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It's a Boy!

Your Son's Development from Birth to Age 18

Author: Michael Thompson, PhD

Publisher: Ballantine Books


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 480

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From the New York Times bestselling co-author of Raising Cain, It’s a Boy! is the first major parenting book to chart every stage of a boy’s life. This upbeat, authoritative, and reassuring guide–written by psychologist Michael Thompson, Ph.D., a leading international expert on boys’ development, and journalist Teresa H. Barker–shows how a boy’s inner life progresses through infancy, childhood, and adolescence. What do boys actually need? How exactly does a healthy boy look and act? It’s a Boy! has the answers, providing expert advice on the developmental, psychological, social, and academic life of boys from infancy through the teen years. Exploring the many ways in which boys strive for masculinity and attempt to define themselves, Dr. Thompson identifies the key developmental transitions that mark a boy’s psychological growth and emotional health, and the challenges both boys and parents face at each age. • Expecting a Boy: how our deeply held hopes, fears, and family histories shape our expectations of boys and our parenting techniques • Baby Boys (birth to 18 months): falling in love with your son, healthy attachment, trust, and temperament • Toddler Years (18 months to 3 years): boys on the go, bold steps, blankies, budding language, and rambunctious physicality • Powerful Little Boys (ages 3 and 4): superhero ambitions, penis play and potty talk, learning to manage the force of his anger, and celebrating the power of the boy group • Starting School (ages 5 through 7): developmental cues for school readiness, transitional challenges, girl cooties and boys-only play, tough talk, tender hearts, and first friends • Boys on a Mission (ages 8 through 10): striving for mastery in sports, screen games, and boy society, organizing the boy brain for school success, and glaring academic gender gaps • The Preteen (ages 11 through 13): puberty, posturing and popularity, the culture of cruelty, hidden sensitivity, and stoic silence in the middle school years • Early High School (ages 14 and 15): the secret life of boys, powerful peer groups, sexuality, school strategies, the shift away from Mom (she knows too much), and yearning for Dad’s respect and attention • On the Brink of Manhood (ages 16 through 18): the quest for independence, sex, love, driving, drinking, and other choices and challenges of life Practical, insightful, wonderfully engaging, and filled with instructive true stories any parent of a son will recognize, It’s a Boy! is the definitive guide to raising boys in today’s world, revealing with humor, compassion, and joy all the infinite varieties of boys and the deep and profound ways in which we love them. From the Hardcover edition.

It's a Boy

Author: B. J. Denner

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing


Category: Social Science

Page: 172

View: 421

Sorry, It's a Boy

Author: S.A. Hartman

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 237

View: 299

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, as the female birthrate suddenly drops, Craig Steben joins the research staff at The Long Island Institute of Female Health. Time is running out and people are frantic over the forecast of the last female birth expected in a couple of years. McBrian, an outcast of the medical community, clutches a cigar butt between his teeth and shouts at his staff as they prepare to deliver the baby. A cow bellows as its womb gives up a newborn seven pound, eight ounce baby girl. McBrian has perfected a temporary bovine alternative to a human uterus, but he has bigger plans to further exploit Decreasing Female Births. Desperate to uncover even one shred of information to reverse DFB, Craig works long hours and moonlights at McBrian’s even though he comes to despise McBrian’s motives and exploitive behavior. Craig’s scientific hunger to solve DFB is further ignited by his fatherly concern for his three sons who will be doomed to a life without women. There are ten men for each woman in college and barely one girl in each elementary class. Women are calling the shots as their numbers dwindle an even with preferential job opportunities, many become Sexual Therapists. It’s a patriotic profession that preserves heterosexuality while providing an income greater than most corporate executives. Cooperation between countries dissolves into a “uterine war” with each government trying to solve DFB at the exclusion of their neighbors. With Craig’s help, McBrian will perfect a synthetic uterus and further enrich himself and his powerful partners. They intend to become the nation’s primary source of female fetuses when human uteruses completely fail. Craig’s research breakthrough is about to destroy McBrian’s grand plans. McBrian will do anything to derail Craig as he races toward the solution. Craig’s quest is further complicated by his compulsive behavior and extra-marital excursions which are shattering his fragile marriage.

Its a Boy

Its a Boy Baby Shower Guest Book Includes Gift Tracker and Picture Pages

Author: Daisy Design




Page: 110

View: 653

Beautiful 'It's a Boy' Baby Shower Guest Book Plus Gift Tracker and Picture Memory Section+ Bonus Baby Shower Printable Games You Can Print Out to Make Your Baby Shower Even More Memorable 'It's a Boy' Baby Shower Guest Book High quality thick cream 100+ lined interior pages with beautiful hard-wearing gloss cover. Square 8.25" x 8.25" 100 Plus pages With Spaces for over 150 Guests Name and Relationship to Parent/s Give their top tips for parents Special Message to Baby Memory Section to put Photos of the Event Free Printable Gift Tracker Download the gift tracker to keep a record of all gifts so you can send the correct Thank You message. 10 Free Printable Baby Shower Games Guess the Ancient Baby Name Guess the Baby Animal Match the Candy to Pregnancy How Long Until Baby Can... What's on Your Phone I've Never Done That.... Guess the International Baby Names What's in My Purse Nursery Rhyme Fill in the Gap Wishes for Baby

My Baby Boy Record Book

Author: White Star

Publisher: White Star Publishers


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 96

View: 215

From baby's first photo to his first birthday and tentative steps: every moment counts when you're celebrating a new member of the family. Keep those memories forever, in this beautiful album designed especially for a boy. It features numerous themed sections with lots of space for writing about those special moments and pasting photos and cards, as well as one large pocket and one small one for storing keepsakes.

Its a Boy Journal

Record Your New Born Baby Boy Precious Moments

Author: Charlene Ramsaran

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



Page: 100

View: 408

Baby Boy Journal, to record your baby boy first memories.Such an exciting time for all mothers.This will be an absolute great baby shower gift and its specially customized for that special Baby Boy... This Journal comes with 100 pages, 6 x 9 size with a glossy finish touch.

From Boys to Men

A Woman's Guide to the Health of Husbands, Partners, Sons, Fathers, and Brothers

Author: Emily Senay

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 628

View: 348

A guide for women on male health addresses such topics as the biological needs of growing boys, the major causes of disease, preventative care, the impact of emotional challenges on male health, and the longevity gap between men and women. 75,000 first printing.

Human Sexuality and Its Problems

Author: John Bancroft

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences


Category: Medical

Page: 546

View: 141

Prepared by one of the world's leading authorities, Human Sexuality and its Problems remains the foremost comprehensive reference in the field. Now available in a larger format, this classic volume continues to address the neurophysiological, psychological and socio-cultural aspects of human sexuality and how they interact. Fully updated throughout, the new edition places a greater emphasis on theory and its role in sex research and draws on the latest global research to review the clinical management of problematic sexuality providing clear, practical guidelines for clinical intervention. Clearly written, this highly accessible volume now includes a new chapter on the role of theory, and separate chapters on sexual differentiation and gender identity development, transgender and gender non-conformity, and HIV, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Human Sexuality and its Problems fills a gap in the literature for academics interested in human sexuality from an interdisciplinary perspective, as well as health professionals involved in the management of sexual problems. Long awaited new edition of the definitive reference text on human sexuality Addresses the neurophysiological, psychological and socio-cultural aspects of human sexuality and how they interact Examines the normal sexual experience and covers the various ways in which sex can be problematic, including dysfunctional, 'out of control', high risk and illegal sexual behaviour Reviews the clinical management of problematic sexuality and provides clear, practical guidelines for clinical intervention Presents a broad cross-disciplinary perspective of the subject area making the book suitable for all professionals involved in the field Presents a more theoretical approach to the study of human sexuality reflecting recent changes in research Includes a section on brain imaging to demonstrate the latest research findings in sexual arousal and to compare and contrast individuals with normal and low levels of sexual desire Discusses the use of sex as a mood regulator and the importance of current research in this area Discusses the impact on the internet on the modern sexual world Explores the relevance of transgender and gender non-conformity Contains a chapter on HIV and AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections Chapter on therapy fully updated to reflect the movement towards integration of psychological and pharmacological approaches to management Explores the complex relationships between anger, sexual arousal and sexual violence

It's a Boy

Baby Guest Book , Bridal Shower, Birthday ... Visitors, Party, Customer Rustic, Predictions, Animal(100 Pages)

Author: Guest & Paperback




Page: 102

View: 497

Perfect for Women... cool for adults! Check out our other Guest Book ! This simple yet stylish rustic guest book is perfect for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, cabin rentals and more. With its sleek matte cover and weathered wood background, this wedding guest book will capture the memories of your special day in style! It has 150 lined pages, providing a generous amount of space for your guest to sign and leave their comments. This guestbook can stand or lie flat, making it perfect to display as well as easy for your guests to write in. This is a LIMITED EDITION design and is only sold here exclusively. It is suitable for anyone and would make the perfect gift for birthdays or anything else, to be used for: Specifications: Cover Finish: Matte Dimensions: 8.25" x 6" Interior: Lined, White Paper Pages: 100 Get yours today!

The Boy Detective Fails

Author: Joe Meno

Publisher: Akashic Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 150

In this “charming” and melancholic novel, a former child sleuth “investigates the hard-to-crack case of Lost Innocence” (Entertainment Weekly). A Chicago Tribune, Kirkus Reviews, and Booklist Book of the Year In the twilight of a mysterious childhood full of wonder, Billy Argo, boy detective, is brokenhearted to find that his younger sister and crime-solving partner, Caroline, has committed suicide. Ten years later, Billy, age thirty, returns from an extended stay at St. Vitus’ Hospital for the Mentally Ill to discover the world full of unimaginable strangeness: office buildings vanish without reason, small animals turn up without their heads, and cruel villains ride city buses to complete their evil schemes. Lost within this unwelcoming place, Billy befriends two lonely, extraordinary children—one a science fair genius, the other a charming, silent bully. With a nearly forgotten bravery, he experiences the unendurable boredom of a telemarketing job; encounters a beautiful, desperate pickpocket; and confronts the nearly impossible solution to his sister’s case. Along a path laden with hidden clues and codes, the boy detective may learn the greatest secret of all: the necessity of the unknown. “Haunted by the mystery of his sister’s death and feeling that a lapse in his sleuthing may be to blame, Billy is determined to find out the reason for her suicide and to punish those responsible . . . The story of Billy’s search for truth, love and redemption is surprising and absorbing. Swaddled in melancholy and gentle humor, it builds in power as the clues pile up.” —Publishers Weekly “The author gives Billy a gallery of rogues to combat and even sends him to investigate the Convocation of Evil at a local hotel (‘Featured Panel: To Wear a Mask?’). Meno sets himself a complicated task, marooning his straight-arrow, pulp-fiction protagonist in a world uglier than the Bobbsey Twins ever faced but refusing to go for satire. Instead, the author takes his compulsive investigator at face value.” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review “Comedic, imaginative, empathic . . . investigates the precincts of grief [and] our longing to combat chaos with reason.” —Booklist

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