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Lessons from Problem-based Learning

Author: H. J. M. van Berkel

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


Category: Medical

Page: 267

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This resource gives the reader information on the development and implementation of problem-based learning (PBL). It gives rise to further debate and refinement of PBL in specific applications elsewhere and in general educational discussion and thought.

Implementing Problem-Based Medical Education

Lessons from Successful Innovations

Author: Arthur Kaufman, MD

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company


Category: Medical

Page: 300

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A Springer Series on Medical Education book "This is a book about the origins, design, implementation, and effects of the [Primary Care Curriculum at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine]. It is also so much more. It is a first-person account of a moving human experience, in which somes deeply caring people search for ways to provide a humane, effective learning experience for students who are seen as preparing to be practitioners of a humane, changing profession....In the 1920s, Gertrude Stein observed that the United States was now the oldest country in the world, for it was the first to join the twentieth century. Perhaps, we must now view the University of New Mexico's PCC as among the oldest programs in medical education, for it may prove to have been one of the first to join the twenty-first century."--Hilliard Jason, MD, EdD, Director, National Center for Faculty Development in the Health Professions, University of Miami School of Medicine

Global Perspectives on Fostering Problem-Based Learning in Chinese Universities

Author: Zhu, Zhiliang

Publisher: IGI Global


Category: Education

Page: 350

View: 855

Future generations are being faced with the potential challenge of having to solve professional problems in a hybrid world in which there is no clear boundary between autonomous, non-human nature, and human-generated processes. This requires young students to effectively prepare themselves for managing issues of complexity, uncertainty, and ambiguity in their professional practice. Global Perspectives on Fostering Problem-Based Learning in Chinese Universities is a comprehensive reference source that provides insight into the growing need for problem-based learning within higher education environments. Featuring a wide range of topics such as curriculum design, STEM education, and cross-cultural communication, this reference source is ideal for educators, instructional designers, academicians, administrators, and researchers.

Problem-based Learning

A Self-directed Journey

Author: Sue Baptiste

Publisher: SLACK Incorporated


Category: Medical

Page: 127

View: 732

Problem-Based Learning: A Self-Directed Journey is written for health professionals seeking to develop their understanding of problem-based learning (PBL). The author successfully utilizes the problem-based learning format to teach the concepts in this process. Developed from the perspective of a learner resource, over 30 years of experience within a problem-based learning environment is brought to the pages of this comprehensive text. While it is necessary to understand the process of problem-based learning, "doing" is the main focus of teaching in this text. Problem-Based Learning: A Self-Directed Journey covers the different steps taken in the PBL process, such as articulating the problem, deciding what is already known, brainstorming ideas, defining a learning plan, researching, synthesizing the knowledge learned, and re-defining further learning needs. Organized specifically as tutorials instead of chapters, the reader is guided through the process of problem-based learning while establishing a foundation for learning. Each tutorial concludes with a synopsis of resources and a descriptive overview of key terminology presented. This insightful text teaches both students and health professionals the valuable lesson of "how" to learn while developing the skills necessary to succeed in their profession.

Effective Teaching Strategies

Lessons from Research and Practice

Author: Roy Killen

Publisher: Cengage Learning Australia


Category: Classroom management

Page: 336

View: 996

This text describes teaching strategies that can be used by teachers and trainers in all instructional settings: primary, secondary and vocational as well as other post-school education. It will be particularly useful for student education teachers, both as a text for their theoretical studies and as a reference source during their practical teaching years. The text examines a number of different teaching strategies including direct instruction, discussion, small-group work, cooperative learning, problemsolving, student research, role play and student writing. Additionally, this edition covers new developments in the area of teaching and learning (such as reflective practice) and outcomes-based education - an increasing trend in education. These changes will bring the text in line with the requirements in preservice education and the classroom. The text also covers up-to-date issues such as bullying and ethical relationships between teachers and students.

Evidence-Based Practice Manual for Nurses - E-Book

Author: Jean V. Craig

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences


Category: Medical

Page: 398

View: 914

The Evidence-based Practice Manual successfully breaks down the skills for evidence-based nursing into manageable components. The reader will learn how to find, critically read and interpret a range of research studies, and will discover optimal approaches to helping patients reach decisions that are informed by the best-available evidence. The more-strategic concepts of developing an organisational evidence-based culture and making evidence-based changes at organisational level are the focus of the final section. Step-by-step guide to finding, appraising and applying research evidence in nursing Teaches skills for successfully reviewing published literature: formulating a focused question developing a search strategy for efficient retrieval of relevant studies appraising the retrieved studies All examples are relevant to nurses and nursing Reflects contemporary nursing issues A new chapter on ‘Using research evidence in making clinical decisions with the individual patient’ provides practical guidance and tools for decision-making A new chapter on ‘Using evidence from qualitative studies’ explains the complexities of qualitative methodologies and methods in a simple, easily understood way Online exercises and solutions Help the reader test out and consolidate newly acquired skills and knowledge Provide an opportunity to critically appraise studies with the following range of designs: qualitative research a randomised controlled trial a cohort study a case control study a diagnostic test accuracy study a systematic review a clinical guideline Example solutions are provided, all written by experts in the field.

Emerging Issues II

The Changing Roles and Identities of Teachers and Learners in Higher Education


Publisher: NAIRTL


Category: College teaching

Page: 167

View: 823

This book presents a wide selection of issues currently of interest and concern in higher education institutions in Ireland. The chapters are snapshots of the intersection between theory, practice and research in particular settings; they are not meant to be comprehensive. Nevertheless, they present practice approaches, new theoretical considerations and informal conversations, and include signposts to important literature in the area. The authors contextualise current concerns, and discuss how they have responded strategically to national and international trends in higher education. They also highlight how new roles and identities for staff and students in higher education have emerged in response to changes in institutional, social and technological contexts, among others. This book contains the following: (1) Higher Education in Ireland: Introduction (Bettie Higgs and Marian McCarthy); (2) Writing Identity through the Educational Developers in Ireland Network (edin) (Ciara O'Farrell); (3) Mature Cynics and Fledgling Eclectics: Elaborating Instructional Design for the Net Generation (David Jennings and Diane Cashman); (4) Promoting Integrative Learning in First-year Science (Bettie Higgs); (5) The Journey to High Level Performance: Using Knowledge on the Novice-Expert Trajectory to Enhance Higher Education Teaching (Sarah Moore, Geraldine O'Neill and Terry Barrett); (6) Integrating Concepts of Integrative Learning (Bettie Higgs and Brendan Hall); (7) Strategies for Implementing Group Work in Large Classes: Lessons from Enquiry-Based Learning (Geraldine O'Neill and Ivan Moore); (8) Supporting Graduate Teaching Assistants at Trinity College Dublin (Jacqueline Potter and Orla Hanratty); (9) Teaching for Understanding for Lecturers: Towards a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (Marian McCarthy); (10) Encouraging Student Creativity in Higher Education (Terry Barrett and Roisin Donnelly); (11) Reflections on Conversations as a Catalyst for Change 2003-2007 (Marion Palmer and Conor Heagney); (12) The Changing Role of the Academic Library in Learning and Teaching (Helen Fallon and Ellen Breen); and (13) The Role of a Virtual Learning Environment (vle) in the Teaching of an Accredited Module in Information Literacy Skills (Claire McAvinia, Helen Fallon and Mairead McQuaid). Librarians' Reflections are appended. Each section contains tables, figures, and references.

Cases on Technological Adaptability and Transnational Learning: Issues and Challenges

Issues and Challenges

Author: Mukerji, Siran

Publisher: IGI Global


Category: Computers

Page: 446

View: 248

"The case studies in this volume enforce technology is a principle catalysts for transnational collaborative interventions in providing learning and professional development opportunities to the people of both developed and developing countries"--Provided by publisher.

Lessons from Library Power

Enriching Teaching and Learning : Final Report of the Evaluation of the National Library Power Initiative : an Initiative of the DeWitt Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund

Author: Douglas Zweizig

Publisher: Libraries Unlimited


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 281

View: 833

Studies the impact of updated collections, collaborative planning, and flexible scheduling on the integration of school libraries and discusses instruction, and curriculum and professional development.





Category: Medical education


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