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O is for Old School

A Hip Hop Alphabet for B.I.G. Kids Who Used to be Dope

Author: James Tyler

Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions


Category: Humor

Page: 32

View: 101

O is for Old School takes you on an alphabetical journey through the most iconic words and phrases in hip-hop. You'll soon learn that for new parents these words have new meanings: now Peace comes at naptime, a Hood is worn on a head and when they Flow it’s going to get wet. This book is your chance to become the freshest parent in your playgroup; while your lil' one learns their ABCs like a G.

Old School

Life in the Sane Lane

Author: Bill O'Reilly

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company


Category: Political Science

Page: 192

View: 749

Old School is in session.... You have probably heard the term Old School, but what you might not know is that there is a concentrated effort to tear that school down. It’s a values thing. The anti–Old School forces believe the traditional way of looking at life is oppressive. Not inclusive. The Old School way may harbor microaggressions. Therefore, Old School philosophy must be diminished. Those crusading against Old School now have a name: Snowflakes. You may have seen them on cable TV whining about social injustice and income inequality. You may have heard them cheering Bernie Sanders as he suggested the government pay for almost everything. The Snowflake movement is proud and loud, and they don’t like Old School grads. So where are you in all this? Did you get up this morning knowing there are mountains to climb—and deciding how you are going to climb them? Do you show up on time? Do you still bend over to pick up a penny? If so, you’re Old School. Or did you wake up whining about safe spaces and trigger warnings? Do you feel marginalized by your college’s mascot? Do you look for something to get outraged about, every single day, so you can fire off a tweet defending your exquisitely precious sensibilities? Then you’re a Snowflake. So again, are you drifting frozen precipitation? Or do you matriculate at the Old School fountain of wisdom? This book will explain the looming confrontation so even the ladies on The View can understand it. Time to take a stand. Old School or Snowflake. Which will it be?

Summary of Old School: Life in the Sane Lane by Bill O'Reilly

Author: Readtrepreneur Publishing

Publisher: Readtrepreneur Publishing


Category: Reference


View: 406

Old School: Life in the Sane Lane by Bill O'Reilly | Book Summary | Readtrepreneur (Disclaimer: This is NOT the original book, but an unofficial summary.) The Old School lifestyle is trying to be suppressed, is this the right call? Or is the traditional way the best way? According to Bill O'Reilly, the contemporary world consists of getting triggered and complaining about everything instead of focusing on the actual important things. Old School tries to remind us the importance of the traditional philosophy and helps you see if you are a "Snowflake" or if you're part of the old school. (Note: This summary is wholly written and published by Readtrepreneur. It is not affiliated with the original author in any way) "The idea that someone with a different upbringing, from a different part of the country, with a different outlook and a different viewpoint, might actually have something valid to say, something worth listening to." – Bill O'Reilly It seems that all that you hear these days are the new generation complaining about social injustice and income inequality when they should be focusing in the traditional way of thinking and instead of thinking how to climb higher and higher and strive to become the best you have ever been. Old School tells you that you shouldn't spent all day criticizing others instead of improving yourself, do you agree with this mentality? Read all about the current social status of the world and how you can't avoid being a part of it and do better just following the traditional way, just by being Old School. P.S. Old School is a great book that will teach you how the current way of thinking is failing and how can you improve it with the traditional road. The Time for Thinking is Over! Time for Action! Scroll Up Now and Click on the "Buy now with 1-Click" Button to Grab your Copy Right Away! Why Choose Us, Readtrepreneur? ● Highest Quality Summaries ● Delivers Amazing Knowledge ● Awesome Refresher ● Clear And Concise Disclaimer Once Again: This book is meant for a great companionship of the original book or to simply get the gist of the original book.

O Is for Old Dominion

A Virginia Alphabet

Author: Pamela Duncan Edwards



Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 40

View: 528

Explores the heritage and history of Virginia, offering historical facts for each letter of the alphabet.

The Old School ...

Author: Julia Bernard Smith





View: 816

Old School, New Clothes

The Cultural Blindness of Christian Education

Author: Ronald E. Hoch

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 166

View: 574

Is much of Christian education in America distinctly Christian? Ron Hoch and David Smith say, "No." Instead it is guilty of having adopted an ideology and methodology that strips it of the right to call itself Christian and the ability to fulfill a truly Christian mission. The authors claim that the fundamentally humanistic ideology of the West conditions and controls much of what is labeled "Christian" education. By talking about the need to integrate faith and learning, focusing on teaching methodology, and operating schools in virtually the same way as government-run schools, many Christian academics betray captivity to the dogma that humans are the measure of all things and need to do what God has already done. As a result, much of what controls the conversation and practices in Christian academia echoes the humanistic arrogance of the West, and offers no substantive alternative to it. In Old School, New Clothes, Hoch and Smith issue a call for Christian academics to own up to their own confession--that all reality was created and integrated by God, damaged by sin, and has already been reintegrated in and by Jesus. Thus the emphasis in Christian education ought not to be what Christian educators are doing to redeem the culture, but on what God is bringing to the Church in order to redeem sinners. Only by recognizing that all human knowledge claims in every sphere are inherently theological and that God is truly seen in and experienced through knowledge of all things, will a distinctly Christian education be forged. Christian education must primarily emphasize the reintegration or redemption of teachers brought through right knowledge of Jesus that comes through every subject discipline and expressed in a life balanced on Sabbath, work, and family.

Vintage Tattoos

The Book of Old-School Skin Art

Author: Carol Clerk

Publisher: Universe Pub


Category: Art

Page: 256

View: 449

Features distinctive designs from influential tattoo artists such as Percy Waters, Bert Grimm, Milton Zeis, and Lyle Tuttle.

Rugby Spirit

A new school, a new sport, an old mystery...

Author: Gerard Siggins

Publisher: The O'Brien Press


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 192

View: 202

‘Ok, lads, you have everything you need to win this game. So go out and do it ,' said the coach. Eoin's not sure if it will be so easy! He’s just started a new school ... and a new sport. Everyone at school is mad about rugby, but Eoin hasn’t even held a rugby ball before! With new rules to learn, new friends to make and new teachers to get a handle on, he really doesn’t need to have Richie Duffy, the resident bully, picking him out as his latest target! And just who is this guy, Brian, who looks so out-of-date, but gives great rugby advice?

The Port folio, by Oliver Oldschool






View: 832

Gladyss of the Hunt

Author: Arthur Nersesian

Publisher: Verse Chorus Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 780

Grizzled homicide detective Bernie “Burnout” Farrell heads the hunt for a serial killer who is murdering call girls around Times Square. Hoping to set up a stakeout, Farrell recruits tall, blonde, ambitious rookie cop Gladyss Chronou for the investigation. But Gladyss believes her mystical yoga practice can give her an intuitive edge in solving the crimes and sees mythological patterns in the suspects and events they’re investigating. Bernie thinks she’s nuts, but then, he's a little too grounded. In fact, he's on a steady downward spiral: his wife is divorcing him, his longtime partner just died of AIDS, and he's developed a nagging cough since working down at Ground Zero. Gladyss of the Hunt oscillates between chilly street realism and new age mysticism. As their investigation takes Bernie and Gladyss from arty society gatherings to shabby hotels and SROs, the narrative offers a suspenseful, often wittily satirical account of a city that is flashy and glamorous one moment, dark and violent the next.

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