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Journey to Justice

Finding God and Destiny in Darkness

Author: R. Gracie Tracis Murphree

Publisher: Outreach, Incorporated (DBA Equip Press)


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

View: 625

Injustice, sexual abuse, and sex-trafficking are global issues, pushing migration and causing humanitarian crises around the world. Honduras, known as the deadliest place for women on Earth, is pushing an immigration crisis at our U.S. border because of gangs and violence against women, children and other vulnerable groups. Gracie Murphree shares her life on the front line of this battle against violence, gangs and corruption in Honduras during the last fourteen years and how God's heart for justice is what motivates her and her husband to continue - even in the face of possible death. Journey to Justice, though, is not just a story about God's heart for justice and his call for Christians to stand in the gap. It is a beautiful story of God's redemption demonstrated in the lives of the women and children who have been rescued and restored - and also in Murphree's life after having been a victim of violence herself. "God loves using the broken to change the world," Murphree says. "He redeems our lives and calls us into a place where he then uses us to redeem the lives of others." This is also a story of obedience and how being obedient to God's leading brings great success and blessing, even when he doesn't tell us all of the details.


First Term Report by the Presidential Truth Commission on Suspicious Deaths of the Republic of Korea

Author: Presidential Truth Commission on Suspicious Deaths (Republic of KOREA)

Publisher: 길잡이미디어


Category: Assassination

Page: 569

View: 502

First Term Report by the Presidential Truth Commission on Suspicious Deaths of the Republic of Korea

Journey to Justice

Author: Georgia Hedrick




Page: 84

View: 343

Cesar Chavez was a farmworker, a migrant farmworker over time with his family. He knew unfairness and injustice. Slowly, he decided to fight back, with all the farmworkers who shared his vision. The movement became a Union, the UFW. It would be the only voice listened to by Law. It was a long road getting to that point. This is written both in English and in Spanish, one language per page of the same illustration. This book is in full color with each page illustrated. It is 84 pages in length.

The Journey to Justice

A Tale of Struggle and Freedom

Author: Easha Nasir

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 104

View: 154

This story is about two women who loved the same man: Sam. His undeniable charm and kind gestures made them fall in love with him, but unfortunately, he later became their biggest mistake. Sam was an ordinary man with an extraordinary sense of crime, and he knew how to play with lives. As a young man, he was really handsome with a lean build. As soon as Macy was introduced to him, she just fell for him, and frequent meetings continued. During their meetings, Sam confided in Macy and told her about the abuse he suffered as a teenager and how the gruesome abuse affected his mental health, but he made sure that Macy knew that he was totally fine and eligible to marry her. Her mind said something else, but her heart was totally filled with Sams love, and living without him for even a second felt like years. She decided to talk to her dad about their marriage. As a protective father, he put a lot of thought into this big decision and finally agreed upon the proposal, which meant that the first step to Sams master plan was successful. He was not deeply in love with Macy, but he rather fell for the money offered in this relationship. He was very greedy and selfish and didnt make any true commitments. He joined the business and was soon made the CEO of the company while Mr Anderson blindly trusted him for everything and came to the company for random visits. But one fateful evening, he was gruesomely murdered by none other than Sam. Unfortunately, the police was too late to stop this from happening, so Sam happily lived with his wife, Macy, who now had the power and property in her hands. Sam devised a plan to destroy her completely and flee to Melbourne where he lived a posh life and impressed another woman, Helena. This time, he just wanted to play with lives and scar them slowly and steadilyhis old disgusting pleasure. Everything was going smoothly until Chloe knocked on Sams door and became his ultimate dream. She was bold, sexy, and professional. What could attract his senses more? Now he had a mission, and it was to destroy Helenas life. He began by having an affair with Chloe and started abusing Jenny, Jack, and Anna every day for about a month, which scarred their lives forever. Jenny finally opened up, and her mother was on the hunt for clues when she met Chloe, Sams biggest mistake from the past. Mysteries began unfolding, and they got together with the most hardworking officers and embarked on a journey of justice and hope.

Journey to Justice

Author: Johnnie L. Cochran

Publisher: One World/Ballantine


Category: Law

Page: 383

View: 659

In 1954, Brown vs. the Board of Education galvanized the young Cochran. Taking Thurgood Marshall as his role model, Cochran embarked on a legal career in which he won landmark decisions against official misconduct within the criminal justice system.

Martin and Bobby

A Journey Toward Justice

Author: Claire Rudolf Murphy

Publisher: Chicago Review Press


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 176

View: 408

Martin and Bobby follows the lives and experiences of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy, showing how and where their work intersected and how their initially wary relationship evolved from challenging and testing each other to finally "arriving in the same place" as allies fighting poverty and racism. King's courage showed Kennedy how to act on one's moral principles, and Kennedy's growing awareness of the country's racial and economic divide gave King hope that the nation's leaders could truly support justice. Young readers will be quickly engaged by the alternating details of each man's final hours, before flashing back to compare their very different childhoods, young adult years, famous words and speeches, and rise to prominence. Full of compelling historic photos and including sidebars to extend learning, source notes, a bibliography, suggested places to visit, and a time line, Martin and Bobby is an invaluable addition to any student's or history buff's bookshelf.

Journey Toward Justice

Juliette Hampton Morgan and the Montgomery Bus Boycott

Author: Mary Stanton

Publisher: University of Georgia Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 262

View: 507

Morgan backed her words with action. As a New Deal Democrat, she worked to abolish the poll tax and establish a federal antilynching law. She rarely hesitated to appear in integrated settings, and years before the 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott, she was regularly confronting bus drivers over their mistreatment of black riders. Morgan's letters had consequences: she and the newspapers that published them were vilified and threatened. Although the trustees of the Montgomery Public Library, where Morgan worked, resisted pressure to fire her, a cross was burned in her yard, and friends, neighbors, former students, and colleagues shunned her.

Kim Workman: Journey Towards Justice

Author: Kim Workman

Publisher: Bridget Williams Books


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 278

View: 436

Life is nothing more than a collection of stories – but within those stories there are threads of meaning that, over a seventy-year journey, make sense of one human life. Kim Workman grew up in the Wairarapa, son of a Pākehā mother and Māori father. His whakapapa comes from Ngāti Kahungunu and Rangitāne; Pāpāwai Marae near Greytown is the place to which he always returns. Jazz musician, policeman, public servant, prison manager, prominent campaigner for restorative justice – Kim’s life is full of passion and spirit, research and writing, action and commitment. His childhood was shaped by life in a country town, by family and Māori community, somewhat by school and rather more by playing jazz. Working as a police officer in the 1960s prompted his engagement with justice reform – and brought into sharp relief the racism that he has challenged throughout his working life. His career in prison management strengthened his commitment to prisoners’ welfare. Kim’s visionary work in justice reform began when he became director of Prison Fellowship New Zealand, and ultimately found expression in the Rethinking Crime and Punishment project and in supporting the activist group JustSpeak. His thinking draws on both his Christian faith and his Māori heritage: he was instrumental in establishing one of the first faith-based prison units, and his understanding of restorative justice draws strongly on Māori customary practice. Journey Towards Justice is an eloquent account of a life that is at once ordinary and exceptional, told with warmth and honesty. There are dark moments and hilarious ones, achievements and failures. Above all, there is love, compassion, vision, and a profound determination to bring justice to all.

Journey toward Justice (Turning South: Christian Scholars in an Age of World Christianity)

Personal Encounters in the Global South

Author: Nicholas P. Wolterstorff

Publisher: Baker Academic


Category: Religion

Page: 272

View: 834

Christianity's demographics, vitality, and influence have tipped markedly toward the global South and East. Addressing this seismic shift, one of today's leading Christian scholars reflects on what he has learned about justice through his encounters with world Christianity. Philosopher Nicholas Wolterstorff's experiences in South Africa, the Middle East, and Honduras have shaped his views on justice through the years. In this book he offers readers an autobiographical tour, distilling the essence of his thoughts on the topic. After describing how he came to think about justice as he does and reviewing the theory of justice he developed in earlier writings, Wolterstorff shows how deeply embedded justice is in Christian Scripture. He reflects on the difficult struggle to right injustice and examines the necessity of just punishment. Finally, he explores the relationship between justice and beauty and between justice and hope. This book is the first in the Turning South series, which offers reflections by eminent Christian scholars who have turned their attention and commitments toward the global South and East.

Fighting Tradition

A Marine's Journey to Justice

Author: Bruce I. Yamashita

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 244

View: 143

Determined to be a U.S. Marine Corps officer, Bruce Yamashita enrolled in Officer Candidate School, where he was the target of persistent racial harassment by officers and staff. After enduring nine weeks of emotional and physical abuse, Yamashita was disenrolled in April 1989 kicked out of the Marine Corps because of the color of his skin. Fighting Tradition is Yamashita s own story of his courageous struggle to expose a pattern of racial discrimination against minorities that has existed at various levels of the Corps. With the support of a broad coalition of community and civil rights organizations, the Hawaii-born law school graduate fought a five-year-long legal, political, and media battle against the military establishment that ended in his commissioning as a captain and the revision of Marine Corps policies and procedures. Fighting Tradition not only is a moving story of personal sacrifice and vision, but contributes also both directly and indirectly to our understanding of the complexities of institutional racism in a politically conservative, demographically shifting society. It is a unique window into the dynamics of race, government, and the law and a stirring reminder of the importance of political mobilization by the individual to achieve justice. "