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Major Detours

A Choices Novel

Author: Zachary Sergi

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 304

View: 304

Choose your path forward in this mystical interactive YA about the powers of friendship, self-discovery, and tarot. It's the summer before college and four best friends—Amelia, Chase, Cleo, and Logan—are on the first leg of their road trip inspired by the unique tarot deck that Amelia inherited from her grandmother. However, their trip full of visiting occult shops, bonding and sightseeing, takes a major detour as the friends discover that their tarot deck is more valuable—and coveted—than they could've ever imagined. As the friends race to finish this mystical scavenger-hunt across the West coast and uncover the mysteries of their tarot deck, it is you who will decide where to go next and how the story will end. With four possible final and romantic endings, you will get to make actual choices to further the friends’ road trip adventure in this unique interactive novel. ​Will you uncover the mysteries of the tarot deck and the legacy left behind? Will you help Amelia and Chase learn and grow? And will you unravel the secrets these friends keep from each other—and from themselves?

Handbook of Medieval Culture

Author: Albrecht Classen

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG


Category: History

Page: 747

View: 766

A follow-up publication to the Handbook of Medieval Studies, this new reference work turns to a different focus: medieval culture. Medieval research has grown tremendously in depth and breadth over the last decades. Particularly our understanding of medieval culture, of the basic living conditions, and the specific value system prevalent at that time has considerably expanded, to a point where we are in danger of no longer seeing the proverbial forest for the trees. The present, innovative handbook offers compact articles on essential topics, ideals, specific knowledge, and concepts defining the medieval world as comprehensively as possible. The topics covered in this new handbook pertain to issues such as love and marriage, belief in God, hell, and the devil, education, lordship and servitude, Christianity versus Judaism and Islam, health, medicine, the rural world, the rise of the urban class, travel, roads and bridges, entertainment, games, and sport activities, numbers, measuring, the education system, the papacy, saints, the senses, death, and money.

Military Review




Category: Military art and science


View: 406

Inka Settlement Planning

Author: John Hyslop

Publisher: University of Texas Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 393

View: 942

Before the Spanish conquest in the sixteenth century A.D., the Inka Empire stretched along the Pacific side of South America, all the way from Ecuador to northwest Argentina. Though today many Inka researchers focus on the imperial capital of Cuzco, Peru, and surrounding areas, ruins of Inka settlements abound throughout the vast territory of the former empire and offer many clues about how the empire was organized, managed, and defended. These outlying settlements, as well as those in the Cuzco area, form the basis for John Hyslop's detailed study Inka Settlement Planning. Using extensive aerial photography and detailed site maps, Hyslop studies the design of several dozen settlements spread throughout the empire. In addition to describing their architecture and physical infrastructure, he gives special emphasis to the symbolic aspects of each site's design. Hyslop speculates that the settlement plans incorporate much iconography expressive of Inka ideas about the state, the cosmos, and relationships to non-Inka peoples—iconography perhaps only partially related to the activities that took place within the sites. And he argues that Inka planning concepts applied not only to buildings but also to natural features (stone outcrops, water sources, and horizons) and specialized landscaping (terracing). Of interest to a wide readership in archaeology, architecture, urbanization, empire building, and Andean travel, Inka Settlement Planning charts one of Native America's greatest achievements.

Paul Ricoeur between Theology and Philosophy

Detour and Return

Author: Boyd Blundell

Publisher: Indiana University Press


Category: Philosophy

Page: 230

View: 646

Paul Ricoeur (1913--2005) remains one of philosophy of religion's most distinctive voices. Ricoeur was a philosopher first, and while his religious reflections are very relevant to theology, Boyd Blundell argues that his philosophy is even more relevant. Using Ricoeur's own philosophical hermeneutics, Blundell shows that there is a way for explicitly Christian theology to maintain both its integrity and overall relevance. He demonstrates how the dominant pattern of detour and return found throughout Ricoeur's work provides a path to understanding the relationship between philosophy and theology. By putting Ricoeur in dialogue with current, fundamental, and longstanding debates about the role of philosophy in theology, Blundell offers a hermeneutically sensitive engagement with Ricoeur's thought from a theological perspective.

Zen Heart

Simple Advice for Living with Mindfulness and Compassion

Author: Ezra Bayda

Publisher: Shambhala Publications


Category: Religion

Page: 198

View: 371

Reveals how spiritual practice works in everyday life by breaking it down into three basic stages: uncovering beliefs about oneself; cultivating a larger sense of what life is; and connecting with one's true nature of love and kindness.

US 93 Hoover Dam Bypass Project (NV,AZ)

Environmental Impact Statement





Page: 4

View: 888

Notes for Flutists

A Guide to the Repertoire

Author: Dr. Kyle Dzapo

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Music

Page: 272

View: 404

Notes for Flutists: A Guide to the Repertoire offers important historical and analytical information about three dozen of the best-known pieces written for the instrument. Its contextual and theoretical insights make it an essential resource for professional, amateur, and student flutists. With engaging prose supported by fact-filled analytical charts, the book offers rich biographical information and informative analyses to help flutists gain a more complete understanding of J. S. Bach's Sonata in B minor, Reinecke's Undine Sonata, Fauré's Fantaisie, Hindemith's Sonata for Flute and Piano, Copland's Duo for Flute and Piano, and 30 other masterpieces. Offering a faithful and comprehensive guide to understanding the contexts in which the repertoire was composed, Notes for Flutists details in clear, chronological order flute repertoire from Telemann, Mozart, and Enescu to Prokofiev, Poulenc, and Muczynski. Kyle Dzapo includes biographical information on each composer and highlights history's impact on the creation and performance of important works for flute. Intended as a starting point for connecting performance studies with scholarship, Dr. Dzapo's analysis will help flutists gain a more complete picture of a given work. Its valuable insights make it essential to musicians preparing and presenting programs, and its detailed historical information about the work and composer will encourage readers to explore other works in a similarly analytical way. Covering concertos, chamber pieces, and works for solo flute, Kyle Dzapo presents Notes for Flutists, an indispensable handbook for students and professionals alike.

Hope When It Hurts

Biblical reflections to help you grasp God's purpose in your suffering

Author: Sarah Walton

Publisher: The Good Book Company


Category: Religion

Page: 256

View: 962

Most of what the Bible has to say about marriage does not come flagged up under a heading of "marriage". It's not just the famous "marriage passages" that should shape a marriage, but the whole Bible-story of God's good creation, humanity's wicked rebellion and God's gracious redemption. To understand why marriages struggle-as they all do-we need to understand the nature of our sin. To make marriages work, we need to understand how to apply the truth about God and his salvation. This study guide on Christian marriage focuses on how the gospel shapes the practical realities of everyday life. Author Tim Chester lifts the lid on many of the common pressure points that modern couples face, and shows how a proper understanding of the gospel can shape a response.

The Art of Coaching Workbook

Tools to Make Every Conversation Count

Author: Elena Aguilar

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Education

Page: 560

View: 386

A practical guide for getting the most out of The Art of Coaching The Art of Coaching Workbook is the resource you’ve been waiting for to accompany Elena Aguilar’s The Art of Coaching. Ideal for new and novice coaches, as well as for those who have years of coaching under their belt, this workbook will help you improve your coaching skills. This vital companion text includes: Dozens of activities to help you internalize the concepts described in The Art of Coaching Exercises to guide you in identifying your own coaching beliefs, style, and practices Short and lengthy transcripts of coaching conversations Additional examples of key concepts in The Art of Coaching, including the Ladder of Inference and the Coaching Lenses New ideas and information that build on those in The Art of Coaching This workbook is also for those who lead and manage coaches. An entire chapter is dedicated to structures, routines, and practices that are easy to implement in professional development sessions. In addition, a new Transformational Coaching Rubric and other tools for assessment and reflection are included. If you aspire to provide meaningful learning for coaches, and you already have The Art of Coaching, this workbook is all you’ll need.

Autonomous Vehicles Plus

A Critical Analysis of Challenges Delaying AV Nirvana

Author: Chander Dhawan

Publisher: FriesenPress


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 268

View: 261

Autonomous Vehicles Plus: A Critical Analysis of Challenges Delaying AV Nirvana is a valuable compendium of information for autonomous vehicle (AV) industry professionals. The book offers a critical analysis of this emerging technology and business models through a holistic and multi-faceted discussion by a consultant who has done extensive research of underlying technologies. Among other things, Autonomous Vehicles Plus provides an independent and comprehensive viewpoint of the history and basic technology concepts of AVs, along with an explanation of their artificial intelligence underpinning, architectural framework, and key components. Here is all the minutiae on driverless cars, including the challenges facing the industry, predictions for their future, advice for entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on their emerging importance, and the roiling confusion that attends it all. Autonomous vehicle industry professionals and those seeking a broad understanding of the emerging technology will find much to distract and delight them in this serious book. Autonomous Vehicles Plus will be of special interest to technology and business development professionals who want to understand the fundamentals that determine technology adoption.

The Justice League Companion

Author: Michael Eury

Publisher: TwoMorrows Publishing


Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 219

View: 524

Commemorating the Justice League of America's 45th anniversary, The Justice League Companion is a comprehensive examination of the Silver Age JLA. Written by Michael Eury (author of the critically acclaimed Captain Action and co-author of The Superhero Book), The Justice League Companion traces the JLA's development, history, imitators, and early fandom through vintage and all-new interviews with the series' creators, an issue-by-issue index of the JLA's 1960-1972 adventures, classic and never-before-published artwork, and other fun and fascinating features!

Career Stories

Belle Epoque Novels of Professional Development

Author: Juliette M. Rogers

Publisher: Penn State Press


Category: History

Page: 249

View: 332

In Career Stories, Juliette Rogers considers a body of largely unexamined novels from the Belle &Époque that defy the usual categories allowed the female protagonist of the period. While most literary studies of the Belle &Époque (1880&–1914) focus on the conventional housewife or harlot distinction for female protagonists, the heroines investigated in Career Stories are professional lawyers, doctors, teachers, writers, archeologists, and scientists. In addition to the one well-known woman writer from the Belle &Époque, Colette, this study will expand our knowledge of relatively unknown authors, including Gabrielle Reval, Marcelle Tinayre, and Colette Yver, who actively participated in contemporary debates on women's possible roles in the public domain and in professional careers during this period. Career Stories seeks to understand early twentieth century France by examining novels written about professional women, bourgeois and working-class heroines, and the particular dilemmas that they faced. This book contributes a new facet to literary histories of the Belle &Époque: a subgenre of the bildungsroman that flourished briefly during the first decade of the twentieth century in France. Rogers terms this subgenre the female berufsroman, or novel of women's professional development. Career Stories will change the way we think about the Belle &Époque and the interwar period in French literary history, because these women writers and their novels changed the direction that fiction writing would take in post-World War I France.

The Economic Geography of Innovation

Author: Karen R. Polenske

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Business & Economics


View: 674

This critical addition to the growing literature on innovation contains extensive analyses of the institutional and spatial aspects of innovation. Written by leading scholars in the fields of economic geography, innovation studies, planning, and technology policy, the fourteen chapters cover conceptual and measurement issues in innovation and relevant technology policies. The contributors examine how different institutional factors facilitate or hamper the flows of information and knowledge within and across firms, regions, and nations. In particular, they provide insights into the roles of important institutions such as gender and culture which are often neglected in the innovation literature, and demonstrate the key role which geography plays in the innovation process. Institutions and policy measures which support entrepreneurship and cluster development are also discussed. The result is a comparative picture of the institutional factors underlying innovation systems across the globe.

Savage Detours

The Life and Work of Ann Savage

Author: Lisa Morton

Publisher: McFarland


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 248

View: 322

This is the first book-length study of the career and life of Ann Savage, whose performance in Detour earned her a place in Time Magazine’s list of the top 10 greatest movie villains. The biography covers her abused childhood and her career as a studio contract player, pin-up queen, B movie star, jetsetter and award-winning aviatrix. A complete annotated filmography with release date, credits, cast, synopsis and commentary for each of her films is included.

The Knowledge Frontier

Essays in the Representation of Knowledge

Author: Nick Cercone

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Computers

Page: 512

View: 748

Knowledge representation is perhaps the most central problem confronting artificial intelligence. Expert systems need knowledge of their domain of expertise in order to function properly. Computer vlslOn systems need to know characteristics of what they are "seeing" in order to be able to fully interpret scenes. Natural language systems are invaluably aided by knowledge of the subject of the natural language discourse and knowledge of the participants in the discourse. Knowledge can guide learning systems towards better understanding and can aid problem solving systems in creating plans to solve various problems. Applications such as intelligent tutoring. computer-aided VLSI design. game playing. automatic programming. medical reasoning. diagnosis in various domains. and speech recogOltlOn. to name a few. are all currently experimenting with knowledge-based approaches. The problem of knowledge representation breaks down into several subsidiary problems including what knowledge to represent in a particular application. how to extract or create that knowledge. how to represent the knowledge efficiently and effectively. how to implement the knowledge representation scheme chosen. how to modify the knowledge in the face of a changing world. how to reason with the knowledge. and how tc use the knowledge appropriately in the creation of the application solution. This volume contains an elaboration of many of these basic issues from a variety of perspectives.

Experiences of Adults Following an Autism Diagnosis

Author: Kristien Hens

Publisher: Springer


Category: Psychology

Page: 155

View: 158

This book explores adult experiences of autism diagnosis. Focusing on the experiences of 21 interviewees, the structure of the book mirrors the seven stages undergone upon diagnosis, and raises important questions about modern society and the self, amidst this life-changing news. Analysing a broad range of empirical interview data including adults who had experiences of other diagnoses, and adults who seemed to function normally before their autism diagnosis, the authors use these stories to examine how autism diagnosis can be extremely important and helpful, but also generate a great deal of negativity. Illuminating a range of testimonies that have previously been kept in the shadows, this book will not only appeal to students and scholars of autism in adults, but also to practitioners as well as adults who have been diagnosed with autism.

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Environmental Impact Statement






View: 729

Beginning Amazon Web Services with Node.js

Author: Adam Shackelford

Publisher: Apress


Category: Computers

Page: 260

View: 932

Beginning Amazon Web Services with Node.js teaches any novice Node.js developer to configure, deploy, and maintain scalable small to large scale Node.js applications in Amazon Web Services. Hosting a Node.js application in a production environment usually means turning to PaaS hosting, but this approach brings problems. Deploying Node.js directly to AWS solves the problems you encounter in these situations, enabling you to cut out the middle man. You will begin with a basic RESTful web service in Node.js, using the popular Express.js framework, pre-built and ready to run in your local environment. You will be introduced to the most powerful tools in AWS, and learn how to configure your project to take advantage of them. You will be guided through the steps of getting the various key components to work together on AWS. Through code samples using the AWS JavaScript SDK and tutorials in the AWS console, you will gain the knowledge to incorporate secure user authentication, server auto-scaling, a load balancer, CDN, customized caching behavior, and outage monitoring. Node.js is single-threaded, and designed to run high input / high output applications, making it ideal for the cloud environment. If your main task is handling a high volume of requests over HTTP / the web, it will scale very well in proportion to the computing power you allocate to it. Amazon Web Services offers a broad set of services that help organizations move faster, lower costs, and scale applications. Trusted by the largest enterprises and start-ups alike, AWS powers a wide variety of workloads across a broad spectrum. If leveraged properly, you can build a Node.js app on AWS which can automatically power itself up to handle a massive volume of traffic, and then scale back down to a lighter configuration when user demand has dropped. Amazon Web Services offers a broad set of services that help organizations move faster, lower costs, and scale applications. Get started with Node.js and AWS using this book today.

The Evolution of Intelligence

Author: Robert J. Sternberg

Publisher: Psychology Press


Category: Psychology

Page: 400

View: 545

How is one to understand the nature of intelligence? One approach is through psychometric testing, but such an approach often puts the "cart before the horse"--the test before the theory. Another approach is to use evolutionary theory. This criterion has been suggested by a number of individuals in the past, from Charles Darwin in the more distant past to Howard Gardner, Stephen Gould, Steven Pinker, Carl Sagan, David Stenhouse, and many others. The chapters in this book address three major questions: 1. Does evolutionary theory help us understand the nature of human intelligence? 2. If so, what does it tell us about the nature of human intelligence? 3. And if so, how has intelligence evolved? The goal of this book is to present diverse points of view on the evolution of intelligence as offered by leading experts in the field. In particular, it may be possible to better understand the nature and societal implications of intelligence by understanding how and why it has evolved as it has. This book is unique in offering a diversity of points of view on the topic of the evolution of human intelligence.