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On Turning Sixty-Five

Notes from the Field

Author: John Jerome

Publisher: Random House


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

View: 813

"Personally, I've got a lot invested in reaching my stunning current age, and I'm damned if I'm going to hang on to that youthful crap. (I liked the idea of being a sixty-year-old so much I started claiming that age before I turned fifty-nine.) Parts of it, I don't like--the loss of energy that seems its inevitable accompaniment, for example--but when I consider how I used to boil that energy away as a younger man, and the things I boiled it away on, I am happy to accept a shorter tether and a more reflective way of going at things." John Jerome, author of such beloved books as Truck and Stone Work, entered his sixty-fifth year with a number of goals in mind: to battle the debilities of age, to master them through understanding when he could not physically defeat them, and to keep a journal of these efforts. As he puts it, "It was time to start planning an endgame." The result is a warm, compassionate, and honest look at the twelve months that led him to the gateway of old age--a survey of this time of life which ranges from strict physiology to expansive philosophy, from delicate neurosurgery to rough weather on a Canadian canoeing trip, from the despair and isolation of illness to the love and comfort of a sound marriage. The writing, in its clarity, grace, and humor, matches its author's spirit. "The quality of our lives depends on the quality of our time," Jerome reminds us. Reading this wise and funny chronicle of one man's--and everyman's--journey toward citizenship, senior division, will be time well spent, for young and old alike. It is that rare kind of book which comes to life as a companion, and even a friend.

Fabulous Look at You Turning Sixty Five and Shit

Funny 65th Birthday Sarcastic Gag Gift. Glamorous Joke Notebook Present & Sketchbook Diary Keepsake. Young in Heart

Author: Ela Glam Publishing




Page: 112

View: 913

This funny Birthday sarcastic gag gift is convenient size to carry around (6X9 - 110 pages). Great vintage joke notebook journal present and sketchbook diary keepsake, hilarious gift that will surely get a big laugh from your beloved birthday celebrant. Great way to share a lot of love and laughs on this big special event. This sketchbook is ruled blank lined pages perfect for taking notes or journaling, perfect for taking notes in class.

Fulfillment in Adulthood

Paths to the Pinnacle of Life

Author: Calvin A. Colarusso

Publisher: Springer


Category: Psychology

Page: 309

View: 633

Turning the Future Into Revenue

What Business and Individuals Need to Know to Shape Their Futures

Author: Glen Hiemstra

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 272

View: 652

DISCOVER THE FUTURE OF BUSINESS In Turning the Future into Revenue, Glen Hiemstra, founder of Futurist.com and noted expert on emerging business opportunities, explores how our changing world will transform private enterprise and public policy. From shifting demographics to global warming to new energy policies, change is coming. Turning the Future into Revenue shows how these new realities can be turned into profitable new ventures. Some of the topics Hiemstra discusses include: Five long-term trends you should be prepared for Global warming and the urgent need for green business Profiting from technology and energy trends Predicting the future of your business or career Hedging your bets on future business Ten key practices of the future-oriented enterprise Future planning exercises, tools, and activities Tactics for forecasting the future Shaping your career for future success

The Residents and Other Unique Seniors

Author: Eunie Guyre

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 172

View: 272

"The Residents and Other Unique Seniors" is a collection of stories taken from real-life experiences, shared lovingly by the author from her days as a certified nursing assistant. The reader will meet Archie, the ingrate; Alan, the ladies man; and Virginia, the confused woman who thinks her roommate is her mother in law. Then there's Alma who brags she and her husband made love every single day for sixty years before he passed away; while Maureen happily shares she was a floozy before she moved into the nursing home. You will laugh at Nana, who is a cheater, and cheer for Aunt Eve who bowls ten pin in a weekly league. An encounter between Frank Sinatra and Aunt Jennie will leave you reminiscing about the days of the Rat Pack and.... Whether you smile or shake your head, laugh or nod in agreement, or even shed a tear, you can't help but be touched by the wonderful seniors who come to life in the pages of Ms. Guyre's book.

Hello Sixty Five Bucket List

Birthday Journal For Woman Turning 65 Record 100 Inspiration Ideas To Explore and Track Progress Tropical Flower

Author: Birthday Bucket List Journals




Page: 112

View: 953

Turning 65? Know Someone Who Is? Get This Fabulous 65th Birthday Gift For Anyone Turning Sixty Five This Year! Make Long Lasting Memories and Keep Tabs on You Adventures With This Compact Bucket List Note Book Where You Are Able to Create a Checklist, Write Down Thoughts, Store Dates, Events, Activities, Who Was There, Where You Were, How It Went and If You Would Do It Again Looking for a gift? Great activity journal? Daily diary? This book offers a custom Bucket List interior to record and track 100 ideas to experience and explore for women. Your new journal includes: Custom Bucket List Interior Matte Finish Cover Blank White Lined Paper 110 pages 6x9 inch format

Child Poverty in New Zealand

Author: Jonathan Boston

Publisher: Bridget Williams Books


Category: Social Science

Page: 298

View: 827

Jonathan Boston and Simon Chapple have written the definitive book on child poverty in New Zealand. Dr Russell Wills, Children’s Commissioner Between 130,000 and 285,000 New Zealand children live in poverty, depending on the measure used. These disturbing figures are widely discussed, yet often poorly understood. If New Zealand does not have ‘third world poverty’, what are these children actually experiencing? Is the real problem not poverty but simply poor parenting? How does New Zealand compare globally and what measures of poverty and hardship are most relevant here? What are the consequences of this poverty for children, their families and society? Can we afford to reduce child poverty and, if we can, how? Jonathan Boston and Simon Chapple look hard at these questions, drawing on available national and international evidence and speaking to an audience across the political spectrum. Their analysis highlights the strong and urgent case for addressing child poverty in New Zealand. Crucially, the book goes beyond illustrating the scale of this challenge, and why it must be addressed, to identifying real options for reducing child poverty. A range of practical and achievable policies is presented, alongside candid discussion of their strengths and limitations. These proposals for improving the lives of disadvantaged children deserve wide public debate and make this a vitally important book for all New Zealanders.

Thinking for a Living: The Coming Age of Knowledge Work

Author: Kenneth A. Megill

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 207

View: 751

Knowledge management as a term has been around for more than a decade, but do we really know what it means? This far-reaching book tackles the thorny question of how to define knowledge management and make it work in the 21st century. It questions our beliefs in the role of the information profession and tells us how to become information workers of the future by providing advice on overcoming the challenges facing the library profession. It develops the idea of the knowledge culture and knowledge work and goes on to expand how information needs to be shared and not hoarded as in the traditional role of libraries as keepers of knowledge . Think for a Living provides a clear and very accessible practical framework for knowledge work. This excellent book provides an insight into the future of the information profession and outlines the skills necessary for the knowledge worker of the future. It is essential for all information professionals and will prove to be a classic work. Book cover. Also includes information on access to information, change management, collaborative tools, collaborative work, culture, customers, data, evidence, industrial mode of production, information sharing, judgment, knowledge age, leadership, five rules of library science (Ranganathan), play, spiral development, trust, truth, Alexander Von Humboldt, Etienne Wenger, work culture, work time, Work Culture transformation Board, etc.

Living without a Why

Mysticism, Pluralism, and the Way of Grace

Author: Paul O. Ingram

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 136

View: 195

In this book Paul O. Ingram adds his voice to a long list of writers seeking to relate Christian tradition to the hard realities of this post-Christian age of religious and secular pluralism. As a Lutheran, Ingram thinks grace flows over this universe like a waterfall. So he brings Christian mystical theology into a discussion of the meaning of grace. Alfred North Whitehead's philosophical vision provides a language that serves as a hermeneutical bridge by which historians of religions can interpret the teachings and practices of religious Ways other than their own without falsification, and by which theologians can appropriate history-of-religions research as a means of helping Christians advance in their own faith journeys. The purpose of the journey of faith is what Whitehead called "creative transformation." The contemporary theological tradition that has most systematically and coherently followed Whitehead's lead in its reflection on non-Christian Ways is process theology, which is perhaps the only liberal or progressive theological movement now active in the twenty-first century.

Baby Boomers of Color

Implications for Social Work Policy and Practice

Author: Melvin Delgado

Publisher: Columbia University Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 288

View: 913

Because researchers often treat baby boomers of color as belonging to one group, quality data on the individual status of specific racial populations is lacking, leading to insufficiently designed programs, policies, and services. The absence of data is a testament to the invisibility of baby boomers of color in society and deeply affects the practice of social work and other helping professions that require culturally sensitive approaches. Melvin Delgado rectifies this injustice by providing a comprehensive portrait of the status and unique assets of boomers of color. Using specific data, he grounds an understanding of boomers'financial, medical, and emotional needs within a historical, socioeconomic, cultural, and political context, resulting in tailored recommendations for meeting the challenges of a growing population. His research focuses on African American, Hispanic, Asian/Pacific Islander, and Native American older adults and addresses issues of financial security, employment stability, housing, and health care, which are often complicated by linguistic and cultural differences. Rather than treat baby boomers of color as a financial burden on society and its resources, Delgado recognizes their strengths and positive contributions to families and communities, resulting in an affirming and empowering approach to service.

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