on years of research in the area of attachment and bonding, How We Love Our Kids shows parents how to overcome the predictable challenges that arise out of the five love styles and helps parents cultivate a secure, deep connection with a child of any age. Retool your reactions and refocus on how you love. Start today. Watch your kids flourish and thrive as they receive what was missing in your love. With four self-assessments and powerful application tools to use with children of all ages.

Uncommon Love

God’s Heart for Christian Parents of Gay Kids

Author: Mary Comm

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing


Category: Religion


View: 230

Uncommon Love is a landmark Bible study and the first of its kind. In a culture where gay rights, gay marriage, and a surplus of gender issues have recently exploded in the media, more and more kids are coming out—and many of these are from Christian homes with Christian parents who don’t know what to do, how to respond, where to draw boundaries or if they even should. Scripture, which is the foundational basis for how to live the Christian life, has even been brought into question, further confusing the hearts and minds of Christian parents. Mary Comm presents a comprehensive navigational map for Christian parents whose kids (whether minor or adult) have Same-Sex Attraction or are living the LGB lifestyle. The primary purpose of Uncommon Love is to help parents maintain a loving, mutually respectful relationship with their LGB children and shows parents how to offer compassionate understanding and unconditional love without compromising their own identity, faith, and values.

The Peace Perspective

Author: Mike Markovski

Publisher: First Edition Design Pub.


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 126

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What parent does not want to see their children have a life of inner peace and love? I believe inner peace and love is the greatest gift we can give our children. A peace within leads to a greater love of oneself and that love helps us to have a higher self-esteem. It is with this higher self-esteem that our children can best deal with the many challenges life has to offer. We all want to give our children the best chance for success in life, but what is the best way to make this success possible? Keywords: Peace, Parenting, Self-esteem, Self-help, Mindfulness, Bullying, Children, Success, Love, Happiness

Correcting Your Child in Love


Publisher: Xulon Press




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The Other Journal: Sport

Author: The Other Journal

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 140

View: 217

FEATURING: Adam Joyce, Lincoln Harvey, Marcia W. Mount Shoop, Margot Starbuck, and Tim Suttle PLUS: Let's Dance: Zumba and the Imago Dei of Beautiful Black Bodies * Commercial Participation: Modern Sports Fandom and Sacramental Ontology * The Work of Play * Lines and Lines Athwart Lines * Singing with Losers --AND MORE . . . The ancient Olympic games were held every four years at the temple of Zeus. They were a major cultural and religious event that doubled as a contest between rivaling nation-states. Certain strands of mythology even suggest that Heracles, the strongest of mortal men, organized the event and built the Olympic stadium in honor of his father, Zeus. Today, few athletes devote their efforts to the honor of Zeus, but there remains a certain religiosity at work in sport's place within Western culture. Fame, fortune, and honor; character and fair play; skill and artistic perfection also remain at stake, just in new ways. As Marcia W. Mount Shoop explains in her interview with Jessica Coblentz, sports still "tap into our most primal existential needs for vitality, for purpose, for creativity, for connection and community, and for work and play," and in this, our twenty-fifth issue of The Other Journal, we dive into these characteristics of sport, starting literally with Jennifer Stewart Fueston's poem "A Swim" and then continuing on to the ancient Greek stadium at Nemea. Our contributors consider the ethics, commodification, and embodiment of particular events, as well as the personal and cultural stories which weave in and out of sport. They do the hard work of conscientious fandom at football games; walk us through baseball liturgies; and take us to the windy courts of Philo, Illinois, where noted author David Foster Wallace was an outdoor tennis savant. They show us how to fly and then how to lose. And they invite us to dance, "to let our bodies taste the salt of our sweat, hear the pant of exhalation, and feel the perspiration on our skin, for it is in these very possibilities," argues John B. White, "that we relate to God, others, and self." The issue features essays and reviews by Jeff Appel, Andrew Arndt, Ben Bishop, Jen Grabarczyk-Turner, Lincoln Harvey, Jonathan Hiskes, Adam Joyce, Lakisha R. Lockhart-Rusch, Benj Petroelje, Justin Randall Phillips, Heather L. Reid, Margot Starbuck, Tim Suttle, and John B. White; an interview by Jessica Coblentz with Marcia W. Mount Shoop; creative nonfiction by Brett Beasley, Meghan Florian, and Katie Karnehm-Esh; poetry by Bethany Bowman, Catherine Thiel Lee, and Jennifer Stewart Fueston; and art by Allen Forrest, Gerald Lopez, and Abigail Platter.

Math for Teacher and Parents of Sixth Graders

Author: Irina Kleyman

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Mathematics

Page: 268

View: 185

Arithmetic is first part of Mathematics where kids learn how to do operations with numbers. This book contains lessons, rules, examples, and exercises for practice, tests, and answers of exercises. This is a book designed to help teachers to improve the attention, memory and logical thinking of their kids. To improve their attention, rewrite problems from the book to your notebook and write solutions because 30% of our brain has a connection to the hand. Kids are expected to improve their memory and memorize rules because in this book rules repeat many times. You have two kinds of problems in the book. Basic problems are operations with numbers: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. Advanced problems are problems that require kids to complete the tables and put on correct numbers instead of question mark. Advanced problems help kids improve their logical thinking.

Before We Say "Goodnight"

How to Tell Bedtime Stories about Your Life and Family

Author: Hank Frazee

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 184

View: 558

Providing an easy-to-learn three-step method, this must-have guide shows parents how to turn their life experiences, and those of their families, into great bedtime stories that will help them build deeper relationships with their children.

Inscribing the Text

Sermons and Prayers of Walter Brueggemann

Author: Walter Brueggemann

Publisher: Fortress Press


Category: Religion

Page: 222

View: 968

Following his highly successful collection of prayers, "Awed to Heaven, Rooted in Earth (2003) this ia a thoughtful collection of Brueggemann's most recent sermons and prayers. Not only a leading biblical theologian, Brueggemann has long established himself as one of the country's leading preachers. His earlier collection of sermons, "The Threat of Life: Sermons on Pain, Power, and Weakness (1996) has been a source of much homiletic inspiration, as has his reflections in "Finally Comes the Poet: Daring Speech for Proclamation (1989). The collection begins with a poignant chapter on the preacher as scribe, followed by twenty-two sermons and twenty-four prayers.

The Power of a Positive Mom

Revised Edition

Author: Karol Ladd

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 320

View: 797

"Updated for today's tech-savvy mom"--Cover.

Babie's, Kids and Parents

All Linked In

Author: Robin Carretti

Publisher: Booktango


Category: Fiction


View: 436

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