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Measuring Up

Author: Daniel M Koretz

Publisher: Harvard University Press


Category: Education

Page: 353

View: 382

Measuring Up demystifies educational testing - from MCAS to SAT to WAIS. Bringing statistical terms down to earth, Koretz takes readers through the most fundamental issues that arise in educational testing and shows how they apply to some of the most controversial issues in education today, from high-stakes testing to special education.

Measuring Up

The Business Case for GIS

Author: Christopher Thomas

Publisher: ESRI, Inc.


Category: Computers

Page: 186

View: 998

First vol. (published in 2004) lacks numbering.

Measuring Up

Prototypes for Mathematics Assessment

Author: National Research Council

Publisher: National Academies Press


Category: Education

Page: 176

View: 283

Glimpse the future of mathematics assessment in Measuring Up This book features 13 classroom exercises for fourth grade students that demonstrate the dramatic meaning of inquiry, performance, communication, and problem solving as standards for mathematics education. Policymakers, education leaders, classroom teachers, university-based educators, and parents can learn from the use of these genuine mathematics problems to challenge and prepare students for the future. single copy, $10.95; 2-9 copies, $8.50 each; 10 or more copies, $6.95 each (no other discounts apply)

Measuring Up

A Larian Elesir Story

Author: Michael Kingswood

Publisher: SSN Storytelling


Category: Fiction


View: 823

Larian Elesir, a young recruit in the Citizens' Army, arrives at his first post. Eager to join the war effort, he is nonetheless nervous in his new environment and worried about setting a foot wrong. During his first day in camp, his new companions put him through his paces as they both learn who he is and teach him the basics he'll need to survive in his job in the army. Measuring Up, Larian's second adventure, is a 4,500 word short story.

Measuring Up

How Advertising Affects Self-Image

Author: Vickie Rutledge Shields

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 224

View: 715

The mute gestures of advertising images are frozen for posterity by photographers and illustrators, gestures that, for better or worse, perpetuate a certain aesthetic and eventually become emblematic of a period. The images of today display the values of a society that has more interest in the body than the mind. They are technoenhanced labyrinths of unattainable appearances that leave women and men feeling horrified, estranged, and restricted by unrealistic, silent mandates. Measuring Up looks at advertising as more than just a way to extract money from unsuspecting people but as a vehicle for conveying the larger views of a confining, body-obsessed culture. By weaving theoretical and textual insights from feminist and cultural studies with the voices of real women and men, Measuring Up offers a unique reception analysis of the effects of repetitious exposure to advertisements of perfect bodies in our everyday lives. Shields examines a particular, complex relationship between the idealized images of gender we see in advertising and our own thoughts, feelings, and behavior in relation to these images. The study is unique in presenting audience reception in terms of ethnographic data, not textual interpretations alone. Measuring Up engages with and informs current theoretical debates within these sometimes complementary and sometimes contradictory literatures: feminist media studies, feminist film theory, critical social theory, cultural studies, and critical ethnography. This is an important work that explores the forms and channels of power used in one of the most insidious and overt means of mass influence in popular culture.

Measuring Up

Advances in How We Assess Reading Ability

Author: John Sabatini

Publisher: R&L Education


Category: Education

Page: 160

View: 353

""Measuring Up: Advances in How We Assess Reading Ability" addresses the fundamental issues of measuring reading comprehension, in theory and in practice. In light of federal legislation towards common core standards and assessments, as well as significant national investments in reading and literacy education, it is a critical and opportune time to bring together the research and measurement community to address these issues"--

Measuring Up

A History of Living Standards in Mexico, 1850–1950

Author: Moramay López-Alonso

Publisher: Stanford University Press


Category: History

Page: 304

View: 145

Measuring Up traces the high levels of poverty and inequality that Mexico faced in the mid-twentieth century. Using newly developed multidisciplinary techniques, the book provides a perspective on living standards in Mexico prior to the first measurement of income distribution in 1957. By offering an account of material living conditions and their repercussions on biological standards of living between 1850 and 1950, it sheds new light on the life of the marginalized during this period. Measuring Up shows that new methodologies allow us to examine the history of individuals who were not integrated into the formal economy. Using anthropometric history techniques, the book assesses how a large portion of the population was affected by piecemeal policies and flaws in the process of economic modernization and growth. It contributes to our understanding of the origins of poverty and inequality, and conveys a much-needed, long-term perspective on the living conditions of the Mexican working classes.

Measuring Up

Challenges Minorities Face in Educational Assessment

Author: Arie L. Nettles

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Education

Page: 266

View: 668

Measuring Up revisits vital issues of equity and assessment through the research efforts and insights of many of the nation's most prominent educators and assessment experts. As its most urgent purpose, the publication aims to sensitize readers to the unfairness and inappropriate uses of testing instruments which under optimal circumstances have the potential to benefit all students. With America fervently espousing both national and state testing, the differential performance by race and social class raises the specter of tests as barriers to life milestones such as promotion, graduation, and college admissions. In response to such punitive testing, the papers included here explore a host of models and practices that are currently being piloted both in America and abroad as educators grapple with the effects the assessment is having on minority and disadvantaged students and school systems. In the process, outcomes of innovative portfolio and authentic assessments are weighed against important standards and principles of validity and consequences. As the various authors probe the gap between African-American and White test scores, they raise important questions of resources, family background and educational opportunity. Beyond their value of their recommendations to educators, their papers help to identify causes of pupil deficiencies in ways that can be addressed by policymakers. To reinforce the emphasis on equity, several authors present a definitive defense of affirmative action as a critical counter-measure to the lack of fairness in school quality, family and social supports, and educational resources.

Measuring Up

Author: Educational Resources Information Center (U.S.)

Publisher: World Bank Publications




View: 967

Measuring Up Improving Health System Performance in OECD Countries

Improving Health System Performance in OECD Countries

Author: OECD

Publisher: OECD Publishing



Page: 380

View: 707

This book highlights the core elements of a possible performance measurement framework to assess health systems at the international and national levels. It also addresses further challenges which remain.

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