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Man Eater

Author: Dick Jones

Publisher: Riverdale Avenue Books LLC


Category: Fiction


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In this reprint of the 70’s gay pulp classic Man Eater, we follow a Vietnam vet tuned detective who makes it his personal mission to find the deadly serial killer of gay men. Jake Gold knows who he is: He's gay, American and a Vietnam-war veteran with PTSD who lost the love of his life in country. Jake subsequently hitched his star to the multinational United Nations Crime Control Commission, but nothing prepared him for his search for the "man eater," a killer cruising Europe for homosexual men who don't meet his exacting standards of masculinity in this gripping crime thriller that's as relevant as today's war on terror. This piece of lost gay pulp literature reworks stereotypes of homosexual men in favor of one that suggests that men are men regardless of which way their desires pointed. About 120 Days 120 Days is an imprint of Magnus Books/Riverdale Avenue Books dedicated to reprinting classic erotica, especially the LGBT titles of the 20th century. These vintage gay erotic novels, many written by novelists unable to find other outlets for fiction about gay men and women, peaked between 1968 and 1982. As censorship laws were struck down across the US, the best of these writers continued to turn out well-plotted genre novels--spy thrillers, science-fiction tales, mysteries, swashbuckling adventures, gothic romances and even pre-"Brokeback Mountain" westerns--within whose conventions they were able to explore the full range of their characters' lives. Surprisingly modern with just a dash of retro appeal these largely-forgotten novels are both great, fun reads and a bracing reminder that times change but people don't.


Author: Harold Schechter

Publisher: Head of Zeus


Category: True Crime

Page: 416

View: 901

In February 1874 Alfred Packer staggered out of the Colorado mountains and into the Los Pinos Indian agency. Snowbound and lost, he claimed to have been abandoned by his five companions. But behind the wilderness grime he looked rather well fed. And he had in his possession a skinning knife... When questioned, Packer confessed that four of the group had survived by eating two who had died of exhaustion;later he killed another in self-defence, eating him also. Packer was arrested on suspicion of murder but escaped. That same month, the half-eaten bodies of five men were discovered near Los Pinos... Packer's guilt was assumed, but the law did not catch up with him until 1883. Initially sentenced to death, he received a 40-year jail term. Paroled in 1901, he lived his last years in Denver. Was Packer the flesh-eating monster of myth, or a wretch who acted out of self-preservation? MANEATER tells his story in page-turning prose and also reveals how recent forensic developments may shed light on Packer's long-assumed cannibalism.

White Lion II - Man-Eater!


Author: Reg D. Lyons

Publisher: S.A.G.A.(Super Awesome Graphic Arts) New Media Publishing A Div. of Movie Manga Arts Co.


Category: Fiction

Page: 225

View: 897

What if the most Deepest, Darkest secrets imaginable,thousands of years old! ..are uncovered and Forced into the Light...What then? Some kind of case...The case would be the most shocking! baffling! bizarre! case of all time! One Man! Man-Hunter will travel Victor DeBeers would take on such a case!...Good thing he's not alone!!!" With Dark secrets revealed,. the most Darkest Energies are released and when they do emerge utter havoc reigns! As Victor unravels this most Disturbing,Nefarious missing persons case involving two young women, he has no idea at first how far down the Rabbit hole he must go to uncover the ugly truths hidden deep beneath another unseen world of the Jinn. Victor soon realizes that he must stop one of the Greatest Evils that faces mankind but in order to do this he must enlist the aid of his Fiance FBI Forensic Investigator Mejia Ramirez, An Inspector of New Scotland Yard, the Chief Lieutenant of INTERPOL, A Paranormal Psychologist and a Great Sanuzi or Seer from South Africa and his Nephew Apprentice! Victor and the Task Force must find the missing key, in order to win the battle of Minds and Spirits before they get to a point of no return! Also Victor must conquer the unknown and the Beast within him! However, there is much more.he must know and unveil so shocking enough for anyone to put the Fear of God into!

The Man-Eater

Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 855

A native woman working in the little cultivated patch just outside the palisade which surrounded the mission was the first to see them. Her scream penetrated to the living room of the little thatched bungalow where the Rev. Sangamon Morton sat before a table. He had heard such screams before. The one thing always uppermost in his mind and the one, great, abiding terror of their lives there in the midst of the savage African jungle was the Wakandas.

Man-eater of Malgudi, The (Modern Classi

Author: R.K. Narayan

Publisher: Penguin Books India



Page: 216

View: 196

The Man-eater of Malgudi revolves around Nataraj, a mild-mannered owner of a small printing press, who leads a contented life with his circle of friends: a poet, a journalist, and Sastri, his assistant. One day, Vasu, a pugnacious taxidermist, moves into Nataraj's house, and soon begins to encroach on his life, scaring away his friends and customers. Nataraj is intimidated by Vasu, but when the taxidermist covets the beloved temple elephant to add to his collection of stuffed hyenas, tigers and pythons, Nataraj rises to the occasion.

The Man-Eater of Malgudi

Author: R. K. Narayan

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Fiction

Page: 176

View: 877

This is the story of Nataraj, who earns his living as a printer in the little world of Malgudi, an imaginary town in South India. Nataraj and his close friends, a poet and a journalist, find their congenia l days disturbed when Vasu, a powerful taxidermist, moves in with his stuffed hyenas and pythons, and brings his dancing-women up the printer's private stairs. When Vasu, in search of larger game, threatens the life of a temple elephant that Natara j has befriended, complications ensue that are both laughable and tragic.

The man-eater of Gévaudan

Author: Giovanni Todaro



Category: Pets

Page: 540

View: 836

This is a true story, happened in France in the XVIII century. It talks about the hunt, lasted for a good four years, against a mysterious anthropophagous beast, which plunged into terror the poor people of the Gevaudan and of the Auvergne, today Lozere. This is the story of the men in charge of killing what was simply nicknamed the Beast, of the strategies which were carried out, of the beatings that were made even with dozens of thousands of men and many packs of dogs, of the long posts in the wild mountains of that area with such a terrible climate, so described: "Nine months of winter, three months of hell." In spite of the soldiers and the famous hunters sent by the King of France, the monstrous beast continued committing slaughters most of all of women and children, attacking hundreds of times and making at least 131 victims, many of which were devoured. Only after years of terror the Beast was finally killed and they were able to ascertain which species it belonged to.

My Mother the Man Eater

Author: Tracy Krauss

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 560

View: 571

What's a girl to do? Joleen Allen is on the hunt. For a man, that is. Unfortunately, every time the mother of five meets a prospect, he falls for one of her daughters instead! ----Meanwhile, her ex-husband, Harold, is back in the picture after a stint in prison, and he's looking for revenge. He'll do anything to see Joleen's reputation and her relationship with their children ruined. Harold has devised an elaborate plan to slander Joleen and ruin her financially, and will stop at nothing-even murder-to see it through.----At forty-four, Joleen has seen a thing or two. She became a mother at sixteen, and her five highly independent children are now grown. Jasmine is a successful ad executive, but has a drinking problem. Jill is a tough cop, while middle child, Jennifer, surprises them all with her tenacity. Jinger is a self-centered glamour girl, and the baby of the family, Jade, is utterly spoiled. All the interesting men they meet get tossed around by this pack of barracudas. Adding to the mix are some drug deals, a kidnapping, insurance fraud, and secrets from the past, making life very complicated, indeed. ----With grit, humor, action, intrigue and romance, My Mother the Man-Eater is a redemptive story about a woman whose search for meaning in life sends her straight into...the arms of God.


A Dating Metaphor

Author: Just S

Publisher: Justsreaders



Page: 122

View: 688

In today's world, it is a real struggle to establish and maintain a real-life "happily ever after." Hopping in and out of relationships can be both physically and emotionally taxing. The continuous string of men that just don't measure up increases your mileage and decreases your endurance. You might be a man-eater! This book is sure to offer a chuckle or two as you read, reflect, and figure out ways to change your diet of men so you can make healthier choices toward your fairytale ending.

Man Eater

Author: Gar Anthony Haywood

Publisher: Brash Books, LLC


Category: Fiction

Page: 272

View: 479

SHAMUS & ANTHONY AWARD WINNING AUTHOR GAR ANTHONY HAYWOOD’S BRUTALLY FUNNY HOLLYWOOD THRILLER MAKES GET SHORTY AND THE PLAYER LOOK LIKE DISNEY MOVIES. Ronnie Deal’s no hero. She’s just a drop-dead gorgeous Hollywood movie executive having a really bad day who’s in no mood to watch when homicidal thug Neon Polk puts a beat down on poor little Antsy Carruth at the Tiki Shack bar. Ronnie puts Polk’s lights out with a beer bottle, Antsy takes a powder, and Ronnie tries to forget the whole thing. But not Neon. Antsy stole twenty-five grand from Neon’s drug-dealing boss and Ronnie’s just cost him a big recovery fee, not to mention cut his pride to the quick. Neon not only gets revenge in spades, he wants Ronnie to pay him fifty grand as icing on the cake. What Neon doesn’t know is that people in The Business don’t call Ronnie “Raw Deal” for nothing. Ronnie’s got a completely different kind of payoff in mind for Neon now, and with the help of ex-con and aspiring screenwriter Ellis Langford—who’s got big troubles of his own in the form of two psychos named Jorge and Jaime Ayala—she’s about to learn how to make a real killing in Tinseltown. It all makes for one of the wildest, funniest, and chillingly authentic Hollywood crime stories ever told.

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