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Japan: The Cookbook

Author: Nancy Singleton Hachisu

Publisher: Phaidon Press


Category: Cooking

Page: 464

View: 928

The definitive, home cooking recipe collection from one of the most respected and beloved culinary cultures Japan: The Cookbook has more than 400 sumptuous recipes by acclaimed food writer Nancy Singleton Hachisu. The iconic and regional traditions of Japan are organized by course and contain insightful notes alongside the recipes. The dishes - soups, noodles, rices, pickles, one-pots, sweets, and vegetables - are simple and elegant.


A Cookbook

Author: Haruyo Kataoka

Publisher: Geocenter International


Category: Cooking

Page: 157

View: 360

Japanese cuisine presented with authentic care and flair. Elegant photography and varied recipes give the reader an approachable guide to Japanese dining. Over 100 recipes.

The Quick and Easy Japanese Cookbook

Great Recipes from Japan's Favorite TV Cooking Show Host

Author: Katsuyo Kobayashi

Publisher: Kodansha International


Category: Cooking

Page: 104

View: 910

Written by one of Japan's most popular television cooks, this practical cookbook covers a range of everyday Japanese cooking and includes the Japanese variations of Chinese, Korean and western cuisine common in Japanese homes. For nearly thirty years, Katsuyo Kobayashi has been showing people how to make good food with a minimum of fuss. She's Japan's most trusted and popular television cooking personality, and the best-selling author of 140 books. In The Quick and Easy Japanese Cookbook, she presents foolproof recipes that anyone can make. All the ingredients

Yo Sushi

The Japanese Cookbook

Author: Kimiko Barber

Publisher: HarperCollins UK


Category: Cooking

Page: 192

View: 127

'YO! Sushi: The Cookbook' brings YO!'s delicious Japanese dishes to the home and shows you how easy it easy to make your own sushi and other Japanese fare. This eye-popping book includes YO!'s most popular dishes: california rolls, salmon maki, prawn yaki soba and chilled roasted aubergines. Original recipes encourage readers to expand their repertoire and enjoy a range of flavoursome dishes. Learn to cook soy-marinated chicken, make healthy salads such as beetroot with sweet vinegar and impress friends with red snapper rice. Written by renowned Japanese food expert, Kimiko Barber, 'YO! Sushi: The Cookbook' includes 120 delicious recipes. Forget complicated rolling or bizarrely named ingredients, Kimiko explains all the terms and shows how to make sushi rolls and other dishes through step-by-step photography. No recipe takes more than 30 minutes preparation or requires special cooking techniques. The book is divided into six colour-coded sections which reflect YO!s famous coloured plates, taking the reader chapter by chapter from novice to samurai so that you can work your way up the rungs until you're rolling with gusto. The book is fully illustrated in YO! Sushi's exuberant style: Crisp finished food photography, bright graphics, and atmospheric reportage shots bring the energy of the YO! experience to the reader.

Japanese Cookbook

The Traditional and Simple Japanese Cuisine

Author: Martha Stone

Publisher: Martha Stone


Category: Cooking

Page: 46

View: 613

When we think of Japanese Cuisine, we imagine colourful, healthy and traditional dishes. But many of us have a misconception that traditional Japanese Cuisine is difficult to prepare at home. It is not so. In this Japanese Cookbook, you will find 25 traditional, simple and easily made at home Japanese Recipes that you will love. Enjoy!

Just One Cookbook - Essential Japanese Recipes

Author: Namiko Chen

Publisher: eBookIt.com


Category: Cooking

Page: 94

View: 972

Since elementary school, I spent almost every evening in my mother's kitchen helping her prepare dinner. She showed me that cooking can be fun and simple recipes really can be delicious! I cherish all the tips and tricks she taught me and incorporate them into my daily cooking, using fresh, high quality ingredients. This cookbook is a collection of the most popular recipes shared on my blog, Just One Cookbook, over the past three years. It includes classic Japanese recipes like chawanmushi, gyudon and kitsune udon, as well as modern favorites like California rolls and green tea ice cream. Enjoy!

Japanese Hot Pot Cookbook

Japanese Way to Enhance Friendship, UnitePeople by Picking Up Food From One Pot

Author: Amanda Allen

Publisher: Alpha Books


Category: Cooking

Page: 70

View: 491

Originally hot pot is a chinese cooking method, prepared with a simmering pot of soup stock at the dining table, containing a variety of east asian foodstuffs and ingredients. Another Widely Accepted Reason Is That The Hot Pot Has The Power To Enhance Friendship And Unite Family Members Or Colleagues. Several People Sit Around A Hot Pot, Talking And Eating. They Pick Up Food In One Pot, Which Create A Natural Closeness Atmosphere To Them. The Warm Air Is Also Considered To Make People Comfortable. In This Book You Will Find Easy To Make 45 Japanese (Nabemono) Hot Pot Recipes Including Sukiyaki And Shabu-Shabu. You Will Find japanese hot pot cookbookLike . Sukiyaki Dashi Japanese Onion Hot Pot Onions And Cabbage Shabu Rice And Cabbage Rolls Tomato Soup Cheesy Bread And Many More.......

The Complete Asian Cookbook: Japan & Korea

Author: Charmaine Solomon

Publisher: Hardie Grant Books


Category: Cooking

Page: 128

View: 451

Since its release in 1976, Charmaine Solomon’s The Complete Asian Cookbook has become a culinary classic, introducing Asian cooking to more than a million readers worldwide and garnering a dedicated following around the globe. The recipes from Japan and Korea are now available in this single volume. Join Charmaine Solomon on a journey through the delicate flavours of Japan and the fiery chilli of Korea. From simple sashimi to rib-sticking bibimbap, nourishing broths or versatile kim chi, these diverse dishes will delight and inspire a new generation of cooks. Also in the series: The Complete Asian Cookbook: China The Complete Asian Cookbook: India & Pakistan The Complete Asian Cookbook: Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos & Burma The Complete Asian Cookbook: Indonesia, Malaysia & Singapore The Complete Asian Cookbook: Sri Lanka & The Philippines

Japanese Cooking Made Simple: A Japanese Cookbook with Authentic Recipes for Ramen, Bento, Sushi & More

Author: Salinas Press

Publisher: Callisto Media Inc


Category: Cooking

Page: 282

View: 163

Cooking a wide variety of Japanese meals doesn’t have to require a lot of effort, multiple cookbooks, and guesswork. Here’s the key to making delicious Japanese food at home tonight. People love Japanese cuisine, but very few prepare it themselves. Japanese Cooking Made Simple provides the basic techniques and recipes that unlock your ability to prepare delicious, authentic Japanese meals to enjoy with friends and family at home – without requiring significant investments in time and money to do so. Japanese Cooking Made Simple contains more than 100 easy-to-follow authentic Japanese recipes with ingredients you can find in your local grocery store. Sushi and bento boxes will become part of your weeknight meals, as will Ramen with Braised Pork Belly, Tempura Soba, Fried Tofu in Broth, California Rolls, Pan-Broiled Salmon with Scallions, Chicken Yakitori, and Green Tea Ice Cream. Step-by-step instructions and illustrations will have you preparing sushi, including norimaki and temaki, with ease. Color photos help you put a beautiful Japanese dish on the plate. In Japanese Cooking Made Simple, Salinas Press has once again created a cookbook that provides home chefs not only with a wide variety of delicious recipes to choose from, but also the simple tools to make it easy.

The Manga Cookbook

Author: The Manga University Culinary Institute

Publisher: Manga University


Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 158

View: 338

Reading manga sure can make a person hungry! Food appears frequently in Japanese comics, but what exactly is it that the characters are eating? Introducing The Manga Cookbook, an illustrated step-by-step guide to preparing simple Japanese dishes using ingredients found in every Western kitchen. Learn to identify and make the same things you see in all your favorite manga: authentic onigiri (rice balls), yakitori (skewered chicken), oshinko (pickled vegetables), udon (Japanese noodles), okonomiyaki (Japanese-style pizza) and many others! Includes sections on how to assemble bento boxed lunches and properly use chopsticks. Features original manga illustrations by Chihiro Hattori.

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