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M, King's Bodyguard

A Novel

Author: Niall Leonard

Publisher: Pantheon


Category: Fiction

Page: 272

View: 525

Based on a true story, M, King’s Bodyguard is a gripping, atmospheric thriller about anarchy and assassination in Edwardian London, and one detective’s mission to preserve the life of his king and prevent a bloody war in Europe. From humble beginnings in Ireland, William Melville has risen through hard work, intelligence, and occasional brute force to become head of Scotland Yard’s Special Branch, personal bodyguard to Queen Victoria and her family, and the scourge of anarchists at home and abroad. But when the aged Queen dies in January 1901 and the crowned heads of Europe converge on London for her funeral, Melville learns of a conspiracy, led by a mysterious nihilist known only as Akushku, to assassinate Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany at the ceremony. Racing to prevent the atrocity, Melville and his German counterpart Gustav Steinhauer find themselves tangled in a web of adultery, betrayal, and violence. As the funeral looms ever closer, Melville realizes that Akushku is the most resourceful and vicious foe he has yet encountered—but is the greater threat from Melville’s enemies, or his allies?

The King's Retribution

Author: Ryan Keith Johnson

Publisher: Xulon Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 80

View: 804

King Owen of Aria has a problem: his daughter Aarilina is in love with the son of a peasant who is also the man responsible for the queen's death.

The Loves of the Argonauts

Author: John Michael Curlovich

Publisher: Riverdale Avenue Books LLC


Category: Fiction


View: 897

Enter the living world of Greek myth. Join Jason, Acastus, Hercules and the rest of the crew of Argo on their epic quest for the Golden Fleece. It is a world of gods and monsters, a world where prophecies and curses come true, a world haunted by demons and populated by epic heroes. And it is a world where male love was accepted, celebrated and even revered. Jason’s native city Iolcus is under a curse. The king is tormented, people are abandoning the haunted city and it is slowly dying. The only hope appears to be retrieving the Golden Fleece, which was lost to Iolcus generations earlier. Jason and his cousin Acastus take on the daunting task of assembling a company of athlete/heroes to recover the Fleece from Colchis, the legendary land at the end of the world. Along the way they find adventure, danger—and love. The Loves of the Argonauts, based on the original Greek myths in their various versions, vividly recreates that world and the Argo’s storied journey on a truly epic scale.

The Adventures of Corker Larue

Author: Renald Iacovelli

Publisher: Stone Tower Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 468

View: 148

By the author of Lily Snow ... Corker LaRueA[a¬aa man out of place in the worldA[a¬afinds himself orphaned in his middle age and realizes that he must now make his way on his own. In order to survive, he is forced to take a job selling peanuts on the filthy streets of New York City. But his uneventful life is set into a whirl of heady desire and experience when he meets Tina Hornet, a beautiful, haughty "actress" with whom he becomes infatuated, but who spurns his advances. Unbeknownst to him, she will lead him into a bizarre misadventure that will eventually take him all over the worldA[a¬aand out of it. In this novel, comedy and pathos, adventure and tragedy, great hope and bitter sorrow combine to form an unforgettable reading experience in which absurdity is redeemed by a core of deep emotional truth, and the concepts of love, death, despair, resurrection, and redemption are continually explored by their epitomization in a multitude of events and characters. While uniquely American in the perspective of its major characters, the exuberant creativity of this work embraces the whole human family, making it a truly world novel.

Cognitive Perspectives on Word Formation

Author: Alexander Onysko

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 439

View: 395

While cognitive linguistics has become established as a comprehensive research paradigm over the last three decades, it has so far hardly contributed to investigations into processes of lexical creation as traditionally captured in research on word formation. In light of this, the volume at hand is the first one to take a step ahead towards illuminating diverse aspects of word formation from cognitive perspectives. The book combines contributions to the 2nd International Cognitive Linguistics Conference of the German Cognitive Linguistics Association with a selection of invited papers by scholars working on issues of word formation and cognitive linguistics. This selection is guided by pluralism in both methodology and topics. Thus, some contributions are of a primarily theoretical nature discussing, for example, recombinance as a model of word formation and a taxonomy of word formation processes as construction types. Several articles address interface issues such as word formation and phrasal constructions, word formation and inflection, as well as phonology and word formational patterns. The majority of the studies focuses on individual types of word formation (compounding, affixation, and conversion), and they contribute to reframing our understanding of these processes. With a focus on mostly Germanic languages (Afrikaans, Dutch, English, German, Luxembourgish, and Norwegian), data-driven analyses include corpus linguistic investigations, elicited data, psycholinguistic experiments, and computational linguistic applications. A few contributions follow a mainly introspective path of reasoning based on the discussion of selected examples as in the analysis of creative compounds. Overall, the volume provides a rich array of topics emerging under the umbrella of cognitive linguistic thought and established patterns and processes of word formation. The various studies add to a yet marginal body of research in cognitive word formation and, thus, advance our awareness about the benefits of applying cognitive linguistic thoughts for investigating processes of lexical creation.

Hidden In Ashes

Author: Rachel Leigh Smith

Publisher: Rachel L. Smith


Category: Fiction

Page: 339

View: 100

Book five of A'yen's Legacy Childhood enmity turns to love, with one problem: his heart isn't his to give. Lorin is a daro, a Lokmane man trained to make humans feel special and valued. As Prime of Arkos House, no one stands between him and the safety of the daros under his care—except his mistress. The dead one, and the new one. He needs to focus on the Essence crisis infiltrating the Houses, and his sister's safety. Not figure out how to balance his duties with falling in love. When her mother dies, emotionally wounded Sagira Memeos becomes the Marcasian Empire’s newest High Lady. And reluctant owner of the most sought after daro in said empire. He’s her childhood nemesis, and way too sexy for his own good. With his kindness finding its way into her bruised soul, asking for his help to navigate her succession to ruling high lady probably isn't her brightest idea. Lorin wants Sagira. But not if he has to pay for it with innocent lives. She’s a distraction he can't afford while the bedrock of Marcasian high society is under attack. Not to mention facing losing his sister to the man who wounded Sagira. If the daro houses fall, all hope of freedom goes with them. Note: This novel stands alone and is a great entry point into the A'yen's Legacy futuristic romance series. science fiction romance, paranormal romance, alien hero romance, hero romance


Author: Erin Lindsey

Publisher: Jabberwocky Literary Agency, Inc.


Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 432

Alix Black’s legendary boldness has landed her in trouble before, but her recent actions are tantamount to treason. By secretly ordering the assassination of the enemy King, Alix inadvertently strengthened the Warlord, last and most ruthless of Oridia's Trions, giving him free reign to escalate his butchery and prolong the bloody war. Now nothing stands in the Warlord's way, because Alix has just betrayed the one man who could stop him. Unbeknownst to his court, King Erik has been spellbound by the enemy. Locking him away in secret, Alix hopes to protect her king without sacrificing his crown. But she'd better hurry: in a court crawling with spies, it won't be long before her treachery is discovered, and then Alix and everyone she loves will pay the ultimate price. To save the kingdom, Alix must first save her king. But it will take all her skill and courage to sneak into enemy territory and kill the bloodbinder controlling Erik. The repercussions of Alix’s secret mission have already cost her dearly, and even if she succeeds, she stands to lose her family, her husband, her king...and her soul. Praise for the Bloodbound series “Lindsey’s mostly balanced mix of romance and heroic fantasy will [capture] readers’ hearts.” —Publishers Weekly “Contains all the best of romance, warfare, magic and political scheming; all glued together by a cast of warm and wonderful characters.” —Tor.com “Lindsey’s fabulous, descriptive storytelling, coupled with high-stakes conflict and distinctive characters, is guaranteed to draw readers in from the first page. ... A stellar fantasy!” —RT Book Reviews “Strong romantic elements and a dash of humor enliven Erin Lindsey’s fantasy debut set in a kingdom besieged by dark forces and torn apart by betrayal.” —Jacqueline Carey, New York Times bestselling author “Puts the hero back into heroic fantasy.” —Tanya Huff, bestselling author

Rebel Daughters

Women and the French Revolution

Author: Sara E. Melzer

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: History

Page: 312

View: 658

This interdisciplinary collection of essays examines the important and paradoxical relation between women and the French Revolution. Although the male leaders of the Revolution depended on the women's active militant participation, they denied to women the rights they helped to establish. At the same time that women were banned from the political sphere, "woman" was transformed into an allegorical figure which became the very symbol of (masculine) Liberty and Equality. This volume analyzes how the revolutionary process constructed a new gender system at the foundation of modern liberal culture.

Accounting Research, 1948-1958: Selected articles on accounting history

Author: David Solomons

Publisher: Taylor & Francis


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 257

View: 965

Selected articles from quarterly journal Accounting research, published in Britain by Cambridge University Press from 1948-1958.

The French Revolution

A History

Author: Thomas Carlyle

Publisher: Modern Library


Category: History

Page: 848

View: 406

The book that established Thomas Carlyle’s reputation when first published in 1837, this spectacular historical masterpiece has since been accepted as the standard work on the subject. It combines a shrewd insight into character, a vivid realization of the picturesque, and a singular ability to bring the past to blazing life, making it a reading experience as thrilling as any novel. As John D. Rosenberg observes in his Introduction, The French Revolution is “one of the grand poems of [Carlyle’s] century, yet its poetry consists in being everywhere scrupulously rooted in historical fact.” This Modern Library Paperback Classics edition, complete and unabridged, is unavailable anywhere else.

Napoleon's Paper Kingdom

The Life and Death of Westphalia, 1807–1813

Author: Sam A. Mustafa

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: History

Page: 375

View: 850

This groundbreaking book offers the only complete history of Napoleon’s grand experiment to construct a model state, that for all of its promise on paper, collapsed after just six years. Tracing the rise and fall of the Kingdom of Westphalia, Sam Mustafa provides a comprehensive investigation of this fascinating chapter of the Napoleonic Wars.

The Works of Thomas Carlyle: The French Revolution

Author: Thomas Carlyle





View: 533

Crowned: The Legend of the Three Bears

Author: Alice Cai

Publisher: Oghma Creative Media


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 346

View: 919

When good King Alfred of the Bear Kingdom passes away, he leaves behind a powerful magic jewel, three young sons... and no guidance as to which of them should take the throne. Each of the bear princes has their own unique set of flaws, as well as a burning desire to see themselves upon throne, but none of them have yet to distinguish themselves as a leader. With no clear choice, they try to decide the next king through a number of interesting methods, each ending in failure. Finally, the princes decide that the only real solution is war. While they get busy preparing for battle, though, they fail to realize that they are only pawns in a much larger game of chess. There are others with their eyes on the gem King Alfred left behind, and they will stop at nothing to control its powers. Colliding in their greedy quests, their squabbling unleashes magical forces of both good and evil that throw the entire kingdom into chaos. Can the princes put aside their differences and come together for the good of their kingdom? Or will the forces of greed and selfishness undo everything their father worked so hard to build?

Hezekiah and the Assyrian Spies

Reconstruction of the Neo-Assyrian Intelligence Services and Its Significance for 2 Kings 18-19

Author: Peter Dubovský

Publisher: Gregorian Biblical BookShop


Category: Bibles

Page: 308

View: 877

Among the well-preserved ancient archives in Niniveh and Nimrud there are many cuneiform tablets which reveal the existence of secret service networks used by the Assyrian court to communicate with provincial officials during the 8th and the 7th century B.C. Using this vast material the author shows in great detail how the Assyrians collected, transmitted, and double-checked sensitive information. This study also includes an in-depth analysis of the activities of the Assyrian espionage involved in Sennacherib's invasion of Judah described in 2 Kgs 18-19. This fascinating book casts new light on the political situation and intrigues reflected in the biblical passage. Peter Dubovsky studied biblical exegesis at the Pontifical Biblical Institute (SSL., 1999) and at Harvard Divinity School (Th. D., 2005). Currently he teaches old testament exegesis and hebrew at the Theological Faculty of Trnava University in Bratislava.

A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary

Author: John R. Clark Hall

Publisher: Library of Alexandria


Category: English language

Page: 432

View: 491

The Bodyguard's Bride-to-Be

Author: Amelia Autin

Publisher: Harlequin


Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 356

A pretend engagement suddenly becomes very real…and dangerous When Tahra Edwards sees a suspicious knapsack near a school yard, she leaps into action…and saves children from a bomb. But upon awakening in a hospital, Tahra discovers she's lost her memory—including any recollection of the handsome military captain who says he's her fiancé. A charming alpha hero who seems to be hiding something… As a high-level bodyguard, Marek Zale knows that a ruthless terrorist organization will stop at nothing to silence Tahra—his ex-girlfriend—permanently. To protect her, he must be by her side around the clock. And though he may not be telling her the truth about their engagement, their love for each other was always true…as is the danger threatening them both!

All about Love

Author: Selena Millman

Publisher: Lulu.com



Page: 121

View: 969

Told in character point of view by Angela. At 22-years-old, she has her own exhibit at an art museum. Alone in front of one of her paintings, Angela meets Ty. It's a story of family and love.

The French Revolution: The guillotine

Author: Thomas Carlyle



Category: France


View: 390

Rights of Man, Common Sense, and Other Political Writings

Author: Thomas Paine

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: History

Page: 504

View: 837

Paine was the first international revolutionary. His Common Sense was the most widely read pamphlet of the American Revolution; his Rights of Man was the most famous defence of the French. He was an examplary democrat whise ideas still capture broadly the beliefs behind liberal welfare states today.

The Life of Marie de Medicis

Queen of France, Consort of Henry IV, and Regent of the Kingdom Under Louis XIII

Author: Miss Pardoe (Julia)





View: 920